NATO summit urges Ukraine to keep fighting; updates on Ukraine situation

From Strategic Stability
June 29, 2022

Report #91

1. NATO is urging Kiev to continue war with Russia, Belgian Prime Minister said

Fighting against Russia with Western help is the only way forward for Ukraine, NATO members told President Volodymyr Zelensky, Alexander De Croo, the Belgian Prime Minister said on June 29 in Madrid.

“We make it very clear that this war can only be won on the battlefield and we should continue to support President Zelensky and the Ukrainian population as much as possible to be able to win the war on the battlefield,” Belgian Prime Minister told journalists on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Madrid.

In a new NATO Strategic Concept stamped at the NATO Summit in Madrid at the end of June, the transatlantic alliance neglected the fact that it is Ukraine who actually started three wars of aggression against Donbass in 2014-2022, but not the Russian Federation. In another document called Madrid Summit Declaration 30 NATO member-states promised to accelerate the delivery of non-lethal defence equipment to aggressive Ukrainian regime, improve its’s cyber defences and resilience, and support modernising its defence sector in its transition to strengthen long-term interoperability. In this phrase there is a clear-cut distortion dealt with transfer of “non-lethal defence equipment” to that ultra-nationalist regime. It reality, HATO began to deliver lethal offensive arms and ammunition toKiev a long time ago and is delivering them still. The phrase “to strengthen long-term interoperability” usually refers to a member of NATO.

Via a video link addressed to NATO summit on June 28 Ukrainian President Zelensky has urged the US-led NATO bloc to ramp up support of his country amid the ongoing conflict with Russia, claiming that Kiev’s defeat would result in a “delayed” war between Moscow and the whole West. The country needs both direct military and financial aid, Zelensky stated, adding that some $5 billion a month was needed to cover its budget deficit.

He has already spent nearly $ 7.0 donated his patron the USA from February 24 for gaining no victory and loosing nearly 150,000 troops on the battlefields. Will he be able to return such huge amount of money? Highly unlikely.

Despite this fact, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the NATO summit in Madrid outlined the North Atlantic Alliance’s position on military assistance for Ukraine. He said that Ukraine should be given so many weapons that it would be able to defend itself. And that means NATO will raise the stakes in the Ukrainian crisis. “The message is: we will continue to do this, we will do it intensively as long as it is necessary so that Ukraine can defend itself”, – the chancellor was quoted as saying.

It will be a tragic parallel: during WWII German “Tiger” tanks stormed Donbass, and today another types of German “Leopard” tanks are going to do the same aggressive job, killing innocent people in the same area. Seemingly, contemporary Berlin has NOT gained positive lessons from the past.

2. Kiev once again circulated fake news

Ukrainian President Zelensky is not satisfied with the absence of fake news from his General Staff and special services who staged two major lies of strategic importance – corpses intentionally delivered to Bucha and shelling a railway station in Kramatorsk controlled by Ukrainians by ballistic missile Tochka-U fired from the city also controlled by the Ukrainian side that time.

On June 27, in Kremenchug (Poltava Region), Russian Aerospace Forces launched a high-precision air attack at hangars with armament and munitions delivered by USA and European countries at Kremenchug road machinery plant called Kredmash [also named as Dormash].

Russian MoD official spokesman Lt-General Igor Konashenko said that high-precision attack has resulted in the neutralisation of the West-manufactured armament and munitions concentrated at the storage area at Dormash that was meant to be delivered to Ukrainian group of troops in Donbass. Detonation of the storaged munitions caused a fire in a non-functioning shopping centre named “Amstor” located 150 m away to the facilities of the plant.

The same information was articulated on June 28 at the UN Security Council (UNSC) by Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russian representative to the UN told the Security Council on meeting Russia does not target civilians in Ukraine and did not strike a shopping center in Kremenchug. He added that the mall caught fire due to an explosion of Western-supplied weapons and ammunition, stored at the nearby factory and intended to be used in shelling civilians in the Donbass.

“In reality, there was no strike on the mall,” Polyanskiy told the council, as Russia targeted a storage facility at the Kredmash factory. The weapons and ammunition stored there were bound for the front, where Ukrainian artillery has been bombarding the civilians of Donbass, for many years, to no objection from the UN, he added. “The Russian strike stopped that.”

Polyanskiy pointed out that Ukrainian media clearly shows images of intact merchandise inside the Amstor shopping center, and windows of nearby residential buildings that had not shattered. The fire was caused by explosions of the Western-supplied ammunition at Kredmash, he said.

Moscow’s envoy accused Ukraine of waging a propaganda war, using fakes and lies to campaign for more weapons and financial aid from the West. Actual testimonials of civilians from Donbass show that they blame only the Ukrainian military, which deploys weapons around residential homes and uses civilians as human shields, Polyanskiy argued.

