NATO General Ben Hodges lies to National Public Radio (NPR)

By Eric Zuesse
Posted on Global Research, June 19, 2015

On June 17th, U.S. National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed NATO’s and America’s General Ben Hodges, who is the Commanding General of the U.S. Army in Europe, which is “NATO’s most senior land forces command.” He said (after 4:54 in the audio):

This notion that somehow, Russia, you know, has no choice but to respond or that the West is being provocative, really, I don’t think rings true at all. … We’re building up on NATO’s borders. These are NATO countries, these are allies of ours, that are concerned based on what Russia is doing on their borders, and they’ve asked for assurance that their allies are there.

The interviewer asked, “President Putin said that only an insane person could imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I mean, is NATO insane for worrying about a Russian attack?” Hodges replied (6:41):

I think that’s an irresponsible question. It is completely unimaginable to me that Russia would ever invade Crimea. I mean, this was the day after the Sochi Olympics, after the Russians had spent millions and millions of dollars, and then threw away whatever goodwill they had earned the following day by invading Crimea.

That’s so many lies in such a short span, so that unpacking all of them will produce a long article; but, those lies are the mainstream view in America’s news media, so, here goes the reality that demolishes them:

His Basic ‘History’ Is False

Everything he says about what preceded Crimea’s switching back to Russia (of which it had always been a part until 1954) is false.

The Sochi Olympics ended on 23 February 2014. Contrary to what Ben Hodges says, there was no Russian invasion of Crimea the next day (nor actually ever, but we’ll get to that later). According to wikipedia, which is edited by the CIA (and so it must be right, if not far-right — like Hodges is), the “2014 Ukrainian Revolution” started on 18 February 2014. This overthrow of a government was occurring in the one nation, Ukraine, that Zbigniew Brzezinski and others have said is the most crucial nation of all that must be turned hostile toward Russia in order for America to win against Russia. (Ending communism and the Soviet Union doesn’t slake the sheer bloodthirst of people such as Brzezinski and Hodges — and Obama: Russia must simply be crushed; the communist-v.-capitalist thing was just an excuse for these psychopaths; and the only reason why Obama in 2012 denied Romney’s “our number one geopolitical foe” remark about Russia, was in order to fool the electorate about Obama himself.)

Thus, grabbing Ukraine is more important to them (and their billionaire sponsors) than getting any of the twelve former Warsaw Pact nations that the U.S. had already brought into NATO. It’s not for what’s in Ukraine; it’s for what’s in Russia. (The Warsaw Pact itself had ended when the Soviet Union itself did, in 1991. The GHW Bush Administration promised Gorbachev that NATO would move “not one inch eastward,” but the U.S. constantly violates that promise, and then blames Russia for responding to its brazenness, as Russia must do for its own defense. If Obama and the U.S. Congress continue this, there will be a nuclear war.)

What happened five days before February 23rd, on 18 February 2018? Here is video of it; and, as is obvious there, Putin must have been fully informed of these rabidly anti-Russian riots in next-door Ukraine, even while he was at the Sochi Olympics. This video is from Hromadske TV. Hromadske TV was financed by three entities as shown in their 2014 Financial Report, a snippet of which is seen here, but the totality of which Financial Report was then removed from the Web because this information didn’t fit the West’s propaganda-line. I had read that Financial Report before it was taken down. This snippet published there is accurate. It shows that “Total cash inflows” during the second half of 2013 were $2,576,596, of which “Individual contributions” (by Ukrainian oligarchs) were $1,135,997; “The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands” was $793,089; “The Embassy of the United States of America” was $399,650; and George Soros’s “International Renaissance Fund” was $247,860. Consequently, that ’news’ report on Hromadske favored the people who were rioting against Ukraine’s democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych; and this Hromadske report said: “New wave of riots tonight in Ukraine…. and the president of Ukraine does nothing about it.” It blamed Yanukovych, for those riots against Yanukovych.

Here is more from Hromadske TV about the riots on that day,February 18th.

And here is the bloodshed on 20 February 2014, BBC Newsnight’s telecast about the violence.

