As a young woman, Victoria Nuland showed her contempt for Ukrainians

Victoria Nuland was in an exchange program and became a counselor at a Soviet children’s camp in Odessa in 1982. One of the ways she amused herself was to throw sunflower seeds into the dirt and laugh at the little Ukrainian children as they picked up and ate the dirty seeds. A Russian girl, also a counselor at the camp, got into a fight with her because of Nuland’s treatment of those children.

Victoria Nuland despises Ukrainians.

Did she laugh last year while they were burned alive, beaten, raped, killed, dismembered in Maidan and Odessa?

Ukrainian Banderites, do you think she is loyal to you? Do you think she actually believes in your cause? You are only pawns in the cynical game of the US and NATO. For years, they have been fueling your violence and inflaming your hatred. Those are their tools so they don’t have to dirty their hands.

Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, John McCain, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu throw biscuits and dollars into the dirt for you today while they laugh, but beware: they are already planning the night of the long knives after they are finished amusing themselves.

What Nuland plans for anti-maidan protestors today, she is already planning for you. Nuland’s loyalty, goals, and objectives are for people you do not see — the weathy, the giant corporations, the bankers.

Do you think the pensions, prices, bank collapses, and disappearing jobs will only affect others? Nuland and her friends are destroying Ukraine – the long death – so that Ukraine can be taken by Western pirates. They want Ukraine for themselves and the few oligarchs they have bought and can control.

What the West is afraid of is Slavic unity, Slavic pride, and Slavic ancient traditions. Western conquerors are afraid of all the ancient people, their earth ethics and wisdom, afraid of their voices joining together in friendship, respect, harmony, and power. These conquerors divide and conquer in country after country, and bring in new “Western” ways to woo you from your birthright powers, knowledge, and traditions. They want to silence these ancient ways, so that they can rape and pillage the earth and enslave all the people.

Will you continue to kill your Russian friends,  your Russian brothers and sisters, who are your blood relatives, and favor Western traitors and predators that have always used you? Will you continue to support your Bandera of death and remain people of violence and hatred?

Or will you leave this darkness and insanity, embrace your Slavic and human brothers and sisters, and support life, family, and community for all in Ukraine and everywhere?

From Fort Russ

April 20, 2015
Translated by Krisitna RusVictoria Nuland was beaten up in a Soviet summer camp “Young Guard”

Russian writer Inna Metelskaya-Sheremetyeva shared memories on her Facebook page about the fight with Victoria Nuland. The story happened in Odessa in 1982 at a summer camp where an American girl came to work as a counselor. Future official representative of the U.S. State Department had to pay for the mockery of Ukrainian kids.

“In 1982 I worked in Odessa at a youth summer camp “Young Guard”. And, I confess, there I had a bloody fight with another American girl, also a counselor on exchange program, who amused herself by throwing sunflower seeds in the dust and laughing, watching Ukrainian kids picking up and eating the dirty seeds. I was kicked out of the camp for the fight and was officially reprimanded by Comsomol (youth communist organisation). I remembered her name “Vicky” for the rest of my life,” – said Inna Metelskaya-Sheremetyeva on Facebook.

However, despite the harsh decision of the administration of the camp, Inna has no regrets about her actions.

“And today I was surprised to read in the biography of Victoria Nuland, that in 1982, she worked as a counselor on exchange in the “Young Guard” and kept very negative impressions about the Soviet Union …  I did not regret the fight then and do not regret it now,” – wrote Metelskaya-Sheremetyeva.

Inna Metelskaya-Sheremetyeva – is a Russian writer, author of a series of books “Shards of Civilizations”.

The key man behind the Odessa Trade Unions Building massacre: his many connections to the White House

This was written just after the Odessa massacre last year.

By Eric Zuesse
Op Ed News, May 18, 2014

The key person behind the May 2nd massacre inside Odessa’s Trade Unions Building appears to have been Ihor Kolomoyskyi [pictured here: ], who was appointed to be the regional governor in that area by Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ukrainian Presidential candidate that the Obama Administration has apparently been hoping will win the May 25th election to take over the Ukrainian Government, from the junta that the Obama Administration imposed in Ukraine on February 22nd. Just weeks before this coup, on February 4th, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Victoria Nuland, chose Tymoshenko’s ally Arseni Yatsenyuk to head the post-coup interim government, which appointed Kolomoyskyi. Only a few months before this coup, Nuland had asserted that U.S. taxpayers had already invested more than $5 billion, in order to bring “democracy” to Ukraine, by which she was referring to the U.S. effort to oust the Russian-oriented, democratically elected, leader of Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych, who had prosecuted and imprisoned Tymoshenko for embezzlement and abuse of governmental office. Tymoshenko was then on 11 October 2011 sentenced to seven years in prison, and was ordered to pay the government restitution of $188 million. She was released from prison less than three years later, two days after the coup, on 24 February 2014. The Ukrainian criminal code was immediately changed, in order to legalize the actions for which Tymoshenko had been imprisoned. This allowed Tymoshenko to run for the Ukrainian Presidency. She had been Prime Minister 2007-2010. Both she and her husband, Oleksandr Tymoshenko, and his father, all three of whom were on the board of United Energy Systems of Ukraine (and thus Ms. Tymoshenko was called “the gas princess”) have been legally prosecuted as embezzling state funds, but so have most of Ukraine’s oligarchs and political leaders (and there’s a lot of crossover between those two categories).

