U.S. troops and armor to begin 1,100-mile convoy through Eastern-Central Europe

This is a very foolhardy “show”. Notice that this will also involve “air support”. The noise should be considerable. The presence of armor and troops on European roads will not just be inconvenient. It will increase tensions and fears — its goal. The U.S. wants Europeans to be afraid; it increases support for more and more NATO missions, soldiers, and weapons.

The U.S. puts all of Europe in very real danger, not Russia.

From Rick Rozoff

Stars and Stripes
March 12, 2015
Dragoon Ride will send US troops through eastern Europe in show of support
By John Vandiver


STUTTGART, Germany: U.S. Army soldiers with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment will soon begin a 1,100-mile convoy through six countries en route to their home station in Vilseck, Germany as they wrap up months of training with allies in Poland and the Baltics, Army officials said.

Troops will be taking their Strikers on a “road march,” dubbed Dragoon Ride. They will be accompanied by aerial reconnaissance support provided by the Army’s 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, U.S. Army Europe said.

Normally, military vehicles would be shipped back to their home base by rail after such a training mission, not by road in a high profile convoy.

To reassure countries on Russia’s western periphery, the U.S. and other NATO allies have been training continuously in the Baltics and Poland since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine last year

“This is a complex mission involving a significant amount of international diplomatic and military cooperation,” Lt. Col. Craig Childs, a USAREUR spokesman, said in a statement. “It will allow all units involved an opportunity to test their unit maintenance and leadership capabilities while simultaneously providing a highly visible demonstration of U.S, commitment to its NATO allies and demonstrating NATO’s ability to move military forces freely across allied borders in close cooperation.”

The journey will take soldiers with the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, from separate training locations in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland and convoy them through Latvia, the Czech Republic and finally to their home base at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany, according to USARUER.

The 4th Infantry Division deployed a headquarters element to Europe in February to command and control U.S. land forces supporting Operation Atlantic Resolve, the military’s effort to train and reassure allies while sending a message of deterrence to Russia. The 4th Infantry Division will be responsible for overseeing the road march from the Joint Multinational Training Command at Grafenwöhr, Germany, and from mobile command group locations forward in operational area, USAREUR said.

Before Dragoon Ride begins, troops will hand over responsibility for USAREUR’s land force training mission in the Baltics and Poland to soldiers with the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, from Ft. Stewart, Georgia, USAREUR said.

On Monday, hundreds of tanks and other military vehicles arrived in Latvia. They will be followed by 3,000 troops from the Georgia-based unit. Their rotation is expected to last until June.


U.S. Infantry Division deploys for anti-Russian mission

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U.S. Army Europe February 14, 2015
4ID deploys to Europe in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve
By 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany: Members of the 4th Infantry Division Headquarters deployed to Europe today from Fort Carson, Colo., in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The Soldiers constitute the Mission Command Element of the 4ID which will serve as an intermediate headquarters for U.S. Army Europe under the Army’s Regionally Aligned Forces concept. The 4ID is the first division-level headquarters to deploy to Europe as part of the RAF concept.

Maj. Gen. Paul LaCamera, 4ID commanding general, has directed Brig. Gen. Randy George, deputy commanding general, to lead the MCE. The MCE is a staff element made up of personnel from across the division and is tailored to best provide command and control for all U.S. ground forces participating in Operation Atlantic Resolve.

“4ID’s presence in Europe provides Army Europe a unique set of capabilities and greater flexibility to respond to future contingencies,” said George. “Under Operation Atlantic Resolve we are improving our ability to operate alongside our allied and partner nation armies as we work and train together. Through these shared experiences we will maintain the trust built on operations together with our Allies, strengthen our interoperability and demonstrate our commitment to the NATO Alliance.”

Operation Atlantic Resolve is a U.S. European Command operation led by Army Europe. It is focused on strengthening relationships and building interoperability among allies and demonstrating the United States’ continued commitment to the NATO alliance.

Since April, Army Europe has conducted continuous, enhanced multinational training and security cooperation activities with allies and partners in Europe. Currently, OAR’s enhanced land force training and security cooperation activities are taking place in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland; with plans to expand to include Romania and Bulgaria in the near future.

In addition to deploying the MCE, the 4ID will periodically send Soldiers to Europe to participate in a number of multi-national exercises over the coming months, as a part of the RAF mission.