Stop the war against Syria! Letter to President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and CIA Director John Brennan

Below is a sample letter to take into your community, gather signatures outside the post office and grocery stores, and deliver to local, regional, and federal officials.

Educating the public and raising the visibility of this must be done now. Flood newspapers with letters to the editor. Protests are urgently needed, even if it is one person holding a sign on a busy street corner.

We must do this now!


To President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and CIA Director John Brennan:

  • We the undersigned support the sovereign nation of Syria.
  • We affirm that only the Syrian people have the right to determine their future and their government.
  • We demand that the U.S. government and its agents immediately cease all hostile actions against the nation of Syria and provide financial assistance to the Syrian government for the refugee crisis.

The United States has engaged in aggression against Syria for over 60 years. The CIA staged its first coup against newly-independent Syria in 1949 to help the Arabian-American Oil Company and their proposed Trans-Arabian Pipeline. This was followed by other coups and covert actions up to the present day.

The goals of the US and its allies include control of natural resources and favorable pipeline routes in the region. They have waged wars and covert actions against Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries. The horrible cost has been millions dead, the lives and futures of many millions more destroyed, countries demolished, permanent and far-ranging environmental destruction, and a refugee crisis.

The United States brazenly announces its intention to remove Syria’s elected leader President Bashar al-Assad. It funds and trains terrorist militias to overthrow President Assad, against all international law. In 2007, General Wesley Clark said: “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” This is lawlessness.

On March 2011, violent protestors in Syria bombed two buildings including the court house in the town of Dara’a and murdered 7 policemen. Snipers on the rooftops murdered police and protestors. This armed insurrection is supported by the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, the UK, and other partners.

On August 22, 2013, an attack at Ghouta using sarin gas killed Syrians, including children. Investigations by the UN and others point to US-sponsored terror groups as the perpetrators.

The U.S. has repeatedly violated Syrian air space and bombed Syria. It recently blew up a power plant in Aleppo, depriving residents of safe drinking water. And now, the United States is officially invading Syria against international law, and the French have brought their largest warship, the Charles De Gaulle, to the Syrian coast and bombed Syria.

This is terrorism.

Furthermore, there is substantial evidence that US and coalition partners including Israel, Turkey, and Great Britain, actually fund, supply, and train ISIS.

We condemn these despicable and illegal acts by the United States, its personnel, and its allies against the nation of Syria. It is no longer possible to trust the claims made by our government or our news media, which have been repeatedly revealed as lies.

We demand that the United States government immediately:

  • recognize Syria as a sovereign country and Bashar al-Assad as the democratically-elected leader of Syria
  • stop all calls for President Assad to resign or be deposed, and stop the slander, demonizing, and information warfare against the Syrian government
  • stop the information warfare against Russia
  • withdraw all US personnel from the territory of Syria and cease all trespass over Syrian borders
  • cease all support for terrorist (“moderate rebel”) groups within Syria which are fighting against the Syrian government and the Syrian people, including ISIS, al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army, and al Qaeda afilliates, and advise all coalition partners to also comply
  • ask the Syrian government for an estimate of immediate funds needed for the huge humanitarian crisis and pay that amount
  • ask the Syrian government to assess infrastructure damage and civilian loss caused by the US and affiliated groups, and pay that bill in full immediately.
  • cooperate with Russia in their requests
  • provide all assistance to Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia to eliminate ISIS and other terrorist groups
  • investigate the possible involvement of John McCain, other US Senators, the CIA, and other US entities in plotting to shoot down an American plane to pin the blame on Russia.[1]

We the undersigned stand with the people of Syria. We support their exclusive right to choose a leader and control their resources. We call on all Americans to join us in affirming the sovereignty and rights of Syria, and condemn the hostile and illegal actions of the United States toward Syria.




The TTIP and TPP power grab: handing the corporate thieves the key to your home

The time to stop these two agreements is now. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the other agreement affecting Pacific nations.

President Obama wants fast-track authorization in the U.S., which eliminates normal Congressional oversight, and speeds the authorization.

These agreements are still secret, though portions have been leaked. They signal the end of freedom, and the rule of corporations over virtually everything. Even lawmakers are not permitted to know the content of these agreements.

A group in the U.S. Congress is working to stop fast-track authorization. It will take a loud and active public to stop these agreements in every country.

Go here to access the open letter (also available as PDF in English with all the signatures and in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Danish, Italian, Slovenian, Bulgarian and Portuguese) sent to MEPs, and send it to your officials with your letter of support.

From Global Research, March 5, 2015
By Colin Todhunter

Some 375 civil society organisations from across Europe have today called on EU decision-makers to protect citizens, workers, and the environment from threats the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) it poses.  

The call comes as European Parliament committees are discussing a draft resolution on the TTIP negotiations to be voted upon in May. It will not be legally binding on negotiators but will be a significant political signal, as any final TTIP deal would have to pass a vote in the European Parliament.

