Zika raging in the media — Prof. Maria Dorota Majewska

From Wolna Polska
February 9, 2016


Municipal workers sprays insecticide to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that transmits the Zika virus at the Imbiribeira neighborhood in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016. Brazil's health minister Marcelo Castro said that nearly 220,000 members of Brazil's Armed Forces would go door-to-door to help in mosquito eradication efforts ahead of the country's Carnival celebrations. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Another viral hysteria mastered by the corporate media. This time it’s the virus zika. Probably everyone has heard about the new epidemic of infection with this virus, which is soon to invade the whole world and trigger massive microcephaly (microcephaly) in infants. Media scare a virus spread by mosquitoes and dazzle images small-headed children while hiding relevant information.

What is the evidence that microcephaly is the result of infection Zika? So far, virtually none. This virus is found in many regions of the world and the effects of catching him so far been mild, cold-like short-lived. Of the 4180 suspected cases of microcephaly, the Brazilian Ministry of Health thoroughly investigated 732 cases and confirmed microcephaly only in 270 infants; zikę in this group we found only 6 infants. There can therefore be no question of any correlation with microcephaly infection zika.

On the other hand, microcephaly and other developmental disorders of the brain correlate temporally with the introduction in Brazil in 2014. Mass vaccination of pregnant women Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis), which has never been tested for safety in this population. So here we have to deal with Mengele-like medical experiment on the scale of an entire nation. These vaccines contain large doses of highly toxic mercury (thimerosal), known to cause disorders of brain development. Very likely that microcephaly is a tragic consequence of these toxic vaccinations, as indicated by the Brazilian study.

(http://quiteriachagas.com/2016/01/28/causa-da-microcefalia-em-pernambuco-nao-e-zika-virus-foram-as-vacinas-em-gestantes-diz-estudo/ ).Zika is also accused of causing Guillain -Barre disease, which is a typical complication of many vaccination, in which the immune system attacks the nerves. This all suggests that we here have to do with masking tragic-vaccination complications, which are both causes of microcephaly and Guillain -Barré.

Another possible cause of microcephaly may be poisoning women and their fetuses pesticides and herbicides. Brazil is known that uses more toxic pesticides and in much larger quantities than other countries. It is possible that both factors – the vaccination of pregnant and pesticides – are poisoning synergistically fetuses Brazilian women. It is significant that in the absence of evidence of an association with microcephaly of zika, pharmaceutical companies, together with the WHO is already foretold vaccination against this virus (which are allegedly in preparation). Probably soon in some countries, all pregnant women will be forced to accept them, and then almost all children can be born abnormal, if not previously will miscarriages.

Another unexplained aspect “zika epidemic” is its temporal relationship with the mass release in Brazil by the biotech company Oxitec genetically modified mosquitoes. What is intriguing is that the virus zika has been patented, it is stored and sold by the Rockefeller Foundation, which has been involved in the creation of products for depopulation. It is no wonder that many people suspected that genetically modified mosquitoes infected Zika were released as a biological weapon. No one knows how they will change the ecology and epidemiology of many viral diseases in the world. The fact that the Brazilian government has hired hundreds of thousands of troops to fight the mosquitoes indicates a probable ecological disaster. Information reaching us are, unfortunately, often conflicting or unreliable, so it is difficult to have a clear picture of the threat. In this situation, not giving in to media propaganda, it is common sense and precaution to avoid any mosquito bites.


The degeneration of corporate medicine and serving the media today is so far-reaching that increasingly handicapped children, chronically ill, crippled, autism is considered the norm. In contrast, healthy, normally developed children (usually vaccinated) will soon be regarded as abnormal, they will be persecuted and probably closed psyche-houses. Corporate medicine diagnose them as individuals with the syndrome deficit vaccination, which will effectively cure the load of toxic vaccines.

Prof. Maria Dorota Majewska


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