“US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia” — a declaration of war

It is astounding that America has had any positive reputation in the world.  Any admiration it still receives is a tribute to the massive public relations campaigns the government and industry wage.

One point of disagreement with this article: there is no evidence that Washington and Kiev “allowed” the self-defense forces in East Ukraine to win this latest round. Reading the accounts, the situation in Kiev and with their military and volunteer forces is volatile and chaotic. By contrast, those who defended their homes were disciplined, showed remarkable restraint, and took all necessary action.

There is a great deal to be said for actions and discipline springing from deep love of land and family and self-preservation. This is in contrast to propaganda-fed, conscripted (often unwilling), poorly trained, and inexperienced soldiers, working together with fanatical and violent racist punisher militias, led by undependable commanders, with incompetent and racist politicians in Kiev who frequently lied about the real battle situation. How could Kiev win?

By Bruce Gagnon
Originally posted on Space4Peace

At times I feel completely overwhelmed by the current US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia.  It’s growing rapidly – one can’t help but wonder if the recent ‘victory’ of the self-defensive forces in eastern Ukraine wasn’t allowed by Washington and Kiev as a way to get public opinion behind the already well established plans for even more NATO escalation.

It’s all just far too neat and tidy to be seen otherwise.  This is not a conspiracy but a well designed military plan to take down Moscow.  They are playing with fire. In some respects the ‘project’ is now impossible to stop.  The question for the moment is how long will this attack on Russia go on and what level of conflict will result?  Will it go nuclear?  If so the world is fucked.

The Pentagon role now is to send legions of NATO trainers into Ukraine to “push Kiev’s [reluctant] troops forward” in order to “deter Russian aggression.”  It’s a long term military operation that is going to be exceedingly expensive.  It’s got to be sold to the American people and folks throughout Europe.  In order to make this public relations campaign successful the perpetrators have to flip the switch – turn the story ass backwards – blame the other side for doing what US-NATO are in fact doing.

The source of the aggression is quite clear to me.  US-NATO are all over Russia’s border.  I learned today that the current right-wing EstonianPresident Toomas Hendrik Ilves grew up in New Jersey and went to Columbia University.  It’s funny how the US is able to continually put their agents into office in key nations around the world.

Go back to post WW II and note how fascist Syngman Rhee lived in the US and was then put in power in South Korea to ensure Washington’s control.  Recall the many fascist dictators that the US repeatedly put in place in Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia and throughout Latin America and the African continent.  It’s called good corporate planning.

More recently in 2008 we saw Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (also trained in the US at George Washington University) launch an attack on Russian speaking republics South Ossetia and Abkhazia along Russia’s border.  Russia responded to the Georgian military strike against the  people there by counter-attacking Georgia.  The fighting took place in the strategically important Transcaucasia region which borders the Middle East.

I’ll never forget watching the first US politician to arrive in Georgia after the 2008 shooting war subsided.  It was then Sen. Joe Biden who made that visit, just months before being selected as Obama’s running mate. Biden came back slinging much anti-Russian rhetoric and most importantly threatened Russia with dire consequences if it did not do as instructed by Washington and Brussels.   Biden of course also led the effort in the Senate to send more weapons and US military ‘trainers’ to Georgia.  So this is all a familiar story.

Just this morning NPR (National Public Radio) had an interview with a Russian woman who ‘fingered’ Putin as the one who called for the killing of Boris Nemtsov this past weekend in Moscow.  It’s all so damn convenient – the pieces just keep tumbling into place as the case is made for war with Russia in order to contain the ‘evil Putin’.  Can you see Manuel Noriega (Panama), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), and Muammar Qaddafi (Libya) all over again?  It’s a tried and true twisting of the truth in order to set up supposed ‘obstacles’ for take down.  It’s always sold though as the mighty super-moral US swooping in to protect ‘freedom and democracy’.  Walt Disney couldn’t have done this any better.

The US-NATO expansion of the conflict in Ukraine is indeed a declaration of war against Russia.  And from what I can make out the Russian people see the writing on the wall – they can hear the train coming.  Sadly the American people have no clue what is going on nor do most of those in Europe.

This project has been set up with criminal precision.  After all the CIA and the Pentagon have had alot of practice over the years.  This is what Washington does best.



U.S. decision to arm Ukraine “99% ready”: Saakashvili

“Saakashvili noted that in the U.S. ‘almost everybody is on our side.’”

March 2, 2015

US decision to give Ukraine defensive weapons ‘99% settled,’ says Saakashvili

The United States has “99% settled” the question of giving Ukraine defensive weaponry, former president of Georgia and current freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine Mikheil Saakashvili has told Ukrainian news broadcaster Channel 5.

“The main thing we are trying to achieve in the United States is that Ukraine receives defensive weapons,’ Saakashvili said.

Almost everyone is standing by us – public opinion on our side. Giving defensive weapons to Ukraine is a powerful signal to save thousands of lives, to stop further Russian aggression: We all know that now Putin will try to capture not only Mariupol, but the whole southern flank [of Ukraine, and] then he will try to bring down the government in Kyiv. The Ukrainian state needs to defend and protect its security.”

