Donetsk People’s Republic: UAF might attempt May holiday offensive to encircle Donetsk

UAF = Ukrainian Armed Forces; ie. Kiev government troops

This is, of course, in complete violation of the Minsk Agreements, but did anyone seriously expect Ukraine or the U.S. or Europe to support then? Minsk was supported by France and Germany to allow the West to regroup, refortify, and refund their war, nothing more. The same thing they’ve done in Syria. When their side is losing, start talking “peace.”

From Fort Russ

April 30, 2016 –
Translated by J. Arnoldski
“DPR Defense Ministry: Punitive forces may try to “encircle Donetsk from below” over May holidays”
Ukrainian war criminals might try to strike at Donetsk with three tank battalions over the May holidays. This was reported by General Major Denis Sinenkov who heads the operational command of the Armed Forces of the DPR. He stressed that an offensive might begin on the territories which are currently being de-mined. 
“We are preparing for various developments of the situation. Everyone is talking about the punishers’ preparation for aggressive operations and the intensification of the ‘ATO.’ [so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation] We believe that the main strike by the UAF will be at one area backed by three tank battalions. That is, a strike at the belly in order to encircle Donetsk from below,” Sinenkov said, also noting that attacks might happen in other districts – “in some places with less force, in some places as a distraction.” 
Sinenkov also stated that according to the republic’s intelligence services, the UAF is actively re-deploying and rotating the Nazi battalions on the front line of defense.

He stressed that the Ministry of Defense of the DPR “is aware of the location of tank battalions despite the fact the Ukrainian military command has attempted to hide them. We are ready to break their fist. The quicker the aggressor will go on an offensive, the sooner we will liberate our lands from this brown plague.”

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