Russian Reconciliation Center evacuated 50,000 civilians from E. Aleppo in past 2 days – MoD

From RT

December 10  2016
© Russian Defense Ministry

Over the past 48 hours, up to 50,000 people have been evacuated from eastern Aleppo, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov has reported.

“We warn terrorists and militants of the so-called ‘moderate opposition,’ and also their patrons: Do not attempt any provocations, especially attacks on civilians leaving through humanitarian corridors,” the Russian Defense Ministry statement says.

Konashenkov also addressed those who, over the past few months, have declared their readiness to send humanitarian aid to Aleppo.

“Representatives of the US, UK, France, Canada, the European Union, and international organizations: Over the past two days, nearly 50,000 civilians have been evacuated by the Russian Reconciliation Center from the eastern parts of Aleppo. They are in need of the humanitarian assistance you promised. It is time to check the validity of your intentions.”

The statement added that the Syrian government now controls 93 percent of Aleppo, and the civilians who exited eastern Aleppo have been placed in special humanitarian centers where they are provided with hot food and medical help.

The Russian Reconciliation Center is monitoring the evacuation of civilians from the blocked districts round-the-clock with the use of drones.

Earlier this week, Moscow slammed a statement by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who said the EU was the only party providing aid to Syria.

“It’s outrageous twisting of facts which ignores what Russia has been doing for a long time,”Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Thursday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Russia, “unlike other international players, has been actively supplying thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to various regions across Syria, including the liberated areas in eastern Aleppo, at the risk of Russian military lives.

“If the high representative [Mogherini] means providing assistance to terrorists and extremists, then we don’t participate in this, indeed,” the statement added.

Last week, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman claimed that Russia was blocking aid intended for Aleppo’s civilian population.

“The Syrian regime and their influencers [Russia, among others] are preventing aid” from reaching the city, the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

It seems that the UK government has lost an objective view of what is happening in Syria, including Aleppo, due to Russophobia,” Konashenkov responded, noting that the UK has not sent “a single gram of flour, any medicine or blankets to help” civilians in Aleppo during the entire Syrian conflict.

“If the UK government really wants to send humanitarian aid to residents in the eastern neighborhoods [of Aleppo], it has all the conditions for doing this, just tell us where it [the aid] has been held up,” he added.

DPR received from Russia 16,5 thousand tons of aid for Donetsk railway repair

From DONi News

February 24, 2016

The Russian Federation has transferred to railway workers of Donbass more than 16 thousand tons of humanitarian aid in 2015 – the DPR Minister of Transport Semyon Kuzmenko.

16,5 thousand tons of freights have been transferred already. Generally the humanitarian aid consists of materials for the Donetsk railway – glass, cement, bricks and a specific railway equipment which was destroyed as a result of military operations.

He specified that the help was provided in October.

DONi News Agency

SaveDonbassPeople: How to help

From SaveDonbassPeople

Get involved

Conflict in Donbass has gathered lots of international volunteers to different kind of tasks, which can happen everywhere in world, also in Donbass. SDP is building coordination and cooperation organization with international community for voluntary works for saving Donbass people. Most effective use of voluntary human resources is our target.

Notice: To join SDP missions all volunteers have to be minimum 18 years old.

Volunteers in Donbass

SDP can produce its own civilian missions and participate with its members in excisting ones. Volunteers can participate in DONi media works, SDP humanitarian programs, communal helping and depending from volunteers will and personal skills, basically participating in all sectors of communal life in Donbass is possible. All volunteer candidates will be contacted personally by SDP and DONi staff after sending us message below.

All tasks and actions made under SDP will be accepted by local authorities and performed by local laws and regulations. Foreign volunteers will not get salary from works, but expences from taking care of agreed responsibilities can be paid. Final deal from joining voluntary works in Donbass will be made when volunteer candidate arrives to Donetsk and after interview.

Volunteers in Donbass are responsible to take care and pay them selfs of personal traveling documents, passports and visas and pay when traveling to Donetsk City and back to their homes. Those who have possibility to stay longer periods in volunteer works (+1 month) can receive free housing and meals by SDP and DONi organization.

Volunteers abroad

SDP is launching different kind of voluntary working projects which can be done from all over the world. Tasks for SDP volunteers can include media campaigns, activist coordination, upkeeping information channels or organizing events. Our target is to grow ProDonbass movement!

By joining SDP voluntary missions in your own home country, you will be soon involved in growing international network, which tasks will be coordinated from Donetsk with local people.

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Russia concerned as U.S. military moves into Ukraine, Black Sea

Xinhua News Agency
March 6, 2015

Russia concerned with U.S. military deployment in Ukraine

MOSCOW: Russia is concerned with arrival of U.S. military personnel on Ukraine soil, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Up to 300 U.S. troops reportedly have been deployed to a peacekeeping center in Ukraine’s western Lvov region,” the ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told reporters.

Noting that those U.S. military instructors would train Ukrainian soldiers from March 5 to Oct. 21 on western military hardware operations, Lukashevich said that U.S. military presence in that country has become a fact.

He also highlighted danger of U.S. plans to start massive arms supply to Ukraine despite successful implementation of the ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk, the Belarusian national capital, on Feb. 12 between Ukrainian government and Donbass insurgents in eastern Ukraine.

Moreover, the U.S. Congress has been drafting a bill on allocating one billion U.S. dollars for Ukraine’s army training and armament equipment, according to Lukashevich,

“It seems like Washington decided to take (Ukrainian armed forces) under full maintenance,” Interfax news agency quoted Lukashevich as saying.

Meanwhile, the spokesman blamed the U.S. for its military presence in the Black Sea, as NATO Maritime Command said Wednesday in an online announcement that six NATO warships had arrived in the Black Sea for joint exercises.

“This somehow contradicts the public statements of the U.S. administration supporting political settlement of conflict in Ukraine,” Lukashevich said.

He warned that such actions might lead to “the most serious consequences” for the peaceful settlement of the crisis.

Lukashevich also urged the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe monitoring mission in Ukraine to verify implementation of Minsk agreements, especially to monitor the weapon withdrawal by conflicting parties in the “impartial, well- organized and systemic way.”

Kiev prohibits Bochum, Germany from delivering humanitarian aid to Donetsk

Donetsk and Bochum – Twin Cities since 1984.

Junta vs. miners: Kiev prohibited the German twin city of Donetsk from helping
December 17, 2014

In early December, the authorities and the public organizations of Bochum (located in the Ruhr region, North Rhine – Westphalia — famous for its coal mines ) appealed to the Ukrainian Government requesting to allow them to deliver humanitarian aid to Donetsk.

However, the Kiev junta refused on the pretext of difficulties with the customs clearance of cargo.

The German newspaper Die Welt writes this.

[Donetsk is also an important coal mining region.]