Petition to get France out of NATO

From Fort Russ, May 28, 2016

Here at Fort Russ, we do not expect that signatures outside of France will be of use, but it seemed that Fort Russ readers would be interested in knowing of this project and in reading its rationale… 

Translation by Tom Winter

“At Warsaw they are getting set for war. Let’s get out of NATO!

“The next NATO summit in Warsaw July 8 and 9, just one more provocation against Russia. With this appeal, the signatories mean to say “STOP” to this nuclear escalation before something undoable gets done”

The hour is grave. A new missile crisis is brewing against Russia, a mirror image of the 1962 missile crisis when the Soviet Union deployed missiles in Cuba, at the very portals of the United States. The situation has gotten upside down: then NATO was struggling against the Warsaw Pact; today it meets in Warsaw!

Therefore, we the undersigned, find that we are faced with a provocative policy of encirclement:

1. continuous expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders, despite the guarantees given by the West to Gorbachev in 1989 that this would not happen;

2. deployment of the Aegis missile defense shieldin Romania, Poland, Turkey, and Spain. Featuring MK41 launch systems, these weapons can be used for defense missions (anti-aircraft, anti-submarine, anti-ship), but also for attack missions against ground targets;

3. deployment in the Baltic countries, Poland, and Romania, by rotation, of four regiments of a thousand men each with permanent military equipment;

4. constitution of a “northern” front against Russia, bringing together NATO members (Denmark, Iceland and Norway) or its Partnership for Peace (Sweden and Finland).

To end this menace we demand:
1. That the French government use the “policy of the empty chair” at the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw;

2. that it announce its decision to leave the organization that no longer has any raison d’être. 

We call on France to create the conditions for a return to an order of peace in the world, based on “win-win” cooperation proposed by the BRICS, which Europe and the United States have an interest in joining.

Let us mobilize today all those means that we have committed in the twentieth century for war, for peace through mutual development!

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