Information released on June NATO exercise in Kherson

From Fort Russ

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
31st May, 2016
[Disclaimer: This information has not been confirmed by NATO or related persons or bodies]
During the intelligence activities by the “Odessa” brigade it became known that military exercises under the auspices of NATO will be held on the territory of the Kherson region in the first half of June. Such countries as Ukraine, USA, Turkey, and other contingents of NATO forces will take part.
Military equipment and heavy weapons involved in the above event will arrive and be unloaded at the deep-sea ports of Odessa and Nikolaev. With the above mentioned ports, it will spill over into the territory of Kherson region, namely the venue of military maneuvers.
One of the notable nuances is that the Western-controlled media is silent about these exercises. This occurs despite the fact that previously such plans were preceded any public statements or publication in the news.
In addition, another factor is that the accumulation of troops and military equipment will be in close proximity to the state border with the Russian Federation, namely the Crimean Peninsula.
Also, attention should be paid to the fact that over the past week Israeli vessels, in very small volumes and with an urgent speed, exported concentrated vegetable oil and grain through the Nikolaev seaport. It was very similar to the desire in short notice to remove liquid assets from certain territories. At the same time, given the agility of the Israelis, all this can have an ulterior motive.
The “Odessa” brigade focused on the fact that because of a combination of the information received in light of the aggressive policy of the West, the vassal government in Kiev, and also the created and supported armed groups, it looks quite alarming. Thus, there is a definite probability of a possible aggravation of the military-political situation in the southern regions of Ukraine in the form of armed aggression against the Russian Federation, namely Crimea.

S-300s installed; Kiev junta is preparing to shoot down planes over Crimea; Kherson leader appeals to European community

From Fort Russ

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
9th April, 2016
The Kiev junta is preparing to shoot down planes over Crimea. Two S-300 systems were installed in the Henichesk district, Kherson region. Residents, as well as the military, reported that these systems are on alert and are supplied with everything needed to ensure the smooth operation of these SAMs. Officially, the regime claims that the deployment of the systems is supposedly designed to protect the territory of Ukraine on the border with Crimea. However, this is not true, according to Kherson politician Aleksey Zhuravko.


Activist warned, with reference to its sources, that there is a high probability that the S-300 can be used for provocations similar to the downed Malaysian Boeing over Donbass. The politician wrote this on his social network, attaching a photo of the area where the SAM is deployed.
“From serious sources: SAM is not installed to protect the territory of Ukraine, but to commit provocations against the Russian Federation. The whole situation with the advent of SAM in the Kherson area reminds me of the preparation for the implementation of the scenario according to the example of the downed Boeing 777 flight MH-17 over Donbass. According to a high-ranking military source, these systems will not be operated by local Kherson troops, but by the Ukrainian military personnel brought here from another area.
I am extremely worried about the situation on the border with Crimea in connection with the arrival of SAM systems. I want to warn everyone that today’s bloody Kiev government is ready for anything and will stop at nothing. If a plane is shot down in the skies over Crimea, you know that the responsibility for this will fall on the current leadership of Ukraine: the President, the government, and Parliament,” said Zhuravko.
“I appeal to the entire European community, including europarliamentarians. Please work pro-actively and prevent new casualties,” said the politician, summarizing his message.

Kherson “Self-Defense” openly calls for introduction of Nazism in Ukraine

From Fort Russ

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
23rd February, 2016
The terrorist organization “self-defense”, established by the government junta, operates in every city of Ukraine; they are also in Kherson.
The ideological leader and the “voice” of the Kherson branch is a certain Inna Usachova.
A very scandalous person, who at each mass event held in the Kherson region makes hysterical claims, this time completely screwed up.
Material that openly called for the introduction in Ukraine of Nazism was posted on the official page of the organization on Facebook.
Some Kherson websites even dared to talk about this outrageous fact.
Then “self-defense” deleted the post from their account, but screenshots of the material were taken, confirming the existence of fascism.
Alexander Podolsky
We were late for 20 years with our nationalism.
Now we will be saved only by Nazism.
Nationalism – Jews in embroidered shirts, and the Ukrainians in coffins.
Nazism – Ukrainians in black shirts, and Jews in coffins.
It’s too late, dear, “to love” only what is yours.
It’s time to begin also “to hate” what is others.
These others who destroy us day in and day out.” – it said on the official community page on Facebook.
Among other things, the same Inna Usachova is famous for the fact that she wrote the statement for the SBU about whom they consider “enemies of Ukraine”. In 1937, people like Usachova exterminated the blossom of the Ukrainian nation. And in the wagons for the Gulags were the “clients” of the same type as Usachova – “conscious” bastards who were ready to put in jail all those who don’t appease them.