Kolomoyskyi, who lives in Geneva Switzerland, is generally regarded as the second-richest man in Ukraine, with a fortune estimated at about $6 billion. Tymoshenko used to be called “the Eleven Billion Dollar Woman,” but, like all of Ukraine’s oligarchs (including Kolomoyskyi), nobody really knows precisely how wealthy she is, nor even whether she is more, or perhaps less, wealthy than Kolomoyskyi. Almost all of the oligarchs’ money is hidden offshore; so, is invisible.

Most of Ukraine’s oligarchs live in Geneva (like Kolomoyskyi), London (like the Tymoshenkos’ daughter, Yevhenia), NYC, Rome, and other Western cities, and they tend to stash their money in secret bank accounts in tax-haven countries, not only in order to avoid paying taxes, but also in order to make more difficult their being successfully sued by each other, for violating handshake business deals that had helped them to become so rich. After all, illegal contracts cannot be enforced by any legal government (since they’re illegal, and have secret illegal terms). Thus, other means than written contracts — handshake deals — are resorted to between these aristocrats.

For example, in one such case, a Ukrainian oligarch who lives in London, Victor Pinchuk (whose fortune is around $4 billion), is suing Kolomoyskyi by alleging him to have sold him a company, “KZhRK,” for $143 million, and then to have re-seized it from him by force of arms. As is usual (since virtually all of Ukraine’s oligarchs had become oligarchs from the privatizations, or sell-offs of government assets, which accompanied Ukraine’s abandonment of communism), this case hinges on verbal testimony, and the various parties to the case contradict each other. Kolomoyskyi is well known for taking over corporations through his team entering with guns drawn. Pinchuk claims that when Kolomoyskyi did that here, Pinchuk nonetheless, somehow, managed to get Kolomoyskyi to restore Pinchuk to control, but that Pinchuk later discovered “it appears that they may have sold approximately 50% of KZhRK to a third party in 2007”; so, Pinchuk filed suit against Kolomoyskyi, in London, on this murky case.

According to a summary by wikipedia of several news reports: “Kolomyski has used [his banking company] Privat’s ‘quasi-military forces’ to enforce hostile takeovers of companies, sending a team of ‘hired rowdies armed with baseball bats, iron bars, gas and rubber bullet pistols and chainsaws’ to forcibly take over a Kremenchuk steel plant in 2006,[17] and has used ‘a mix of phony court orders (often involving corrupt judges and/or registrars) and strong-arm tactics’ to replace directors on the boards of companies he purchases stakes in.[18] Kolomyski was criticized by Mr Justice Mann in a court case in London involving an attempted hostile takeover of an oil company, with the judge stating that Kolomyski had ‘a reputation of having sought to take control of a company at gunpoint in Ukraine’.”

Consequently, the reports of Kolomoyskyi’s tactics against the Ukrainians who refuse to be ruled by the Obama-installed government in Kiev seem to be consistent with this oligarch’s violent norm. Oriental Review headlined on 14 May 2014, “Bloodbath in Odessa guided by interim rulers of Ukraine,” and reported that, “The information provided below was obtained from an insider in one of Ukraine’s law-enforcement agencies, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.” The account there is a more detailed one than has ever before appeared, and it’s consistent with those others (such as this and this). It alleges that:

“Ten days before the tragedy a secret meeting was held in Kiev, chaired by the incumbent president Olexander Turchinov [a long-time political ally and business-partner of Tymoshenko; he had destroyed crucial documents in the government’s case against Tymoshenko], to prepare a special operation in Odessa. Present were minister of internal affairs Arsen Avakov [a gangster who was placed on Interpol’s ‘Wanted’ list on 21 March 2012], the head of the Ukrainian Security Service Valentin Nalivaychenko [a long-time NATO agent], and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andriy Parubiy [co-founder of Ukraine’s National Socialist, or Nazi, Party]. Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskiy, the Kiev-appointed head of regional administration of the Dnepropetrovsk region, was consulted in regard to the operation [he being well-experienced in violent operations].

“During that meeting Arsen Avakov … reportedly came up with the idea of using football [soccer] hooligans, known as ‘ultras,’ in the operation. Ever since his time as the head of the Kharkov regional administration he [Avakov] has worked closely with the fans’ leaders, whom he continued to sponsor even from his new home in Italy.

Kolomoisky temporarily delivered his private ‘Dnieper-1’ Battalion under the command of law-enforcement officials in Odessa and also authorized a cash payment of $5,000 for ‘each pro-Russian separatist’ killed during the special operation. [That would be over $500,000, lent by his bank to the Ukrainian Government, to pay for the estimated 116 corpses thus produced.]