3. Arms supplies from the USA/NATO to Ukraine will lead to escalation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned the West that continuing to supply Ukraine with advanced weaponry will only prolong the conflict in the east European country. Speaking at a press conference, on June 28, he stated that the position of the West regarding Ukraine is “absolutely counterproductive and harmful.” “Pumping up” Ukraine with Western weapons will only lead Russia “to perform more missions on the ground, he added.

“The more weapons are pumped into Ukraine, the longer this conflict will last, the longer the agony of the Nazi regime, which is supported by Western capitals, will last,” Lavrov outlined, commenting on accusations from Ukrainian and Western politicians related to a shopping mall in Kremenchug, which was allegedly hit by Russian forces on June 27.

Continued weapons deliveries from Washington to Kiev only tighten the conflict spiral and heighten the threat of the further aggravation with unpredictable consequences, Russian Ambassador to the USA Anatoly Antonov said on June 26.

“The reckless and unanswered flooding of Ukraine with arms only tightens the conflict spiral and increases the threat of the further escalation with unpredictable consequences,” the Russian Embassy’s Telegram channel quoted him as saying. “However, Washington’s ruling circles, blinded by the idea to weaken Russia, are still not capable to rationally assess the whole danger of their moves,” the envoy added.

“The administration increases the supplies of weapons to Kiev. If previously they were delivering MPADS and ATGMs, now it’s on to heavy artillery, MRLS and, by all appearances, air defense systems,” he noted.

The diplomat emphasized that additionally, the US shares intelligence data with the Ukrainian side and consults as to “how to act on the battlefield.” “Essentially, with its provocative moves the US is pushing the Kiev regime to commit mass murders of civilians. Additionally, here they are condoning the continued deployment of US mercenaries to Ukraine,” he added. “Such a policy creates additional risks in relations between the largest nuclear powers,” the ambassador emphasized.

3. Situation on the battlefields

Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) continued to shell residential areas and social infrastructure (see Annex attached below).

On the other hand, 10th Mountain Assault Brigade of AFU suffered considerable losses during the offensive near the Lisichansk oil refinery. According to captured servicemen from this brigade, 108th Battalion has been completely defeated. Only 30 from 350 servicemen remain in this unit.

115th Mechanised, 79th Air Assault and 25th Airborne brigade of the AFU that operate towards Lisichansk suffer a critical situation in grocery supply. There are a lot of cases of abandoning positions and desertion due to starving.

Attack launched by Russian artillery near Pitomnik (Kharkov region) has resulted in the elimination of up to 100 militants from Kraken Nazi group and about 10 units of combat equipment. Commanders of the militants have decided to abandon the positions and to withdraw the rest of this unit to Kharkov.

High-precision attacks launched by Russian Aerospace Forces have resulted in the elimination of 4 command posts, including those of Kharkov-1 and Kharkov-2 Territorial Defence battalions near Kharkov, as well as a training base of mercenaries deployed near Nikolayev.

The neutralised targets include: AFU manpower and military equipment in 32 areas, 1 AFU equipment reparation base near Lisichansk, 8 armament and munitions depots near Shevchenkovo (Kherson region), Spornoye (Donetsk People’s Republic, Nikolayev and Ochakovo (Nikolayev region), as well as 1 fuel depot near Kulbakino (Nikolayev region).

Within the counter-battery warfare, high-precision armament of Russian Aerospace Forces have neutralised 2 Ukrainian Grad multiple rocket-launching system (MRLS) platoons near Kalinov, Aleksandrovo-Kalinovsk, as well as 2 artillery platoons near Avdeyevka that had been shelling the settlements of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery have neutralised: 39 command posts, 6 munitions depots, artillery and mortar units in 68 areas, including a unit of French-made Caesar self-propelled howitzers at Kubansky island, as well as manpower and military equipment in 216 areas.

Operational-tactical aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces have shot down 1 MiG-29 airplane of Ukrainian Air Force near Bashtanki, Nikolayev region.

In addition, 1 self-propelled launching system of Buk-M1 air defence system near Troitskoye (Odessa region).

Russian air defence means have shot down 2 Su-25 airplanes near Kurulka (Kharkov region), Kvitnevoye (Kherson region) and 1 Mi-8 helicopter of Ukrainian Air Forces near Arkhangelskoye (Nikolayev region).

9 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles have been shot down near Vesyoloye, Ilyichyovka, Shestakovo, Pitomnik, Liptsy, Ternovaya, Sulinovka (Kharkov region), Tomina Balka (Kherson region), Stakhanov and Kantemirovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

7 Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles have been intercepted near Peski-Radkovskiye, Kapitolovka, Chervoniy Oskol (Kharkov region), Tyaginka, Novokondakovo (Kherson region) and 8 projectiles launched by a MRLS near Kamenka, Brazhkovka (Kharkov region), Krymki, Novosyolovka, Yarovaka (Donetsk People’s Republic) and over Snake Island.

