Ukrainian official tells the truth about Ukrainian nationalist battalions (VIDEO)l


Spilled the Beans: Notorious Ukrainian Official told the truth about Ukrainian Nationaists (VIDEO)l  | Русская весна

Talking to the journalist of “1+1” Ukrainian TV channel, notorious adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko spilled the beans at last, telling the truth about Ukrainian nationalist battalions.

“Look here, at this watch – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine it says,” he boasts showing the watch on his wrist.

“Arsen Avakov gave you that?” journo asks.

“No, it was handed to me by Aleksandr Turchynov for successful establishment of punisher voluntary battalions to quell Donbass,” said Gerashchenko.

“Punisher battalions for quelling” — it’s Europe, nowadays. It’s not that we didn’t know about how it is in reality, but to hear it from the mouth of the advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all the same, won’t hurt.

Azov seeks to found private military corporation, send troops to fight Russia in Syria

From Fort Russ

December 3, 2015 –
Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski – 

“Biletsky: Azov is ready to fight against the Russians in Syria”

Fighters of the Azov regiment are ready to be sent to Syria and participate in combat operations on the side of the Western coalition. The founder of the regiment, Andrey Biletsky, stated this on November 26 live on channel 112 Ukraine.

“Given the cooling of relations with Russia and given the fact that there are clashes between Russian and Turkish interests in Syria, it is perfectly logical for Turkey to seek contacts from Ukraine, as this would be logical for Ukraine as well. I can assure you that, for example, Azov could perfectly carry out this function of collecting a foreign legion and sending it to Syria to fight, roughly speaking, for the Western coalition. And we could work against the Russians on a new field while we have a ceasefire once again which is good for Donbass,” Biletsky said.

The presenter, Vasily Golovanov, after listening to the guest, asked what he had in mind: a fight alongside Russia or a struggle against Russia. Golovanov assumed that Biletsky spoke about a fight against the Russian Federation.

“Of course, that’s the point,” Biletsky said to the assumption of Golovanov.

We recall that earlier parliamentary deputy Anton Gerashchenko demanded that data be collected about Russian pilots participating in operations against the Islamic State in Syria.

Vladimir Raychenko, PolitNavigator – 

“Ukrainian neo-Nazis discuss the creation of a private military corporation which would strike Russia in Syria”

Striking Russia across the world is in the interests of the Ukrainian state. Such is the opinion of the leader of the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, and commander of the volunteer regiment Azov, Andrey Biletsky, as expressed in an interview with the portal “Left Bank.”

“We have a dream which is not yet possible to implement – we want to create a private military corporation,” Biletsky reported,” Believe me, all these private military corporations are now only in name ‘private,’ but in fact are agents of state interests in foreign policy. And now it is in the interests of the Ukrainian state to strike Russia everywhere, wherever it is. This includes in Syria. If we do not want to do this on a state level, then we can do it on the level of an official private military corporation. In the world, official private military corporations with jet aircraft and tanks exist. In America, it is one of the fastest growing businesses. China has now also gone onto the private military corporation market and invests crazy money in it. This means that China is preparing to become an active player in geopolitics. A private military corporation is one means of leverage and influence, as engaging an army directly is not in trend now. In Ukraine, there are many soldiers who understand the historical character of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia…”

Bill calls for anti-war and anti-mobilization protesters to be arrested in Ukraine

From Fort Russ

February 7, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus
Facebook: “Anton Gerashchenko [advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov] with Yury Biryukov and Boris Filatov”
Another hysteria in social networks.
Tomorrow Mariupol will hold a rally against mobilization. Disaster!
I would like to calm everyone down. The situation is under control of the Ministry of Interior and SBU.
Each person who tomorrow comes to the rally against mobilization, will be detained for several hours for questioning, and after collecting the finger prints and photographing, will be let go FOR NOW.
Reminding, that I  and my comrade, Boris Filatov, have submitted a bill about criminal liability for public calls for sabotaging mobilization.
This law is designed not against the mothers, who let their sons go and defend their motherland with tears in their eyes.
It is directed against paid and unpaid provocateurs, as well as brainwashed idiots, who under the orders of Russian special agencies, create panic and stir hysteria in the society, in order to brake the will of the Ukrainians to victory.
It will not work!
As soon as Verkhovnaya Rada and the President will support my and Boris’s law, all provocateurs calling for the sabotage of mobilization will be arrested!

Ukraine may criminalize anti-war speech: 5 years in prison for “denying Russian aggression”

From RT, February 12, 2015


 A woman from the Volyn Region of Ukraine is holding a banner saying “Mothers of Volyn against war” at an anti-conflict rally in front of the parliament in Kiev.
(RIA Novosti / Evgeny Kotenko)

A bill submitted by an MP from President Poroshenko’s party in the Ukrainian parliament seeks to criminalize public speech that reject the government’s narrative on the civil war, which it describes as a Russian military invasion.

The controversial bill amends the Ukrainian criminal code to make “public denial or justification of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2014-2015” a felony.

The ‘crime’ would carry a penalty ranging from a heavy fine and up to a five-year jail term for repeat offences or convicts who held public office.

If the bill is signed into law, it would be the latest move to attack civil freedoms by Ukraine’s post-coup government defending its security policies from criticism.

Last week a Ukrainian court ordered the two-month detention of a journalist from western Ukraine who called for a boycott of the ongoing military draft. Ruslan Kotsaba stated that he would rather spend two to five years in prison for refusing to serve in the military than shoot at Ukrainians in what he described as a ‘fratricidal war’. Prosecutors charged him with high treason, a crime carrying a 15-year term in Ukraine.

READ MORE: Ukrainian reporter ‘charged with high treason’ after calls to dodge draft

The prosecution of Kotsaba was sharply criticized by Amnesty International, which labeled him a ‘prisoner of conscience’ and demanded his immediate release.

“Ruslan Kotsaba’s position may be viewed differently. But by arresting him for making his position public, the Ukrainian authorities violate the basic human right for freedom of expression, which the Ukrainians had been defending at the Maidan,” Tatyana Mazur, head of Amnesty’s Ukrainian branch, said in a statement.

In a separate incident, Anton Gerashchenko an aide to the Ukrainian interior minister threatened opponents of the military draft that any person taking part in last week’s anti-war rally in Mariupol would be detained, identified and fingerprinted.