John Kerry tells journalists to look in the social media for proof of Russian troops in Ukraine

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John Kerry

February 5, 2015
Russian RT 
Translated by Kristina Rus

West and Kiev continue to accuse Russia of having troops in the conflict zone in the East of Ukraine. However, so far no evidence has been provided. Today during the press conference, US Secretary of State John Kerry was also unable to answer the question about the evidence of participation of the Russian military in the conflict in Donbass, and suggested to look for it on social networks.

Today during a joint press conference with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Kiev, the head of the U.S. Department of State, John Kerry, again failed to answer the question if there is strong evidence that Russian soldiers are involved in the conflict in the East of Ukraine. Instead, he invited the journalists to look for it online.

“Social networks are filled with reports and photos of Russian soldiers, who are brought back to Russia dead. And the parents of these soldiers in Russia are told that their sons were killed somewhere in an accident, ” – Kerry said. – There are also prisoners of war who have provided proof of their participation in the conflict (in the East of Ukraine. – RT). And that’s enough.”

Thus, at the moment, neither the West nor Kiev can provide convincing evidence of the presence of the Russian armed forces in the conflict zone. Moreover, not so long ago, the chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, said during a briefing that Ukrainian army does not wage battles against the Russian military units and that Kiev knows only about some Russians fighting on the side of the militia.

“Currently, the Ukrainian army is not fighting with the regular army of Russia”, – said the general. However, Muzhenko stated that the General Staff of the UAF possessed information about the participation of individual citizens of the Russian Federation, including military, in the ranks of illegal armed formations”.

These words of the chief of the General Staff, who has access to the full volume of operational information from the front, clearly are contrary to the official position of Kiev, which from the beginning of the conflict repeatedly declared about an organized invasion of the regular units of the Russian army of the territory of Ukraine.

Recall that recently the President of Ukraine arrived at the economic forum in Davos with a fragment of the bus, exploded near Volnovakha. Petro Poroshenko made an emotional speech in which he accused the tragedy on Russia. In addition, during his speech, he stated that allegedly 9 thousand Russian soldiers are fighting on the territory of Ukraine . However, besides the loud proclamations, no evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the incident with the bus or participation in hostilities of regular units of the Russian army, was presented by the Ukrainian leader.

These words of the President were picked up by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, Yuriy Sergeyev. During the last meeting of the Security Council on Ukraine, he not only repeated the words of Poroshenko about 9 thousand Russian soldiers, but added that the military contingent of the army of the Russian Federation in Ukraine continues to grow and has reached 12 thousand people.


Kiev regime’s official policy of genocide for East Ukraine: starvation, torture, rape, and murder

From Global Research, December 30, 2014
by George Eliason

Imagine a sign pinned to the podium on the floor of the US Senate that reads Ferguson will be ours! Pictured on it is an armored personnel carrier with the United States flag driving over a mountain of corpses. This picture shown below says just that about Donbass. This is Kiev’s official statement on mass murder for the area. This was pinned to the podium on the floor of the Ukrainian Senate (Verkhovna Rada).

President Petro Poroshenko and his government have run out of wiggle room to deflect charges of genocide any more.

On December 18th the newly appointed Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Senate) deputy Semen Semenchenko, formerly commander of the battalion “Donbass” warned that Ukraine intends to pursue terrorists from Donbass anywhere in the world. The terrorists from Donbass Semenchenko wants to pursue is anyone that did not leave when the ATO began.

Andrey Biletsky, former “Azov” battalion commander, Ukrainian nationalist ideologist, and a favorite in Victoria Nuland’s circles ( Biletsky was made a Verkhovna Rada deputy by Arseni Yatsenyuk) made clear who those terrorists are in an interview with Foreign Policy .

“Unfortunately, among the Ukrainian people today there are a lot of ‘Russians’ (by their mentality, not their blood), ‘kikes,’ ‘Americans,’ ‘Europeans’ (of the democratic-liberal European Union), ‘Arabs,’ ‘Chinese’ and so forth, but there is not much specifically Ukrainian… It’s unclear how much time and effort will be needed to eradicate these dangerous viruses from our people.”

Biletsky, a new Senator who is being groomed for the Ukrainian presidency thinks even his American handlers are part of the virus infecting Ukraine.

Rape is Official Policy in Ukraine?

His Azov battalion (with Nazi insignia)  are showing their true American and European values in Mariupol by gang raping women prisoners at prison every night, torturing, and murdering some of them. This is someone that describes Americans and democratic values as a dangerous virus that need to be eradicated making sure your US tax dollars hard at work again.

According to an article that was published in the Kharkov News by Rita Samoilov on December 25th 15-20 women prisoners at penal colony #107 are taken to the military camp every night and raped by the Azov battalion. Earlier in the year I reported the same behavior at the mines in Lower Krynka by Aydar battalion which resulted in reports of mass rape, torture, and mass graves found on the site where over 5000 Ukrainian cleansing troops and national guard were camped. Upon checking the allegations the OSCE found them to be true. Kiev responded by making Aydar the new model of policing in Ukraine. Continue reading