Senator Tom Cotton: U.S. should shoot down Russian planes over Syria (video)

Some excerpts from Sen. Cotton:

“Russia is an enemy. Vladimir Putin is a KGB spy.”

“[Putin] wants to divert attention from his occupation in Ukraine.”

“We should establish no-fly zones in Syria and make it clear that any aircraft that enters those zones will be shot down.”

“We should make it clear that we will fly where we want and when we want.”

“Putin is humiliating the United States.”

“If we don’t draw a line now and enforce it, it will not be a choice between humiliation or war. It will be a choice between humiliation and war.”

Note to non-English speakers: The last quote above does not make sense in English. No matter how you translate it, it does not make sense.

Video posted on Fort Russ.

Comment posted by Fort Russ:

This fine sample of American Ivy league education says the EXCEPTIONAL country does not like to be “humiliated” by KGB spies… It wants to defend its global monopoly on the use of violence.

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