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La visite de Porochenko à l’Elysée est une honte pour la République

Le Parti de Gauche, 22 Avril 2015

Djordje Kuzmanovic – Commission defense

Le président ukrainien, Porochenko, sera reçu aujourd’hui par François Hollande afin de demander son soutien contre la Russie.

Le président de la République aurait dû refuser cette rencontre. En effet, la France n’a pas à suivre aveuglément les intérêts bellicistes des Etats-Unis. Ensuite la patrie des droits de l’homme ne saurait dérouler le tapis rouge pour un régime aussi criminel et négationniste.

Monsieur François Hollande aura de nombreux sujets à évoquer avec Porochenko :

  • La condamnation par le centre Simon Wiensenthal de la dérive néo-nazie et révisionniste à Kiev;
  • L’épidémie d’assassinats, de “suicides” et “d’accidents” frappant les opposants au régime de Kiev;
  • La nomination de Dimitri Yarosh (leader de Secteur Droit, milice paramilitaire néo-nazie) comme conseiller spécial du chef d’état-major de l’armée ukrainienne;
  • Les ruptures violentes et répétées par les bataillons néo-nazis du cesser-le-feu négocié à Minsk.;
  • Les crimes d’Odessa et les lynchages quotidiens dans tout le pays par les forces obscurantistes proches du régime de Kiev;
  • Des opérations “anti-terroristes” du régime de Kiev qui ont causé la mort de 6000 civils, 20000 blessés et plus d’un million de réfugiés – dont 92% en Russie.
  • Le refus de l’Ukraine (avec les Etats-Unis et le Canada) de voter à l’ONU la condamnation de l’apologie du nazisme;
  • L’effondrement de l’économie ukrainienne et la déliquescence de l’Etat qui vont coûter 20 milliards d’euros par an à l’UE;
  • La prédation d’oligarques dont le niveau de corruption est sans égal dans la région selon les observateurs pourtant conciliants de l’UE et du FMI.

A l’aune de ces quelques points, le Président de la République française aurait mieux fait de méditer le fait que l’aventurisme militaire de l’OTAN en Ukraine menace la paix en Europe.

Mais pour cela, encore eut-il fallu avoir une vision géostratégique pour la France et relu la déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme.

“The visit of Poroshenko to the Elysée is a shame for the Republic”

Posted on Fort Russ:

Djordje Kuzmanovic
in Parti de Gauche, April 22, 2015
April 25, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter
The visit of Poroshenko to the Elysée is a shame for the Republic
The Ukrainian president Poroshenko will be welcomed today by François Hollande to ask his support against Russia. The president of the Republic should have refused this meeting. In effect, France does not have to blindly follow the warmonger interests of the United States. The very home of the Rights of Man cannot be rolling out the red carpet for a regime so negationist and criminal.  
Mr. Hollande will have numerous matters to bring up with Poroshenko:
• The condemnation by the Wiesenthal Center for the neo-nazi and revisionist slide in Kiev;
• The epidemic of assassinations, “suicides” and “accidents” falling upon opponents of the Kiev regime;
• The naming of Dmitri Yarosh (leader of Pravy Sektor, neo-nazi paramilitary organization) as special counsel to the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army;
• The repeated and violent breaches of the cease-fire negotiated at Minsk;
• The crimes at Odessa and the daily lynchings throughout the country by obscurantist forces close the the regime;
• The “anti-terrorist” operations of the Kiev regime that have caused the death of 6,000 civilians, 20,000 casualties, and more than a million refugees, 92 % of them to Russia;
• The refusal of Ukraine (with the United States and Canada) to vote to condemn the glorification of nazism;
• The collapse of the Ukrainian economy and the state’s failing which is going to cost the EU 20 billion euros a year;
• The plundering of the economy by oligarchs whose level of corruption is unequaled in the region according to observers intermediary between the EU and the IMF.
In the light of these points, the President of the French Republic would have done better to ponder the fact that NATO’s military adventurism in Ukraine threatens peace in Europe.
But for that, he would need to have a geostrategic vision for France and to have read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For another French political party that does not have blinders on, see

Ukraine ‘disappears’ regime opponents – where are Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova?

By Eric Zuesse
Posted on Fort Russ, April 9, 2015

(Image of Big Brother by Joo Serk Lee)

In Odessa — the same city where the Ukrainian civil war started on 2 May 2014 with a massacre of opponents that had been carefully planned by a team connected to the U.S. White House— there are reported to be two bloggers for the “Voice of Odessa” political site who were seized by the Security Bureau of Ukraine on April 7th, and whose “whereabouts are unknown.” This report appeared in the local Odessa News.

The “Voice of Odessa” site was formed right after the massacre, in order to get an independent investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of that massacre, in which officially 46 people were burned, shot and clubbed to death, but unofficial estimates run over 200, all victims who have not been heard from since, and some of whom had allegedly even been abducted from hospitals after the massacre.

