German Economic News: Merkel declares Russia is the rival of Germany

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The new military doctrine sees Russia not as a partner, but as a rival. Moscow is outraged and accused Chancellor Merkel to be the US government hearing. The doctrine, which is set forth in the new White Paper is likely to make a battlefield, especially the Internet in Germany.

The relationship between Germany and Russia pushes further towards disintegration. The reason for the latest upset is the forthcoming White Paper of the Bundeswehr, so the new military doctrine of Germany. The Russian secret services have apparently already thoroughly studied the paper – and sent before the publication a harsh note of protest to Berlin: The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexei Puschkow, writes via the messaging service Twitter: “The decision of the German government, declaring Russia as an opponent, shows Merkel’s subservience to the Obama administration. ”

Germany estimates Russia as a rival, not as partners 

Earlier, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had criticized Germany that in its edited White Paper has classified Russia as a rival and not a partner, reports Tass. “Russia is no longer a partner, notes the government, but rather a rival. Through its readiness/willingness that has emerged in Crimea and eastern Ukraine to forcibly enforce its own interests and to unilaterally move borders guaranteed by international law, Russia put the created post-Cold War European order of peace open to question, “the newspaper Zeitung Welt quoted from the White Paper of Federal Ministry of Defence.

Peskov said, according to TASS that the representation of der Welt should really be true, this is at the same time “unfortunate and objectionable”: It is unfortunate that you in the West have not therefore understood Russia’s intentions, namely “on the European continent an atmosphere of at the future-oriented cooperation instead of confrontation “to strive for. The concern is well founded in the possibility that Germany could be triggered by false information into “confrontational actions” which “do not contribute to confidence and cooperation”.

The White Paper is a document of the Ministry of Defense, where the security situation and rivals of Germany are defined. In the document, both the allies and the opponents and enemies of Germany are defined.

Publication of the document is not carried out until July

The White Paper follows in its definition of Russia as a rival from the new NATO doctrine. This had been decided at the NATO summit in Wales, afterwards Chancellor Merkel had given the realignment for Germany in the order.

Currently there is no version of the White Paper to be published in July. The newspaper der Welt had apparently been leaked some excerpts. However, there are well-known threat pictures of terror, climate change and disorderly immigration, on the newspaper argues. Interestingly, evidently the disintegration of the EU is not specifically seen as a threat to Germany, but is described only as a possible scenario ..

Already, one can read on the website of the Ministry of Defense that the government wants to move, especially the internet as a place of formation of opinion at bay. The Federal Government considers – in almost paranoid fear – behind every Smiley a Aluhut, thus senses a disinformation campaign comprehensively controlled by the Kremlin. This front is expected soon more strongly to become the focus of military defense. We read on the official website:

“So-called Internet trolls and politically controlled media campaigns the Kremlin attempts to influence the media, politics and public opinion in Western societies. Even Germany was affected in the past. Experts expect the targeted misreporting of a “hybrid warfare” to.

Troll posts to control Internet communications and are found mainly in discussion forums. As Troll is in this context referred to, who systematically influenced discussions with strategically-sided contributions from one covert senders to achieve a politically distorting effect.

An example are contributions that should justify Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. These posts come informative and in attractive packaging, therefore, but are part of a sophisticated strategy: By strategically placed false news, the opinion of the reader is to be strongly influenced.

Working in St. Petersburg alone, according to DGAP-expert Stefan Meister are 300 Kremlin trolls on the dissemination of false or fictitious information on the social networks. One of the most important tools is the online media portal “Sputnik”, which is available in more than 30 languages. Several hundred employees work there to the global spread of propaganda messages of the Kremlin. It is responsible for the portal of the Russian state news agency Rossiya Segodnya. The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (COE StratCom) in Latvia’s capital Riga distinguishes between five different digital attacks:

– Conspiracy Trolls that are aimed at tracing all the evil in the world to the United States.

– Rage Trolls incite hatred and aggression.

– Annex trolls spread malicious programs.

– Wikipedia Trolls have the goal of manipulating evidence on the net.

– Bikini trolls put on erotic pictures to – to scatter propaganda – such as captions.

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