Fort Russ’s dirty-bomb false-flag warning was right

Fort Russ

August 6th, 2015

Fort Russ Staff
photo credit: Security Service of Ukraine
Yesterday J. Flores of our editorial management issued a public warning regarding a possible imminent dirty bomb threat.
It turns out that these suspicions were well founded.
The suspicion, according to Flores,  was based on two stories – Poroshenko’s urgent calling of the war council, and a sudden western media propaganda news-cycle fixation that Novorossiya militias may use a ‘dirty bomb’ in the Ukraine conflict, which began over last weekend.
Security Service of Ukraine
Today RT reported that the Ukrainian SBU has apprehended a ring of Uranium smugglers who had a ‘Pringles’ chips canister containing uranium-238 which they had intended to sell.
The RT story ‘strangely’ combines this report with a story about the Right Sektor clashes with the Kiev Junta.
This is interesting for us also, without stating it outright, we are  more free to draw the connection:
We are not unreasonable in speculating that the Right Sektor may have wanted to use a dirty bomb in the front on UAF forces, and blame the Novorossiyan side for it.  Western media was clearly establishing the narrative that Novorossiya would be responsible for it. This would have established several simultaneous goals for both the US and the Pravy Sektor.
The United States has taken an “adaptive approach”, a common feature in 4th Generation Warfare and Hybrid Warfare, which allows them to shift support between the Kiev Junta and the Pravy Sektor related groups.

A “dirty bomb” false flag imminent?

From Fort Russ

August 4th, 2015

Fort Russ – Joaquin Flores – (a special thanks to Kevin Deikoff for sending us The Times piece
The,uk used this photo in their ‘Rebels to make dirty bomb’ piece, though this photo is from 10-20-14 when the nearly the opposite actually occurred: Kiev Junta forces bombed a chemical facility in Donetsk
Let’s look at two significant news pieces, the first that Poroshenko called an emergency session of the war council today, and three days ago that western press starting to create buzz about Novorossiyan ‘rebels’ creating a ‘dirty bomb’.  It is difficult not to want to put these together and concede the possibility that something is in the works.
There are good reasons for this, there is not only a precedent for these in this conflict, but they arose at similar times.  The last few times that the US tried this, with the downing of MH-17 and then the ‘shelling of Mariupol’ false flag, the US felt unable gain the upper hand either through regular proxy combat or its policy of terrorism upon civilians.
While nothing is guaranteed to happen, this definitely means we should be on the look out for such an event in the very near future.

Oleg Tsarev of the DPR also expressed similar concerns, in a piece which we translated for Fort Russ – that can be read here:

Our role as public servants, citizen media, is to inoculate mass publics against any attempt to pin a future ‘chemical attack’ on the Novorossiyan armies.  Even if nothing comes of it this time, it doesn’t rule out that they had something in the works.  Many analysts have indicated that publicizing and ‘calling out’ such false flag attempts in their early stages can actually hedge the US Empire’s bets that they can pull it off.
Of course, the endemically Russophobic and pro-imperialist  scribbles their piece for good reason; they have a job to do, which is creating near-term expectation that the ‘Ruskies’ are back to their old evil tricks, and are planning something soon.
But as we’ve seen before, the photo used to generate clicks and reads, and to give the veil of ‘truth’ as in sort of suggesting ‘photographic evidence’, is not what they are writing about.  Just as in the conflicts in Syria and elsewhere, it depicts the effects of something the US backed side has done.
We reverse searched this image through Google, and found that it does not depict anything the ‘Russians did’, but in fact is a photo from October 20th, 2014, of a chemical plant in Donetsk that was shelled by the UAF.  Fancy that.

Also, Kevin Deikoff notes: “Max Tucker, writer of this piece, is a western intelligence asset. He speaks Russian and studied history for 3 years at the University of Bristol(?). “Articles” by him started appearing in 2013 as he was supposedly working for 3.5yrs exposing human rights abuses in Ukraine and the South Caucasus as Amnesty International’s expert in the region. Suddenly, he appears as news editor for the Kiev Post in December 2014. Now he puts together ‘pieces’ for the Times, News Week, and others.…/ “

“‘Max Tucker’ has recently added ‘media strategist’ to his journalist description.’Max Tucker’ doesn’t seem to have much of a history. Maxim Shkolnik, of Tucker, Georgia, was arrested for trafficking cocaine 01-09-2007 – not that these people are one and the same.”

Kiev launches massive battle-tank shelling in Donbass, NATO military exercise in Czech Republic directed against Russia

Posted on Global Research
April 11, 2015
Originally from South

Ukraine’s armed forces have started massive battle-tank shelling of Donetsk, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk. The positions of Donetsk People’s Republic militia along the whole frontline are under shelling. Furthermore, serious clashes are ongoing in the settlement of Shirokino near Mariupol. One fighter from DPR forces has been killed. The crew of REN TV channel also came under fire.

NATO and Czech Republic soldiers took part in a drill called “Noble Jump” at the airport in Pardubice, Czech Republic on Thursday. This is an initial exercise and first test of its new rapid response force that NATO says is designed to “face new challenges from Russia”. Some experts believe the drill is offensive rather than defensive, and is actually preparation for a first-strike against Russia. But the most important point is that “Noble Jump” started in the Czech Republic while the US-backed Kiev government began massive shelling in the Donbass region.

Ukraine’s prosecutors reactivated an investigation launched against oligarch Igor Kolomoisky 10 years ago, the country’s Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin said in an interview with news portal on Friday. The 2005 criminal case accused Kolomoisky of masterminding an attack on lawyer Sergey Karpenko amid a conflict over the Dneprospetsstal plant in the city of Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine, one of the leading producers of special steels and alloys in Europe. Lawyer Karpenko was stabbed three times, but survived the attack and was later forced to leave the country. Shokin, who was deputy Prosecutor-General at that time, oversaw the investigation. The war between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky, the two most powerful oligarchs of Ukraine, is continuing with renewed vigor.

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has stated that Kiev has ability of creating a “dirty” atomic bomb. “We will use all available resources, even for creating a successful weapon,” he said. He stressed that the most important thing is that the weapon was successful. “What is there: dirty or clean, is a scientific and technical issue”. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin’s reaction on this was short. Moron.

A Syrian government delegation has agreed to proposals set forth by Russian mediators during the second round of talks held in Moscow this week to resolve the Syrian civil war, a source familiar with ongoing negotiations told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday. According to the source, the agenda proposed by the Russian side and approved by Syria includes: assessing the current situation, uniting national forces to confront challenges including terrorism, and building trust between the opposition and civil society. In addition, the source said Moscow’s plan outlines the establishment of a political process as well as phased steps in the framework of a national reconciliation program.

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