American snipers are officially at war in the Donbass

DONi Press

24 Feb, 2016

US citizens are officially to take part in the fighting in Donbass as members of Ukrainian units. According to The Politnavigator, it was announced by Maumuka Mamulashvili presented as the commander of the “Georgian National Legion” at a press conference in Kiev.

‘According to my information, this is the first precedent when a US citizen is involved in the fighting and will represent one of the Ukrainian battalions in the Georgian Legion. We expect more volunteers from the US to join us. The first group will consist of 10 people. They will take a direct part in the fighting in the east of Ukraine. Previously, they were instructors but now they will take part in the hostilities themselves,’ he said.

At the press conference there was present another US citizen – Brian Christopher Boyandzher, a sniper from the “Georgian National Legion”. Talking about his motivation to come to fight in Donbass, he said, ‘Ukraine is a US partner that participated in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan’. Boyandzher did not precise where exactly he had served earlier, saying only that he was a sniper.

Last year he was in Ukraine for five months, teaching the Ukrainian military to be snipers. The American sharpshooter said he was not afraid of persecution in the United States for his participation in the fighting on the territory of another country because, according to him, in his home country it is not prohibited by law. Mamulashvili explained that the “Georgian National Legion” is an informal name of the unit which is a part of the battalion “Kievan Rus”. He said that in his unit there is a French citizen who, however, asked not to be named, as well as representatives of some other European countries.

DONi News Agency

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