“America is a democratic country, so it was very important to hear publicly voices in the Congress and the Senate, and to see a strong call next week regarding provision defensive weapons for Ukraine. This issue is in the spotlight of all U.S. media. When [Ukrainian] President [Petro] Poroshenko raised this issue in the Congress in his triumphal speech in September last year, for many it was a surprise and a lot of people refused even to listen to it. Now, the decision is practically settled – 99%. I don’t know when the last and most significant 1% will come – I hope soon, because Ukraine is running short of time.”


March 2, 2015

U.S. decision to provide Ukraine with weapons is 99% ready – Saakashvili

KYIV: The decision of the United States to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons is 99% ready.

Non-staff adviser to the President of Ukraine, president of Georgia in 2004-2013 Mikheil Saakashvili said this on the air of Ukrainian Channel 5.

“America is a democratic state, so it is very important that the strong demand to provide Ukraine with weapons has been stated in the Congress, in the Senate, and it will be stated the next week. This demand is now covered by all the U.S. media. When President Poroshenko said about this in the Congress in his triumphal speech in last September, it was a surprise for many and many did not even want to listen to that. At the moment, this decision is practically 99 per cent ready. I do not know when there will be the last, the most significant per cent. I hope that will happen soon, because Ukraine is short of time,” he said.

Saakashvili noted that in the U.S. “almost everybody is on our side.” Providing Ukraine with defensive weapons will be the strongest signal in order to save thousands of lives and stop further Russian aggression.


Report: Georgia’s Saakashvili named head of Ukraine’s foreign affairs advisors

From Stop NATO

Trend News Agency
February 11, 2015

Georgia’s ex-president named head of Ukrainian presidential advisors

Baku: Georgia’s former president, Mikheil Saakashvili, has been appointed the chairman of the council of advisors for international affairs under Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, News- Georgia agency reported citing the Pirveli Radio.

Georgia-News also reported citing the radio that a briefing to be held in Kiev will be also attended by Saakashvili.

Meanwhile, the press service of Saakashvili’s party, the United National Movement, said they currently can’t confirm the report.

“So far we have no information,” said the press service.

The MPs from the United National Movement haven’t commented on the report either.

“I have no information on the matter, and I can’t confirm it,” Goga Khachidze, an MP from the United National Movement, told News-Georgia.

Saakashvili left Georgia after the inauguration of the new president, Giorgi Margvelashvili, in November 2013.

The Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office filed charges in absentia against Saakashvili on several criminal cases, including the embezzlement of about $5 million of public funds for personal needs.

Engdahl: Foreign bankers rape Ukraine

Published in New Eastern Outlook
December 18, 2014

If it were not for the fact that the lives of some 45 million people are at stake, Ukrainian national politics could be laughed off as a very sick joke. Any pretenses that the October national elections would bring a semblance of genuine democracy of the sort thousands of ordinary Ukrainians demonstrated for on Maidan Square just one year ago vanished with the announcement by Victoria Nuland’s darling Prime Minister, “Yat” Yatsenyuk, of his new cabinet.

The US-picked Ukraine President, billionaire oligarch Petro Poroshenko called “snap” elections at the end of August for October 26. He did so to make sure genuine opposition to his regime of murderers, gangsters and in some cases outright Nazis would be able to push an unprepared genuine opposition out of the Verkhovna Rada or Parliament. Because the parliament had significant opposition parties to the US-engineered February 22 coup d’etat, they had blocked many key pieces of legislation that the Western vultures were demanding, from changing key land ownership laws to privatization of precious state assets. By law, the old parliament would have sat until its five year term ended in October, 2017. That was clearly too long for State Department neo-con Ukraine puppet-mistress Victoria Nuland and her backers in Washington.

Now, with a new parliament that is controlled by the Petro Poroshenko bloc as largest party and the boyish-looking former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who is also new Prime Minister as head of the second largest party, the way was clear to get on with the rape of Ukraine. What shocked some is the blatant foreign takeover that followed, like a Wall Street vulture fund raid on a distressed debtor country of the Third World.

The ridiculous charade

Yatsenyuk, former finance minister in a previous criminal regime, and a suspected senior member of the US-intelligence-friendly “Church of Scientology,” has named three complete foreigners as cabinet ministers in key economic posts. And in an extraordinary act, the three have been made instant Ukrainian citizens by Poroshenko in a ridiculous ceremony. Ukraine is looking more and more like the US-occupied Philippines after the Spanish-American War of 1898 when General Arthur MacArthur, father of the mentally-dis-ordered Douglas, was Washington’s dictator on the spot.

The new Ukrainian Finance Minister, the one who will control the money and decides where it goes, is one Natalia A. Jaresko. She speaks fluent Ukrainian. Only problem—she is an American citizen, a US State Department veteran who is also a US investment banker. Now, the Ukrainian Constitution, prudently enough, stipulates that government ministers be Ukrainian. How then does our sweet Natalia come in? Continue reading