U.S. ‘missile offense’ bases in Romania and Poland

Posted on Space4Peace, February 13, 2015
By Bruce Gagnon

The U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) headquarted in Stuttgart, Germany announces a second new “missile defense” (MD) base under construction.  These bases in Romania and Poland, and their interceptor missiles, will be aimed at Russia as part of the Pentagon-NATO military encirclement of that nation.

MD systems are key elements in US first-strike attack planning.  Their job is to pick off any remaining retaliatory nuclear response after the Pentagon unleashes its sword.  MD thus become the shield that the US seeks in order to deliver a ‘successful’ first-strike attack.

Each year the US Space Command computer simulates such a first-strike attack against Russia and China – the war game is called ‘blue team against red team’.

MD systems are being deployed on land and on Navy Aegis destroyers around the globe to surround Russia and China.

Here is part of the USEUCOM announcement about the new Poland base:

As a demonstration of our continued efforts to provide a ballistic missile defense (BMD) capability for U.S. and European NATO Allies against established and emergent threats, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), U.S. European Command (EUCOM), the U.S. Navy, and the Polish Ministry of Economy hosted U.S. Industry Day in Warsaw, Poland, on Feb. 11 and 12.

The two-day event was designed to help provide information on the general scope of work…. to support a planned U.S. missile defense asset deployment in Poland.

“Missile defense is a critically important part of NATO security, and the United States deeply appreciates Poland’s contributions to the NATO missile defense effort,” said Ambassador Stephen Mull, U.S. Ambassador to Poland. “Poland plans to spend an estimated $10 billion USD on integrated air and missile defense systems over the next ten years. This is in addition to Poland’s decision to host an American missile defense base at Redzikowo.”

As approved by the President in September 2009, the purpose of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) to ballistic missile defense is to protect European NATO allies, and U.S. forces in the region…. This key event demonstrates that we are moving forward with deploying an Aegis Ashore site in Poland in the 2018 time frame and that the U.S. continues to work in close cooperation with NATO allies to integrate BMD capabilities into a NATO missile defense system.


Does Poroshenko know the truth about Debaltsevo?

Posted on Fort Russ
Ukraine’s Minister of Defense: The Debaltsevo Pocket is “Made Up.”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

There is no encirclement at Debaltsevo, said Ukraine’s Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak at a briefing in Kiev on February 11.

Poltorak denied the militia claims that the “encirclement had been completed around Debaltsevo.”

“There is no encirclement. It’s made up by those who want it to exist. The units which are located at Debaltsevo and the vicinity is receiving ammunition. There is contact with them, communications, and coordination. We are working according to plan. Right now we are working on reinforcing the grouping,” said Poltorak.

The Minister also said there is no threat to Mariupol, where Ukrainian forces went on offensive on February 10. “Mariupol is in good hands, the defense is strong, and there are also appropriate reserves. The armed forces jointly with the Azov regiment took a few measures to expand the territory under our control in accordance with the Minsk Protocol,” said Poltorak.

J.Hawk’s Comment: One has to wonder whether this piffle is just for public consumption, or whether Poroshenko believes in it too. Semenchenko may well be right that the senior commanders are sending up false reports of successes to avoid making Poroshenko angry. Consequently, Poroshenko may not even know what his own army is doing right now. And how would he know, given the low quality of senior officers and officials on whom he is relying for information?