Azov seeks to found private military corporation, send troops to fight Russia in Syria

From Fort Russ

December 3, 2015 –
Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski – 

“Biletsky: Azov is ready to fight against the Russians in Syria”

Fighters of the Azov regiment are ready to be sent to Syria and participate in combat operations on the side of the Western coalition. The founder of the regiment, Andrey Biletsky, stated this on November 26 live on channel 112 Ukraine.

“Given the cooling of relations with Russia and given the fact that there are clashes between Russian and Turkish interests in Syria, it is perfectly logical for Turkey to seek contacts from Ukraine, as this would be logical for Ukraine as well. I can assure you that, for example, Azov could perfectly carry out this function of collecting a foreign legion and sending it to Syria to fight, roughly speaking, for the Western coalition. And we could work against the Russians on a new field while we have a ceasefire once again which is good for Donbass,” Biletsky said.

The presenter, Vasily Golovanov, after listening to the guest, asked what he had in mind: a fight alongside Russia or a struggle against Russia. Golovanov assumed that Biletsky spoke about a fight against the Russian Federation.

“Of course, that’s the point,” Biletsky said to the assumption of Golovanov.

We recall that earlier parliamentary deputy Anton Gerashchenko demanded that data be collected about Russian pilots participating in operations against the Islamic State in Syria.

Vladimir Raychenko, PolitNavigator – 

“Ukrainian neo-Nazis discuss the creation of a private military corporation which would strike Russia in Syria”

Striking Russia across the world is in the interests of the Ukrainian state. Such is the opinion of the leader of the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, and commander of the volunteer regiment Azov, Andrey Biletsky, as expressed in an interview with the portal “Left Bank.”

“We have a dream which is not yet possible to implement – we want to create a private military corporation,” Biletsky reported,” Believe me, all these private military corporations are now only in name ‘private,’ but in fact are agents of state interests in foreign policy. And now it is in the interests of the Ukrainian state to strike Russia everywhere, wherever it is. This includes in Syria. If we do not want to do this on a state level, then we can do it on the level of an official private military corporation. In the world, official private military corporations with jet aircraft and tanks exist. In America, it is one of the fastest growing businesses. China has now also gone onto the private military corporation market and invests crazy money in it. This means that China is preparing to become an active player in geopolitics. A private military corporation is one means of leverage and influence, as engaging an army directly is not in trend now. In Ukraine, there are many soldiers who understand the historical character of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia…”

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