In total, 221 airplanes and 134 helicopters, 1,391 unmanned aerial vehicles, 351 air defence missile systems, 3,853 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 692 combat vehicles equipped with multiple rocket-launching systems, 3,052 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 3,907 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the special military operation.

4. Humanitarian situation

The Joint Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for Humanitarian Response, in cooperation with the competent federal executive authorities and law enforcement agencies, continues to record the facts of criminal acts by the Kiev regime against the civilian population of Ukraine and the People’s Republics of Donbass, as well as the use of medical infrastructure for military purposes:

a) in Bakhmut, Donetsk People’s Republic, in a dermatovenerologic dispensary and Medtsentr clilic (Mariupolskaya st.), Ukrainian nationalists have deployed firing positions and sniper points, the approaches to the facility are mined, but the local population has intentionally been left uninformed;

b) in Chernigov, in the regional tuberculosis dispensary (Mira ave.), Territorial Defence units have deployed their headquarters, armament and munitions depots, while all the patients had been cynically banned from the medical facility regardless of their health condition;

c) in Seversk, Donetsk People’s Republic, in the urban hospital (Suvorova st.), nationalists have deployed firing positions, armoured equipment, large-calibre artillery and multiple rocket-launching systems (MRLS) at the adjacent territory, while residents of local buildings remain retained in the medical facility under the pretext of their security.

According to reliable information, the Kiev regime intends to carry out another inhumane provocation. Militants of Ukrainian nationalist battalions are about to launch missile attacks from residential areas of Krivoy Rog at the local hospital (Osvoboditeley st.) in Vysokopolye controlled by Russian Armed Forces. Ukrainian neo-Nazis hope to provoke a counter-attack by these acts in order to accuse Russian Armed Forces of launching indiscriminate attacks at civilian infrastructure facilities and eliminating Ukrainian civilian population.

Within this provocation, Ukrainian authorities will order to use unmanned aerial vehicles for preparing fake videographic data about the alleged murders of civilians committed by Russians and spreading it by western news agencies.

Despite the repeated statements by the Joint Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for Humanitarian Response, this kind of facts remains neglected by the World Health Organisation and the international community.

Russia again urged the countries of the international community, the United Nations Organisation, the World Health Organisation, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international organisations to influence on the authorities in Kiev for preventing the usage of medical infrastructure facilities with military purposes by Ukrainian armed groups.

In addition, intelligence services of the Kiev regime are preparing provocations for accusing Russian Armed Forces of the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilian population. With this purpose, on June 18, 2022, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine arrived in the Primorsky sanatorium of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (Kurortny, Odessa region), in order to negotiate the issues on receiving, accomodating and providing medical care to people affected by chemical (toxic) agents.

Russia warned in advance the so-called civilised West, as well as the United Nations Organisation, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons that the abovementioned and other similar provocations are planned to be spread by western mass media and various Internet resources.

Over the past 24 hours, without the participation of the Ukrainian representatives, 17,474 persons (including 2,978 children) have been evacuated from the dangerous areas of Ukraine and the republics of Donbass to Russia; in total, since the beginning of the Special Military Operation: 2,170,552 persons (343,336 children).

5. Situation in the Black Sea

70 foreign vessels from 16 countries remain blocked in six Ukrainian ports (Kherson, Nikolaev, Chernomorsk, Ochakov, Odessa and Yuzhniy). The threat of shelling and high mine danger posed by official Kiev prevent vessels from entering the high seas unhindered. The danger to navigation from Ukrainian mines drifting off their anchors along the coasts of Black Sea states remains. The Kiev authorities also continue to avoid engaging with representatives of states and ship-owning companies to resolve the issue of ensuring the safe passage of foreign vessels to the assembly area.

So, Ukraine blocks delivery of grain abroad due to its own desire.

As a result of a series of measures taken by the Russian Navy, the Mariupol harbour continues being under mine clearance works, the port infrastructure is routinely under reconstruction.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have created the necessary conditions for the operation of two maritime humanitarian corridors that constitute safe lanes for navigation:

a) in the Black Sea (every day from 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM) to leave Kherson, Nikolaev, Chernomorsk, Ochakov, Odessa and Yuzhnyi ports towards south-west from Ukraine’s territorial sea, 139 miles long and 3 miles wide;

b) in the Sea of Azov (uninterruptedly) to leave Mariupol port, 115 miles long and 2 miles wide, towards the Black Sea.