This report’s translated headline reads “SBU Detained Activists at Kulikov Field.” Kulikov Field is the square or plaza in front of the former Odessa Trade Unions Building, which is the building where the massacre-victims, who had been printing and distributing pamphlets opposing the newly installed government, were murdered, by Right Sector troops in plain clothes, and also by mercenaries in the private army of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, who had allegedly announced in advance that he would pay $5,000 per corpse. (There has been no reported follow-up, regarding whether he actually paid everyone who participated, or how he paid them.)

The report on these disappearances says that the names of the missing bloggers are Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, and that both women were seized at around 10 in the morning of April 7th. Furthermore, “one of the detainees seized during the search is now lacking her home computer, telephone and other personal belongings,” which presumably, were also taken by the state security force.

Whereas none of the perpetrators of the massacre has been prosecuted, the regime is trying to eliminate its opponents. On the same day that the two bloggers were seized, there was a related headline, “SBU reported on the closure of a number of sites for anti-Ukrainian propaganda.” That news report carried the following statement, from the SBU:

“The security service of Ukraine … has discontinued operation of a number of Internet sites that were used to perpetrate information campaigns of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.”

Presumably, the abduction, and perhaps elimination, of Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, was part of that “discontinued operation” by the SBU against “aggression of the Russian Federation.”

The coup-established regime was not ‘the constitutional order’ in Ukraine. It overthrew the constitutionally elected President, and violated the Ukrainian constitution. However, “Big Brother” is based upon the Big Lie. So, it’s ‘the constitutional order.’ A good videoshows the coup being carried out, but it actually started much earlier, in Spring of 2013. The same videographer also did a good videoof the Odessa massacre.

Resistance to America’s Russia-hating Ukrainian regime is increasing, and it’s not only in Donbass — the region that has formally declared its separation from Ukraine, after Viktor Yanukovych, who had received 90+% of the vote there in the last democratic Ukrainian election, 2010, was overthrown by Obama. For example, barely more than three weeks ago, on March 12th, a column of Ukrainian tanks on trucks was blocked by overtly pro-Russian Ukrainians, who even showed the pre-communist (1710/1721-1858 &1883–1917/1918) flag of the then-single nation of Russia (from the time when Ukraine was part of Russia), which was until the Bolshevik Revolution. The video of this event, the courageous blocking of those trucks, was headlined “People stop military, sent by Kiev government, at Volnovaha.”The people who were blocking it are visible in the video carrying the three-striped — white, blue, and red — flag of the Russian Empire. Russian Television on March 16th headlined about this, “Defensive blockade: Activists stop Kiev’s military trucks heading to Russian border,” and reported that, “Activists in eastern Ukraine in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions [but not in the part that’s in liberated Donbass] are blocking columns of heavy military equipment heading from Kiev to the border with Russia.” Ukraine is massing tanks on the Russian border to either invade Russia (which Ukraine repeatedly has threatened to do) or else to defend against a Russian invasion (which Russia has not threatened to do). These truckers encountered such hostility that they backtracked and took an alternate route (presumably more northerly).

Officially in Ukraine, all opponents of the Obama regime there are ‘terrorists.’ (Thus, the government’s constant bombings of them are in an ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ or ATO.) The Obama team told its people to use this terminology because gullible individuals anywhere will oppose anyone who is merely labeled a ‘terrorist’ — even when the actual terrorism is on the part of the U.S. Government and its installed regimes, such as is the case in Ukraine.

The United States has become George Orwell’s Oceania. He got all the basics right. He is already the modern Nostradamus. However, Big Brother, the U.S. aristocracy, isn’t publishing that fact. Now, why would that be the case? Publishing that fact would confirm that they’re collectively Big Brother. That explains why the Brookings Institution is urging Obama to bomb Donbass longer and harder, and why over 98% of the U.S. Congress are urging him likewise, even though over two-thirds of the U.S. public who have any opinion on the matter, are against it.. Obama, who did the coup, hasn’t pursued the extermination-program with the persistence that Big Brother demands. Big Brother demands more follow-through on his part. And, apparently, they’ll get it.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,, and CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

Notorious 22 year-old Ukrainian feminazi from Aidar battalion fires a grenade at a village Shirokhino (video)

From Fort Russ

March 26, 2015
Video: Anatoly Shariy

Translated by Kristina Rus
A video of a Ukrainian radical, the infamous female fighter of the volunteer battalion “Aidar” Vita Zavirukha firing a grenade at a Ukrainian village appeared online.
Shocking video was posted online and was available for viewing for a short time. In the video a Ukrainian woman confidently fires from a grenade launcher at the village Shirokino, cynically asking to record the possible destruction.
The video was soon removed from YouTube, however, many managed to download it, and it became available on other sites.
A native of Vinnytsa, 22-year-old  follower of Nazi ideas, Zavirukha, last year joined battalion “Aidar” with the aim of destroying the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. The woman was involved in many operations of the militants and burning people alive in Odessa on May 2, 2014.
This time Zavirukha had fun shooting at a peaceful village.
The video shows fires and destruction caused by shelling by forces of Ukraine. The target of the feminazi was the Orthodox Church and residential homes. Previously, she was involved in the arson at Lugansk TES (electric power plant), which was also caught on video.
Then she said: “This is how Lugansk TES burns. And we expect the attack of the Russians. But we saved our cat. Look how awesome everything burns!”Vita Zavirukha: “Death to the Orthodox”


This terrorist was glorified in the French fashion magazine ELLE in November. The magazine later apologized and claimed it didn’t know that she is a Nazi, that there was no indication of who she was, but that’s impossible to believe. She has openly posted online what she stands for and what she’s done.

