Numbers don’t lie: Report to the Council of Europe dismantles the narrative of “police brutality” during Maidan

From Fort Russ

Fort Russ, May 27th, 2016 by Tatzhit

Before we discuss the mindblowing-yet-ignored facts in an official report on the Maidan events written for the Council of Europe, let’s briefly discuss two more subjects:

  1. A) Why should you  care about official reports at all?
    To put it simply, official documents are more useful than mass media reports. They are far less tainted by propaganda or scaremongering – simply because such reports are written by government agencies for other government agencies, not by incompetent journalists for the gullible masses.

Almost always, time dedicated to watching or reading the mainstream “news” would be better spent going through official documents and reports. Today’s theoretically “open” governments leave a lot of detailed information buried in their websites, as no one reads it anyway. Oftentimes, very interesting findings are just a couple Google searches away.

  1. B) How does this pertain to the Ukrainian conflict?
    One could say that all this senseless bloodshed and economic collapse was, in a large part, caused by people failing to read an official treaty. I haven’t met a single pro-Maidan person that has actually studied the EuroAssociation agreement.


I can’t even express how crazy this is.

Let me try to explain by comparing to Russia’s Bolshevik revolution:

In 1917, even the rank-and-file members of revolutionary factions knew the key ideological points, what were the main laws/reforms their parties wanted to implement, and why. Many/most activists actually read the source material, and could competently argue economics and government policy. Political factions were formed around councils that discussed all of these things.

On the other hand, the Maidan “revolutionary” structure wasn’t built around individual groups of thinkers. The organization included fighting units, the medical branch, the food&shelter branch, a transport/car branch… But no branch concerned with analysis and making decisions. Maidan was an animal with horns, stomach and legs, but no brain. And it was largely intentionally engineered that way – by outside forces, for their gain. The same is true of many other modern social movements [note 1].

<somewhat related video on the genesis and anatomy of Maidan, part of THIS larger article – ed.>

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PACE refuses to recognize DPR, LPR as terrorist organizations

PACE is the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

From  Sputnik News, January 28, 2015

STRASBOURG, January 28 (Sputnik) — PACE on Wednesday rejected an amendment to a resolution on Russian credentials in the organization calling for recognizing the self-proclaimed Donetsk andLuhansk people’s republics (DPR andLPR) in eastern Ukraine as de-facto terrorist organizations.The amendment was introduced by the Ukrainian delegation.

In December 2014, media reports suggested that Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, had introduced a bill, according to which DPR and LPR were recognized as terrorist organizations.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that this bill was “legal nonsense and absurdity” and an attempt to wind down efforts to find a political solution to the situation in Ukraine.

Lukashevich stressed that if one side of the Ukrainian crisis presented the other side as a terrorist organization, it was unclear whether further dialogue could be useful.

The Kiev forces and the independence supporters of eastern Ukraine have been fighting since April 2014 when Kiev launched a military operation in Donbas. The warring sides agreed to a ceasefire in Minsk in September, but truce violations have been reported from both sides ever since, with the violence seeing a sharp increase in the beginning of 2015.

Ukrainian deputy from the Opposition bloc calls Turchinov “the bloody pastor” at PACE

Pravda, 1-29-15
Translated by Kristina Rus

The people’s deputy of Ukraine at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) called Turchinov “a bloody pastor.”

Ukrainian MP Yulia Levochkina urged Europe to stop the current Ukrainian government from inciting war.

The delegate from Ukraine to PACE, MP from the Opposition bloc, Yulia Levochkina, during the debate concerning the adoption of a resolution on Russia on Wednesday, January 28, urged Europe to stop the Ukrainian government and to “put Kiev authorities in their place”, who are waging war in Donbass.

“Today the government is led by the party of war, which seeks to continue the war. And the Secretary of the Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov, has a nickname “The Bloody pastor,” said Levochkina.

She also encouraged the Europeans to stop the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia.

“Our assembly should resist the Ukrainian government, which is trying to build a wall between Ukraine and Russia,” said Levochkina to the delegates and reminded that it is the fault of the current government that the parliamentary elections did not take place in Crimea and Donbass.

Supporters of the Ukrainian authorities were extremely enraged in the social networks by the words of Levochkina and demanded the government to “deal with her according to the laws of wartime.”