Detailed information on the modus operandi of the maritime humanitarian corridors is broadcast daily every 15 minutes by VHF radio on 14 and 16 international channels in English and Russian.

The Russian Federation is taking a full range of comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of civilian navigation in the waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.


Situation on contact line (June 28, updated), suppled by the DPR and LPR

14:32 The representative office of the LPR in the JCCC at the site of the shelling of the city of Perevalsk recorded fragments of a 240-mm GMLRS M30 guided missile with a cluster warhead, manufactured by the American company Lockheed Martin, used with the M142 HIMARS MLRS. As a result of the shelling, there were no casualties or injuries. Representation of the PR in the JCCC.

14:15 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction: 14:10 settlement Avdiivka – settlement Yakovlevka: 3 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired.

14:11 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction: 14:05 settlement Pervomaiskoye – Donetsk (Kirovskiy district): 10 missiles were fired from the BM-21 Grad MLRS.

13:08 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction: 13:00 settlement Avdiivka – settlement Yasinovataya: 3 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired.

13:02 Officer of the NM LPR Andrey Marochko: “The LPR tracked the movement of HIMARS, from which Perevalsk was shelled. The kit will be destroyed soon.”

13:01 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction: 12:30 settlement Zaitsevo (northern) – settlement Golmovsky: 4 shots fired from the tank.

12:48 “Consequences of the shelling of the street. Kosarev, Zapototsky and Ivovaya in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk,” reports the Head of Donetsk Administration Alexei Kulemzin

12:54 Shelling was recorded from the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the following directions: 12:20 settlement Metalist (Ukrainian: Travnevoe) settlement Dolomite: 10 grenades were fired from an underbarrel grenade launcher, small arms were also used; 12:45 settlement Kurdyumovka – settlement Golmovsky: fired 5 shells with a caliber of 152 mm.

12:19 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forcesin the direction: 11:15 settlement Novgorodskoye – settlement Panteleimonovka: 6 shells of 152 mm caliber were fired.

11:58 Fire was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forcesin the direction: 11:40 settlement Nikolaevka Second – settlement Dolomite: fired 10 shells of 122 mm caliber.

11:52 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forcesin the direction: 11:25 settlement Nikolaevka Second – settlement Golmovsky: 6 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired.

11:45 Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, a woman was wounded down Kosarev Street. The house was also damaged.

11:38 Shelling from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forceswas recorded in the following directions:

11:05 settlement Rozovka – settlement Novobakhmutovka: fired 6 mines in 120 mm caliber;

11:10 settlement Novgorodskoye – settlement Gorlovka: 3 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired;

11:15 settlement Novgorodskoye – settlement Gorlovka (settlement of the mine named after Gagarin): 6 mines were fired with a caliber of 120 mm.

11:07 Shelling was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forcesin the direction: 11:00 — settlement Novgorodskoye – n.p. Ozeryanovka: 8 shells of 152 mm caliber were fired.

11:03 Ozeryanovka village, Ocheretensky cul-de-sac (Tsentralno-Gorodskoy district of Gorlovka) under fire.

10:38 Several residential buildings in the Annenka residential area, which is part of Bryanka, were damaged as a result of a night shelling of the city by Ukrainian armed forces. Mayor Nikolai Morgunov announced this on his Telegram channel.

“As a result of the night shelling, the Annenka residential area was damaged. The power line was damaged, as a result of which 114 subscribers are without electricity. In several private housing constructions, roofs and glazing were damaged”, Morgunov wrote.

10:30 Statement by the official representative of the People’s Police of the DPR: the Ukrainian side continues to terrorize the civilian population of the Republic, subjecting to massive artillery shelling residential areas and civilian infrastructure of the settlements of the Republic, which in turn do not pose a danger to the enemy and are not military targets.

Over the past day, according to information from the DPR JCCC, the enemy fired more than one hundred and sixty shells from BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems, 152 and 122-mm cannon artillery, as well as 120-mm mortars.

The fire was fired at the areas of nine settlements of the Republic. As a result of the shelling, five civilians were killed and twenty-four were injured, of which two were children born in 2007. Twenty-eight residential buildings and twelve civilian infrastructure facilities were damaged. Additional information about injured civilians and damage to infrastructure is being specified.

Joint actions of the military personnel of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the following enemy weapons and military equipment: two BM-21 Grad MLRS, one Fury UAV, four armored personnel carriers and two armored vehicles. Two enemy firing points were suppressed in the areas of the settlement. Avdiivka and Novomikhailovka.

10:08 Fire was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction: 09:55 settlement Krasnogorovka – Donetsk (Petrovsky district): 10 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired.


This building in Donbass could be damaged by the USA, the UK, FRG, Italy, Poland and other NATO states


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