Dirty tricks of the OSCE exposed

From Fort Russ

September 2nd, 2015
u-f.ru news – translated for Fort Russ by Joaquin Flores

Chairman of the National Council of the DPR, Andrew Purgin, revealed details in an interview with reporters, about the “cunning” practices of the OSCE mission in the territory of Donbass, writes the Federal News Agency.

According to Purgin, representative of the OSCE mission in the conflict zone have a much narrower mandate than what one may imagine.  “They have been at it a year and were allegedly trying to change things, but it does not change” – he said.

“They have such a mandate, that they cannot write, for example ‘there is a dead man’, and instead write ‘lay bodies’.  Nor can the OSCE write ‘from the Ukrainian side a heavy shell was launched’, but instead can only write ‘This or that caliber projectile flew in such and such direction to such and such point.'”, explains the head of the parliament of the DPR.

“Now, if you open the map and take a look at the direction, then you will understand that the projectile could have only flown in from the territory of Ukraine.  Howevver, the OSCE representatives have direct orders that they cannot write this”, says Purgin.

In addtiion, the OSCE mission, explains the Chairman, is also engaged in diverting press attention away from the real hot spots of Donbass and over to irrelevent subjects.

“For example, we are not interested in Shirokino.  This is an empty village, it is not important for anyone to see, and it is not of tactical or strategic importance.  But now Gorlovka is shelled. But the OSCE pulls the reporters, taking them to Shirokino. Instead they turn their attention to already destroyed places. ” said Purgin.

*Fort Russ note – here is a video from Essence of Time showing OSCE ‘observers’ … and outraged locals of Gorlovka who must clean up the mess of a recently destroyed school.



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