Kherson “Self-Defense” openly calls for introduction of Nazism in Ukraine

From Fort Russ

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
23rd February, 2016
The terrorist organization “self-defense”, established by the government junta, operates in every city of Ukraine; they are also in Kherson.
The ideological leader and the “voice” of the Kherson branch is a certain Inna Usachova.
A very scandalous person, who at each mass event held in the Kherson region makes hysterical claims, this time completely screwed up.
Material that openly called for the introduction in Ukraine of Nazism was posted on the official page of the organization on Facebook.
Some Kherson websites even dared to talk about this outrageous fact.
Then “self-defense” deleted the post from their account, but screenshots of the material were taken, confirming the existence of fascism.
Alexander Podolsky
We were late for 20 years with our nationalism.
Now we will be saved only by Nazism.
Nationalism – Jews in embroidered shirts, and the Ukrainians in coffins.
Nazism – Ukrainians in black shirts, and Jews in coffins.
It’s too late, dear, “to love” only what is yours.
It’s time to begin also “to hate” what is others.
These others who destroy us day in and day out.” – it said on the official community page on Facebook.
Among other things, the same Inna Usachova is famous for the fact that she wrote the statement for the SBU about whom they consider “enemies of Ukraine”. In 1937, people like Usachova exterminated the blossom of the Ukrainian nation. And in the wagons for the Gulags were the “clients” of the same type as Usachova – “conscious” bastards who were ready to put in jail all those who don’t appease them.


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