Odessa Massacre organizer comes to Moscow to “pay his respects” to Nemtsov, gets arrested

From Fort Russ

A Poroshenko Advisor arrested before the Moscow march
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

On the eve of the march to commemorate the murdered politician Boris Nemtsov, police arrested a Verkhovna Rada deputy Aleksey Goncharenko, according to RIA Novosti. He may become the defendant in a criminal case which Russia’s Investigative Committee launched in connection with the events in Odessa on May 2, 2014.

Moscow MVD confirmed Goncharenko’s arrest. He will be transferred to the care of the investigators for processing. According to Interfax, the reason for his arrest has not been made known.

On May 2, 2014, Right Sector nationalists and their supporters attacked the Anti-Maidan camp on the Kulikovo Polye, then set on fire the Trade Union House where the protesters took refuge. 48 people were killed, over 200 were wounded; those who managed to escape the fire were cruelly beaten by the nationalists. Ukraine’s investigation has not identified the guilty parties, even though it acknowledged it was planned. However, no nationalists were arrested.
Goncharenko in Moscow prior to his arrest:

J.Hawk’s Comment: It’s not unprecedented for a Rada deputy to be held in a criminal case—Savchenko is also a Rada deputy, and there does not appear any prospect of her being released. The Odessa case is even more important to bring to a close-we’ll soon see whether Goncharenko is about to enjoy an extended stay in Russia.

The reason why people were burnt alive in Odessa (video)

From Fort Russ

February 25, 2015

Originally published February 25, 2014
First City Channel (Odessa TV?)
Translated by Kristina Rus
Alternative Maidan [the author meant Maidan, as “protest”, as the term Anti-maidan was not yet common 3 days after the coup] on Kulikovo Polye was organized since the morning. One tent was set up in the middle of the square. They started collecting signatures and signing up people into people’s patrols. Promised to set up a tent city by the evening.
– We stand for order, and unity of Odessa, we don’t want any chaos,  provocations, toppling of monuments. We don’t have a leader, our leader is the city of Odessa.
– We want Odessa to have the Russian language, we want Odessa and our region, the South, to be in a good relationship with Russia. So that Ukraine is independent, we don’t need the EU.
– To be honest, I am against any government, I just want order in the country and my children to live in peace
The organizers say that the protest is peaceful. Everyone came without masks or bats.
– To support the activists who want to defend our city from the fascist occupiers. To express our point of view.
– Standing for the future of our children. For truth. How long can this go on? They got a free pass for their rampage. This is wrong. We have a democratic country and every person has a right to say their opinion.
There are no more then 100 people gathered on the Kulikovo Polye. This is several times fewer than at the first protest on Monday. By 8 pm almost no one is left at the square.
Kristina Rus:
Two months later the members of the new Ukrainian government were celebrating “the sweep” of pro-Russian protesters and this Maidan “victory” in Odessa:
In the video you can see the Trade Union house in the background, which will become a death trap for dozens of people. How many of the people interviewed are still alive? How many have been burnt or butchered in the basement of the Trade Union house? How many have been detained by the SBU?
Ukrainian and Western russophobes are so vocal about their hate towards the Soviet Union and the KGB, while in 2014 Ukraine has far surpassed the KGB in it’s brutality and trampling of law and human rights. 

“This is what Ukrainian fascism looks like”–One year under the Wolfsangel

Posted on Fort Russ

One Year Under the Wolfsangel
By Aleksey Albu, the Borotba [Struggle] Movement

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

It’s been a year since the coup. Time to tally the results.

Remembering last year’s Maidan protests, one reaches the following question: what justified such casualties, if Yanukovich and his “bloody regime” had only one year left? What was the hurry? He could have been defeated during the elections, which would have given the new government legitimacy.

I reject the notion that the leaders of the Maidan wanted to improve the lives of their people.

What did Ukraine lose? Well, naturally, Crimea (almost two million people), Donbass (about five million people), and we have to keep in mind the process is not over. Next in line are the regions of Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, whose population will never accept the rule of neo-Nazis and oligarchs. But the main thing that Ukraine lost was the societal sense of balance, under which people of various political persuasions could discuss them without weapons but instead behind a glass of tea, or perhaps behind a negotiating table. Right now there are hundreds of thousands of people who do not want to meet with one another ever again, do not want to discuss anything together, and will never forgive.