In an open letter sent to MEPs today, groups from 25 countries – including trade unions, consumer, environmental, and civil rights organizations – warn that TTIP could strengthen the influence of big business and undermine public services, the protection of public health, the environment, food and workers’ rights.

For a TTIP resolution that puts people and the environment before short-term profit and disproportionate corporate rights, the letter calls on all MEPs to agree on a strong resolution that makes clear that the European Parliament will reject any future trade or investment agreements that will not serve the public interest and threaten important rights acquired by ordinary people in long struggles in the EU, US and the rest of the world.

The letter forwards the following key demands:

1) Transparency now: all documents relating to the TTIP negotiations, including draft consolidated texts, must be made public to allow for an open and critical public debate on the TTIP.

2) A democratic process to allow for the scrutiny and assessment of the negotiation texts and which would ensure that policies are in the public interest.

3) No ISDS: any provision containing Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms must be taken permanently out of the negotiations.

4) No regulatory cooperation council: all regulation must be fully in the hands of democratically controlled bodies and processes.

5) No deregulation of standards which safeguard and serve the public interest: EU standards need to be respected and not “harmonised” down to the lowest common denominator.

6) No further deregulation and privatisation of public services.

7) The promotion of humane and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices and protection of small family farming.

8) Public authorities must keep the political power and structures necessary to protect certain sensitive sectors and safeguard standards important to our quality of life. Internationally-agreed labour and environmental standards must be respected and enforced. The continuous violation of labour standards should be addressed by imposing monetary fines.

Go here to access the letter sent to MEPs today and to see the full list of signatories.

A blatant corporate power grab in secret  

Negotiations over the TTIP are happening behind closed doors, without comprehensive and effective public consultation. The lack of transparency makes it impossible for citizens and civil society to monitor the negotiations in order to ensure that public interests are being protected. Business lobby groups are given privileged access to information and opportunities to influence the negotiations.

The proposed investment protection chapter, particularly the inclusion of an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision, would give investors exclusive rights to sue states when decisions made by public institutions are considered to have negative impacts on their anticipated profits. These mechanisms rely on rulings by tribunals that operate outside the national court systems and thereby undermine national and EU legal systems and existing structures for formulating laws and policies.

The creation of new governance structures and procedures that aim to ‘harmonise regulations’ like the proposed regulatory cooperation council would make the TTIP and other agreements a moving target, constantly developed in secret by unelected bureaucrats and big businesses. These structures threaten to lower important standards and rules designed for the protection of public interests or prohibit future improvements, regardless of necessity and public mandate.

Evidence from business and industry lobbying documents reveals that the focus on non-tariff barriers and regulatory convergence is being used to push for deregulation, further investment guarantees, intellectual property rights’ monopolies and ultimately a race to the bottom.

Pia Eberhardt of lobby-watchdog Corporate Europe Observatory says:

“TTIP is an attempted corporate coup d’etat where big business on both sides of the Atlantic is trying to achieve in secret negotiations what it could not get in open and democratic processes – from watering down food safety standards to rolling back regulations in the financial sector.”

Paul de Clerk of Europe’s largest grassroots environmental network, Friends of the Earth Europe says:

 “TTIP is like a Trojan horse. In the end we find out that it results in lower food, environmental, labour standards and the sacrificing of democratic rights for corporate interests. MEPs have to clearly reject the dangerous provisions in TTIP, such as giving corporations vast new powers to sue governments in corporate biased tribunals and regulatory cooperation as the ultimate tool for business lobby groups to stop new regulation.”

More than 1.5 million people in Europe have signed a self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative calling on EU decision-makers to stop the TTIP negotiations and to not ratify the EU-Canada trade deal CETA.

Erich Foglar of the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) says:

 “Trade unions will not support trade deals that lead to job losses, increase inequalities and undermine democracy. But the negotiation texts and independent studies we see, show that this is exactly what TTIP is about. What we need is a trade policy which respects democracy, helps generate decent jobs and enhances workers’ rights.”

For a thorough outline of the history of the negotiations concerning the TTIP, see ‘A Brief History of an Agenda for Corporate Plunder’.

If you want your food poisoned even further with like likes of chlorinated chicken, hormone-treated beef, GMOs and even lower thresholds for pesticides, do nothing.

If you want Monsanto or Syngenta determining policies (more than they do already) in secretive meetings in Brussels, do nothing.

If you want Unilever, Kraft or Nestle determining what is allowed in your food, do nothing.

If you want governments to be made even more spineless and compelled to further bend to the threats, demands and power of corporations and unscrupulous speculators, do nothing.

In the UK, do not let the main parties sideline TTIP during the general election campaign.

Be informed and take action:

Letter is here;

Website on TPP is here: