U.S. blocks Moscow’s statement at UNSC on shelling of Russian Embassy in Syria

Global Research, October 05, 2016
Sputnik 5 October 2016

The United States blocked at the United Nations Security Council Russia’s statement on the shelling of its embassy in Damascus, Syria that took place on Monday, the representative of Russia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations told RIA Novosti.

“[The statement] was actually blocked by the US delegation, which tried to add extraneous elements in a standard in such cases text,” the permanent mission statement said.

“The British and Ukrainians clumsily played up to the Americans. It demonstrates their blatant disrespect for the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations,” the statement added.

On October 4, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported the shelling of the Russian embassy in Damascus on Monday. One of the mines exploded near a residential complex on the territory of the embassy but none of its staff was hurt.

According to the ministry statement, the embassy was shelled from the Jobar municipality controlled by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra Front) and Faylaq al-Rahman militant groups.

On October 3, US State Department announced in a press release that Washington was cutting off participation in bilateral channels with Russia on sustaining a ceasefire agreement in Syria, which was reached by the two countries in September.

U.S. proxy attack on Russia embassy in Syria a dangerous sign

October 5, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
RIA Novosti – translated by J. Arnoldski –
In the UN Security Council, the American delegation blocked a Russian statement on the shelling of Russia’s embassy in Damascus. On Tuesday, Moscow proposed that the Security Council condemn militants’ attack on the embassy building, which was subjected to mortar fire. 
As RIA Novosti was told by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Moscow put forth for consideration at the Security Council a standard document which is usually adopted in the case of attacks on diplomatic missions.
The statement was met with dissatisfaction by the American delegation which tried to introduce “foreign elements” into it. 
“The British and Ukrainians clumsily played along with the Americans. This shows their flagrant disregard for the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,” the permanent representative’s statement reads.
Russian diplomats reminded their colleagues that Moscow has always supported such statements concerning crimes against diplomatic missions.
Russia’ representatives concluded: “We have to admit that the moral scruples of some of our colleagues in the Security Council have seriously deteriorated.”
The embassy shelling incident took place on October 3rd. Militants fired 3 mortars at the building of the Russian diplomatic mission in Damascus, one of which exploded near the diplomats’ residential complex. 
According to the Russian foreign ministry, the shelling came from the suburbs of the Syrian capital controlled by militants of Jebat Fatah Al-Sham (formerly Jebat Al-Nusra”) and Falak ar-Rahman. 


The Russian foreign ministry has called the shelling of the embassy a “result of those who, like the US and some of its allies, provoke the continuation of the bloody conflict in Syria by flirting with militants and extremists of various stripes.”