There used to exist rules of the game in Ukraine, and those rules were violated a year ago. Judge yourselves—if earlier people could discuss those or other problems, they could convince one another of the validity of those or other ideas, could express their positions during elections, a year ago the aggressive nationalistic minority broke the mechanism of changing the government and brought their masters into power. The disorganized peaceful majority began to come out in protest, there were spontaneous uprisings in Kharkov, Nikolayev, Donetsk, Mariupol. Tens of thousands of people participated in protest actions in Odessa, Lugansk, and other cities. We need to emphasize that wherever those protests were peaceful they were drowned in blood or burned with fire.

What did people lose? It depends on the individual. Some lost their work, others their health, or their relatives, or…their life. Maidan’s result is counted in thousands of broken lives. The insane inflation had consumed both salaries and pensions. Inept economic policy destroyed hundreds of enterprises.

It’s no secret to anyone that the shock force of the Maidan were the right nationalist organizations, whose leaders obtained several key positions in the state and enormous financing. Naturally, all of the actions of the government were undertaken with an eye to the nationalists, who were willing to create a new Maidan at any moment. Human rights violations have become the norm in Ukraine. Every day there are arrests and beatings of dissenters.

The opposition forces which even recently could operate legally are now practically in the underground. Any protests driven by the catastrophic conditions in the industry are labeled as aid to the “occupiers.” Workers who have not been paid in months have also been deprived of their right to protest. The Labor Code is simply not adhered to at most enterprises.

Ukraine currently has a regime in which the big property owners and oligarchs can do anything they want to: not pay salaries, not pay benefits, fire people in violation of procedures, ban protests, suppress discontent. And to suppress it, and to reapportion property, they use the ultra-right militants. Nazi greetings, such as “Glory to Ukraine—Glory to Heroes!”, “Glory to the Nations—Death to Enemies!”, “Ukraine above everything!” are now deeply embedded in young minds. Thousands of people shout them out without thinking. This is what Ukrainian fascism looks like.

The year was spent to the sound of bombardment of civilian areas, the screams of people killed in the Labor Union building in Odessa, the cries of the mothers. May everyone who unleashed this war be damned! All who could not wait for the elections and led people to the Maidan. Everyone who gave orders to bomb peaceful cities and villages.

Glory and honor to all defenders of the Donbass, all participants in the anti-fascist underground, all progressive forces who fight against Ukrainian fascism!

Victory will be ours!

Ceriano Laghetto Piazza Martiri di Odessa; reazionne ambasciata ucraina in Italia; Commenti dei lettori

English translation:

Monza Today, 30 gennaio 2015
Ceriano Laghetto Piazza Martiri di Odessa | Reazione ambasciata ucraina in Italia
„Ceriano Laghetto, l’ambasciata dell’Ucraina: “Chiederemo spiegazioni”“
Massimiliano Melley

„L’intervista all’ambasciatore Perelygin: “Ci rivolgeremo al governo e alla prefettura”. Sotto accusa l’equiparazione della strage nazista del 1941 con la tragedia del 2014“

Rischia di diventare un caso nazionale la scelta del comune di Ceriano Laghetto di intitolare (a novembre 2014) una piazza ai “Martiri di Odessa”, la città ucraina sul Mar Nero. Questo perché – come si legge nella delibera – il riferimento è sia alla strage nazista verso gli ebrei sia alla tragedia del maggio 2014, allo scoppio dei disordini da parte dei separatisti filo-russi. “Stiamo pensando di rivolgerci alle autorità italiane: il governo, ma anche la prefettura della provincia”, chiosa l’ambasciatore ucraino in Italia Yevhen Perelygin, intervistato da MonzaToday.

Ambasciatore, lei ha ravvisato alcuni clamorosi errori nella delibera di Ceriano Laghetto. Ce li può illustrare?

Innanzitutto l’autorità locale ha tentato di paragonare i crimini nazisti contro gli ebrei di Odessa del 1941, durante la Seconda guerra mondiale, con gli eventi tragici del maggio 2014. Tale paragone è totalmente scorretto: nella prima circostanza si trattava di un caso di sterminio su base etnica, mentre la tragedia dell’anno scorso è stata causata dagli scontri tra gruppi di protestanti, aggravati dall’attività dei provocatori, sulla quale stanno ancora proseguendo le indagini.

Quali sono le conseguenze di questo errore?

Io considero che tale interpretazione fatta dal comune di Ceriano Laghetto potrebbe essere anche considerata come una diffamazione nei confronti dell’Ucraina, in quanto dalle indagini preliminari emerge il coinvolgimento di cittadini russi nella tragedia. Le indagini, comunque, non sono ancora completate. E’ terminato un processo preliminare: adesso tutti i materiali sono stati mandati alla Corte. Noi aspettiamo chiarezza su quanto avvenuto, che deve ancora arrivare con una decisione della Corte. Ma mi faccia aggiungere un fatto.


