Pokeman Go: Self-surveillance for “fun”? Intel for the CIA/U.S. to entrap and overpower

Technology is the new poisoned apple. Was Steve Jobs’ logo a Freudian slip or the ultimate irony?

Beware. Remember the shiny beads and plague-infested blankets the U.S. government “gave” to Native American tribes. Theft and genocide was the goal then and now.

This is a modern day Trojan horse.

American soldier catches Pokemon in Mosul, Iraq
July 18, 2016

Sergey Kolyasnikov (@Zergulio)
Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Do you want me to tell you something about “Pokemon Go”?

I gave interviews on this subject three times, so I had to delve into English primary sources.

– Game developer: Niantic Labs. Google start-up. Google (lol) Google’s ties to Big Brother yourself, I will go a little deeper.

– Niantic was founded by John Hanke, who founded Keyhole, Inc. – a surface mapping project bought out by the same Google used to create Google-Maps, Google-Earth, Google Streets.

– And now, attention, watch the hands! Keyhole, Inc was sponsored by a venture capital In-Q-Tel, a CIA foundation officially established in 1999.

The above-mentioned applications solved important challenges:

– Updating surface mapping of the planet, including roads, bases and so on. Once such maps were considered strategic and confidential. Civil maps had purposeful errors.

– Google Streets robot-vehicles looked in all the alleys, mapping our cities, cars, faces…

There was one problem. How to peek into our homes, basements, tree-lined avenues, barracks, government offices and so on, down the list?

And what do you think? The same shop Niantic Labs releases a genius viral toy, with the latest virtual reality technology.

Once you download the app and give it the appropriate permissions (to access to camera, microphone, gyroscope, GPS, connected devices, including USB, etc.), and your phone immediately vibrates, informing about the presence of the first three pokémons! (The first three always appear immediately and nearby).

The game requires you to shoot from all sides, happily rewarding you with success, at the same time obtaining a photo of the room where you are located, including the coordinates and phone’s angle.

Congratulations! You have just recorded images of your apartment! Should I explain further?

By the way, installing the game you agree to the terms. And it is not simple. Niantic officially warns you: “We cooperate with government agencies and private companies. We may disclose any information about you or your child…”. But who is reading?

And there is paragraph 6: “Our program does not have the ability to allow your browser’s “Do not track” option, (“Don’t spy on me”). In other words – they spied on you and will spy.

So, in addition to voluntary and joyful mapping of everything, other fun opportunities present themselves.

For example, if someone wants to know what is being done in the building, say, of the State Duma? And phones of dozens of deputies, cleaners, journalists vibrate: “Pikachu is close!!!”. And happy citizens will grab their smartphones, activating cameras, microphones, GPS, gyroscopes… spinning in place, staring at the screen, sending the video through online waves…

Bingo! The world had again changed, the world is different.

Welcome to a new era.


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