David Swanson: A Cold War Re-Education in 8 Minutes

By David Swanson, March 21, 2021
Remarks at the Cold War Truth Commission

The Cold War didn’t have a hard and fast beginning that transformed the world or that turned heroic anti-Nazi Soviets into Satanic Commies on a particular afternoon.

The rise of Nazism had been facilitated in part by Western governments’ pre-existing enmity for the USSR. That same enmity was a factor in the delay of D-Day by 2.5 years. The destruction of Dresden was a message originally scheduled for the same day as the meeting at Yalta.

Upon victory in Europe, Churchill proposed using Nazi troops together with allied troops to attack the Soviet Union — not an off-the-cuff proposal; the U.S. and UK had sought and achieved partial German surrenders, had kept German troops armed and ready, and had debriefed German commanders. General George Patton, Hitler’s replacement Admiral Karl Donitz, and Allen Dulles favored immediate hot war.

The U.S. and UK violated their agreements with the USSR and arranged new rightwing governments with bans on the leftists who had fought the Nazis in places like Italy, Greece, and France.

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U.S. Congress approves “No Social Security for Nazis” Act, while providing ongoing U.S. military and logistical aid for Ukrainian Nazis

“Congress never intended for participants in Nazi persecution[i] to be allowed to enter the United States or to reap the benefits of United States residency or citizenship, including participation in the Nation’s Social Security program.”

Last week, Congress unanimously approved the “No Social Security for Nazis” Act – HR 5739.[ii] It was a reaction to a scandal that broke out this fall.

In October, the news media reported that Nazi immigrants, some brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip, were induced to leave the country by allowing them to retain Social Security benefits.

Outrage reigned in this pseudo-scandal. Taxpayer dollars were spent to support Nazis? How could this be?

Lawmakers quickly put together HR 5739 to show their opposition to Nazis… that is “1940s Nazis who directly supported Hitler” Nazis, not American Nazis, not Nazis in other countries since then. Conveniently, there are reportedly only 4 of the HR 5739 Nazis left.

The rules about who may not enter the United States are here: http://www.uscis.gov/iframe/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-29/0-0-0-2006.html

Read the very carefully defined scope of Nazis.
From the Immigration and Nationality Act — INA:


(i) Participation in nazi persecutions.-Any alien who, during the period beginning on March 23, 1933, and ending on May 8, 1945, under the direction of, or in association with- 

(I) the Nazi government of Germany, 

(II) any government in any area occupied by the military forces of the Nazi government of Germany, 

(III) any government established with the assistance or cooperation of the Nazi government of Germany, or 

(IV) any government which was an ally of the Nazi government of Germany, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the persecution of any person because of race, religion, national origin, or political opinion is inadmissible.

Notice the very narrow time frame and geographical reference. Notice that it does not include current governments or organizations. However, the U.S. government even violated these provisions for programs such as Operation Paperclip and Operation Nightingale (Nachtegall) (not to be confused with the current Nightingale program, named perhaps to confuse, and providing archaeological training to veterans).[iii]

Interestingly, there are INA provision that apply to these Ukrainian officials and leaders, including Voldymyr Parasiuk[iv] and President Poroshenko. For instance,

(ii) Participation in genocide.-Any alien who ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in genocide, as defined in section 1091(a) of title 18, United States Code, is inadmissible.

There is also a lengthy section on terrorism.

However, these individuals are not just allowed into the United States. They are welcomed, feted, and given standing ovations in Congress if they serve a specific foreign policy objective.

And what about the Americans who assist and train them?

The House just approved supporting Ukrainian Nazis in H. Res 758. And the National Defense Authorization Act 2015 has specific provisions supporting these same ultra-nationalist and Nazi groups. The CIA and FBI provide assistance and training to these groups. The California National Guard continues to train and assist the Ukrainian National Guard, including bringing them into the United States. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland stated in May that the U.S. had spent $5 billion on Ukraine thus far. She was directly involved in selecting the current Kiev regime leaders.

When Congress gave its robust welcome to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko this fall, it clearly demonstrated either a profound and dangerous ignorance about events and history in Ukraine (an example of ignorance about other critical areas of U.S. policy) or a warm support for U.S. historical intervention, covert operations, and regime change in Ukraine.

The United States recently refused to approve the latest UN resolution condemning Nazism and hate crimes, and it has refused to approve the previous ones.

So, don’t lie to me about United States condemnation of Nazism. This hypocritical action will be used as a PR stunt together with the powerful Jewish lobby to show opposition to Nazism, when the exact opposite is true — support for ongoing, current Nazi, ultra-nationalist actions and genocide in the Ukraine, and a welcome mat into the United States and other Western nations.


[i] It’s not clear what they’re saying: persecution by Nazis or persecution of Nazis. Currently, it seems that the latter definition applies.

[ii] https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5739/text

[iii] http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-and-americas-global-war-on-terrorism-is-us-nato-applying-the-syria-model-in-ukraine/5380611

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