La Federazione russa sta nascondendo sul suo territorio il latitante Dmitry Fuchedzi, allora vicecapo della polizia di Odessa, che, come risulta dagli organi investigativi dell’Ucraina, potrebbe essere coinvolto nella preparazione di questa tragedia. Purtroppo la Federazione russa si è rifiutata di consegnare questa persona agli organi investigativi dell’Ucraina. Questo atto della Federazione russa pone seri dubbi sulla sincerità delle dichiarazioni delle autorità russe.

Quindi il comune di Ceriano Laghetto si pone in contrasto con l’evidenza dei fatti?

Questa decisione dell’amministrazione comunale appare un atto manipolato da forze politiche che appoggiano l’iniziativa russa.

Ma c’è anche dell’altro…

Sì. Nel sito ufficiale del comune (e anche nella delibera, n.d.r.)  viene utilizzata più volte l’espressione “autoproclamato governo di Kiev”, che contraddice la posizione ufficiale del governo della Repubblica italiana che, come tutti i Paesi europei e di tutto il mondo, riconosce il governo attuale di Kiev come unico e legittimo in Ucraina, nominato dal Parlamento regolamente eletto. Non solo il governo italiano mantiene rapporti ufficiali con il governo ucraino, ma sta facendo sforzi per sostenerlo nel difficile momento dell’aggresssione militare e propagandistica da parte della Federazione russa. Pertanto non riesco a capire come un comune italiano possa compiere un atto che contraddice la linea politica ufficiale del governo.

Che cosa si aspetta dopo la vostra iniziativa?

Penso che il sindaco e i membri della sua giunta non sappiano tutta la verità sulla tragedia di Odessa, di qui la loro decisione di commemorare la piazza con il nome “Martiri di Odessa”. Penso anche che, dopo la nostra spiegazione ai rappresentanti del governo e alla prefettura, la comunità locale di Ceriano Laghetto dovrà tornare sui suoi passi. Questa è la mia opinione sull’accaduto.

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Lorenzo questo ambasciatore è vergognoso, basta guardare il video sul massacro di Odessa per capire chi sono i carnefici e chi le vittime. Vergogna al governo italiano che accredita certa gente e che ha subito riconosciuto il governo illegittimo ucraino. E noi vorremmo far entrare in europa questa gente!?

venerdì, 6 febbraio

LeviCh Secondo me qualcuno finemente ha preso l’ambasciata ucraina in giro, molto bravi … Scusate, ma sembrare piu’ cretino di cosi’ per un diplomatico e’ impossibile… Veramente un lavoro pulito…

venerdì, 6 febbraio

Adriano L’ambasciatore dovrebbe gioire che un paese Europeo intitoli qualcosa a dei suoi concittadini massacrati da criminali,al quale il suo paese non ha ancora dato un nome ne un volto,oppure li conosce benissimo ma si vergogna,perché i mandanti sono i suoi datori di lavoro?

giovedì, 5 febbraio

Marco Sapete chi é questo “Ambasciatore”?? É un tizio che tempo fa gridava davanti ad un gruppo di militanti “Viva Bandera”. Bandera era il criminale nazista che governava l’Ucraina ai tempi di Hitler. Stepan Bandera costruì campi d’internamento per dissidenti ed Ebrei, ma vennero perseguitati anche Russi e altre minoranze. Ora che i sostenitori di questo collaborazionista fascista hanno preso il potere (illegalmente) si comportano non troppo diversamente: hanno bandito i Partiti filoRussi e Comunisti, hanno ucciso i loro esponenti e soprattutto uccidono da mesi i civili Russofoni nel Donbass, bombardando ospedali, scuole, asili e case. Ad Odessa decine e decine di persone, anche donne (di cui una incinta) ed adolescenti appartenenti quasi tutti a Borotba, una organizzazione di stampo marxista-leninista, sono stati bruciati vivi nel palazzo dei sindacati, dove si erano rifugiati per scappare dai nazisti Ucraini. Le foto dei corpi martoriati sono raccapriccianti. Quindi dite al l’ambasciatore di fare l’ambasciatore.

giovedì, 5 febbraio

Diego L’ambasciatore dovrebbe ripassare la storia. Dovrebbe ricordarsi del ghetto di Lvov. Tra il 25 ed il 27 luglio 1941 scoppiò un pogrom nel quale vennero uccisi altri 2.000 ebrei. Per quattro giorni gli ebrei vennero massacrati dagli ucraini e dai tedeschi, morirono 4.000 ebrei. Dopo che l’8 luglio venne imposto agli ebrei di portare un bracciale con la stella di David . Gli ucraini sono avvezzi a simpatizzare con i nazisti . La pulizia etnica che intendono fare nel sudest del’Ucraina dovrebbe essere denunciata alla corte dell’Aia per crimini di guerra contro la popolazione civile di origine russa .E’ una vergogna avere questa gente in Europa e per fortuna c’e una Russia che non si fa mettere i piedi in testa da nessuno .