Here is more of that bloodshed 20 February 2014, film-footage which was never telecast by BBC, their cut-outs.

Here is an independent video that was uploaded to the Web on 20 February 2014, showing a sniper reloading his rifle.

And here is Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News, simply assuming that the snipers on 20 February 2014 are “Police Snipers,”not U.S.-paid mercenaries who were merely dressed as if they were police.

But here is a video presenting evidence that U.S.-paid mercenaries is what they actually were.

And here is the shock that the EU’s foreign-affairs chief experienced when her own investigator told her that this was a coup, and not actually a revolution at all. (And yet, the EU went along with Obama’s sanctions.)

Well, what happened, then, on the day after the Sochi Olympics ended — the day that Hodges says that Russia “threw away whatever goodwill they had earned the following day by invading Crimea.”? Here is from the Guardian, reporting on Monday, February 24th:

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United States genocide coin is already on Ebay

For background on this coin or token,

Posted on Fort Russ

January 26, 2015

One does not need to kill civilians in order to obtain a coin awarded to lucky few wounded Ukrainian soldiers by a US General in Ukraine for their contribution to the genocide of thousands of Russians in Donbass.

Apparently coins don’t pay the bills, or feed a family. But $30 bucks is half a monthly salary or a pension in Ukraine, thanks to Yatsenyuk.

U.S. general visits maimed Ukrainian soldiers, hands out commemorative tokens


US General Thanks Crippled Ukrainian Soldiers with Tokens

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

General Ben Hodges, commanding the U.S. Army in Europe (USAREUR) gave out commemorative tokens to Ukrainian soldiers crippled in the fighting. The US general who came to Kiev for consultations on the conduct of the war, praised the talent and bravery of Ukrainian soldiers and commanders.

“They ordered us to fire on a specific location from the BMP, but it could not fire. Then they ordered the tank to fire, but it reported it does not have sufficient hydraulic pressure to fire…I was lucky, because my comrade, a grenade launcher operator whose skull was blown to pieces, fell on me,” said the wounded 24-year-old soldier who left home two children.

He also said that he spent one month in training, after which he was sent into battle. His war lasted 2 weeks. On September 1 he arrived at the front line, on the 14th he lost his hand and has been in the hospital ever since.

Having heard the soldier’s story, the US general gave him a commemorative USAREUR coin, which specifies that it was issued personally by the commanding general.

Is this sufficient compensation for the loss of his left hand for which a prosthetic will cost more than 100 thousand euro? The soldier himself does not think so.

Translator’s Note: What stands out is the low level of training and equipment readiness evident in the story told by the soldier. Reservists are snatched from their homes, given very hasty retraining, and then sent to the front line with non-operational equipment, which goes a long way toward explaining why Ukrainian casualties have been so high. It’s not clear what Ben Hodges is doing in Kiev, aside from putting into doubt the honor of his uniform. “Talent and bravery of Ukrainian soldiers and commanders”? Ukrainian commanders have shown neither in this war and Ben “token of my support” Hodges surely knows it.

Additional translated portion:

Recall that Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin directly linked Gen. Ben Hodges’ visit Kiev with intensified fighting in the Donbas.

“After each visit to Ukraine by senior US officials, Kiev authorities are increasing confrontation of their actions. And the current military escalation miraculously coincided with a visit to Kiev by the commander of US forces in Europe,” – said the diplomat, responding to criticism of US ambassador Samantha Power to Russia.

Editor’s Note: This incident shows this is a proxy war. The war is fought by drafted cannon-fodder civilians because Washington and the West wish it and are pulling the strings. General Hodges was visiting his troops. That’s why he’s in Kiev. He is the commanding general.

And the “brave” thing General Hodges is glad of is that the Ukrainian soldiers are killing Ukrainian men, women, and children. Perhaps General Hodges will consider it brave when German soldiers are killing German citizens, Polish soldiers are killing Polish citizens, and back at home, American soldiers are killing American citizens.

Who is the real boss of General Hodges? What is his real mission?

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