Donetsk resumes coal trade with Ukraine

From Fort Russ

December 9, 2015 –

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski
“Donbass resumes coal supply to Ukraine”
The supply of coal from the Donetsk People’s Republic to Ukraine has been resumed, the head of the external communications department of the Ukrainian company DTEK, Irina Milyutina, reported.
Although the loading of wagons has begun, coal has yet to pass the demarcation line.
An embargo on supplying coal to Ukraine was introduced on November 27, 2015. This was the response of Donetsk authorities to Kiev’s halting of the electricity supply to Crimea.
On November 22 in Kherson region, radicals blew up two power pylons leading to the peninsula. As a result of the extremists’ actions, the residents of Crimea found themselves faced with an energy blockade.
The head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, then said that coal supplies to Ukraine would be resumed only once the power supply to Crimea was restored. As a result of the coal embargo, Kiev had to purchase 320,000 tons of coal from South Africa.
On December 8, Ukraine resumed the supply of electricity to Crimea along the previously damaged “Kakhovskaya-Titan” line.
Russian president Vladimir Putin earlier proposed to resume the supply of coal to Ukraine during a meeting with members of the government in Kremlin. 

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