After 31 US-NATO assassination attempts on his life, President De Gaulle kicked NATO out of France

The Lessons of History: In 1966 President De Gaulle Said No to US-NATO

A Great Example for Today’s Europe!

By Umberto Pascali

Global Research, June 11, 2014

March 10, 1966: After 31 assassination attempts against his life, Charles De Gaulle ordered France’s withdrawal from NATO’s military integrated command. This decision was formally reversed almost half a century later under Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency.  De Gaulle adopted a foreign policy independent of the Anglo-american axis.

His March 10 1966, not only pertained France’s decision to withdraw from NATO’s integrated military command, but also to remove NATO’s headquarters from French territory, thereby leading the establishment of the Alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.

In today’s World, the leaders of the EU and the Western military alliance, above all the elites of France, Germany, Italy are scared, terrorized of a potential US backlash, a reaction like the “reaction” that produced 31 assassinations attempts against the French leader. Continue reading