giovedì, 5 febbraio

Daniel Belin! ma lei ci sta prendendo per i fondelli? Non gli pare di aver esagerato con le stronzate? o pensa che i cittadini sono stupidi? cosa cerca di dimostrare caro ambasciatore? le immagini sono più che chiare,  pensa di poter indottrinare europa con il suo nazismo? ci faccia la cortesia se non gli va bene torni e di corsa a casa sua con i suoi nazisti e lasci questo paese.. hai pure il coraggio di dire un sacco di stupidaggini.. voglio che si ricordi una cosa, per quanto zio Sam lo paga per disinformare e portare una guerra in europa  noi i cittadini liberi la riterremo Lei suo governo e i suoi complici responsabili di crimini contro l’umanità.

giovedì, 5 febbraio

Daniel ​ questo forse aiuta alla sua indagine? mi fai ridere sei un clown al servizio dei nazisti!

giovedì, 5 febbraio


Stefano Il Signor Ambasciatore ucraino, farebbe meglio a promuovere iniziative sul recupero della memoria storica nel suo paese. Dopo il crollo dell’Urss, in Ucraina sono stati eretti monumenti a a Stepan Bandera, un criminale nazista secondo lo stesso Centro Wiesenthal, ​

giovedì, 5 febbraio

Serena I martiri di Odessa sono le decine di cittadini trucidati dalla ferocia nazista degli scalmanati sostenitori del Majdan nel maggio 2014. Fra gli assassinati c’erano adolescenti, donne in stato di gravidanza, anziani, cittadini pacifici che all’interno della Casa dei Sindacati svolgevano varie attività, nessun esito processuale può cambiare questa verità. Penso che l’Ambasciatore dovrebbe seriamente riflettere su ciò che sta avvenendo nel proprio paese, in particolare nella regione del Donbass, dove giornalmente l’esercito di kiev bombarda abitazioni civili, scuole ed ospedali. Non sono la Russia e Putin ad armare quei cannoni ma il  governo diretto dal Presidente Poroshenko, anche questa è una verità appurata, sebbene qualcuno provi a dire che i novorussi si “autobombardino”, come ad Odessa i poverini della Casa dei Sindacti si sarebbero dati fuoco da soli.

giovedì, 5 febbraio

Rolando Dubin iIncredibile ma vero, il diplomatico straniero ordina all’autorità italiana la rimozione della targa dedicata ai martiri di Odessa degli anni 40 e del 2 maggio 2014, e la nostra autorità china la testa e obbedisce immediatamente. Con una motivazione tutta burocratica, peraltro non insuperabile, che offende la comunità locale che ha pensato di ricordare due tristissimi episodi ceh hanno macchiato la storia europea.

mercoledì, 4 febbraio

Mirko Non c’è da meravigliarsi! Questo individuo si recò a Catania qualche mese fa. Ad attenderlo c’erano alcuni manifestanti a contestarlo, pacificamente e con massiccia presenza di polizia. Ebbene, Perelyghin  si è messo a gridare “Viva Bandera” (il collaborazionista dei nazisti) e a filmare i manifestanti col telefonino, forse per individuare degli ucraini.

mercoledì, 4 febbraio

Massimo Stento a crederci. Di fronte ad immagini così evidenti questi pseudo politici ucraini continuino ad insinuare che ci sia il nemico russo dietro una così ignobile strage. Vergogna!!! Conoscendo il livello di disinformazione dei politici italiani l’ambasciatore potrebbe anche riuscire nel suo scabroso intento. Si ricordi bene però che sarà Odessa a non dimenticare e là hanno le idee chiare su cos’è stato il Maidan!!!

martedì, 3 febbraio

Christian L’indecente ambasciatore del governo ukronazista, il pellegrino Yevhen Perelygin, facci l’ambasciatore e non rompa le palle all’Italia. Alle strade italiane ci pensiamo noi. Tanto onore al Sindaco ed ai consiglieri del Comune di Ceriano Laghetto

lunedì, 2 febbraio

Roberto Che l’ambasciatore ucraino se ne torni pure a Kiev, a casetta sua assieme ai suoi simili! (con tutto il rispetto per gli ucraini coinvolti in quell’ondata di nazismo e che vorrebbero solo vivere in pace).

lunedì, 2 febbraio

lina belin, adesso anche gli ucraini devono dire agli italiani cosa possiamo e cosa non possiamo fare nel nostro paese. se non gli piace l’italia – faccia la valigia, chiuda ambasciata e se ne torna in ucraina dai suoi nazisti

lunedì, 2 febbraio


Christian „io credo che è vergognoso che un ambasciatore si infastidisca sul fatto che una piazza sia stata intitolata a dei “cittadini di odessa arsi vivi.” I cittadini di Odessa sono anche cittadini ucraini o no? sono anche loro rappresentati dal signor ambasciatore o no? o secondo l’ambasciatore dovevano bruciare vivi ad Odessa ed è stato un peccato che qualcuno nel mondo li abbia ricordati?  “


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