Syria Information Minister: UK airstrikes against ISIS “all noise of bombing and propaganda”

From Syrian Arab News Agency
December 4, 2015

London, SANA- Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi described the UK airstrikes against ISIS’ sites in Syria as “a noise of bombing and propaganda”.

Al-Zoubi told BBC channel that Syria welcomes the efforts of any country that aim at fighting terrorism “But it should follow the example of Russia and work with the Syrian government if it is serious in the fight against ISIS.”

He pointed out that any country which fails to co-ordinate with the Syrian army and government is not fighting ISIS but just pretending to do so to improve its image in front of their parliaments and people.

“They might bomb and they might carry out air strikes, but it won’t win the fight against terrorism. It’s all noise and bombing and propaganda, with no results on the ground,” he added.

British Defense Ministry announced that its warplanes launched on Thursday morning their first airstrikes against supposed positions of ISIS in Syria without clarifying the results of those strikes.

The strikes came hours after the British Parliament approved the involvement of UK in the US-led Coalition against ISIS.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal


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