Why Russia doesn’t want a war with the United States

One doesn’t fight madness with madness.

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April 12, 2017

Here’s why Russia doesn’t want to fight the United States in Syria (VIDEO) | Русская весна

If one wants to know why the modern Russian state and the Russian people are so averse to war, just take a look and the following charts.

Conservative estimates for Soviet deaths in the Great Patriotic War/Second World War are just over 26 million. Other scholars take the aggregate total of deaths including those who died from starvation and disease at around 40 million.

Between 1941 and 1945, more Russian mothers had to bury their sons than any other group of mothers in the world and that’s just the mothers who themselves didn’t die during the war.

Every Russian person alive today either knows or is related to someone who fought in the Great Patriotic War. It is why on the 9th of May, every year, everyone from Vladimir Putin to ordinary people march in The Immortal Regiment to honour their loved who were veterans of that war whether they died in battle or after.

With this in mind, is it any wonder that Russians do not share the same zeal for war as those who have numerically and dare I say emotionally, not experienced the hell of war as sharply and as painfully?

It is as easy and as disgusting for alt-media trolls sitting behind their laptops to talk about Russia ‘lobbing nukes’ to show America Russia means business as it is for cretins like fake news merchant Brian Williams to call an unprovoked missile attack which killed innocent people ‘beautiful’.

This is why it should come as no surprise to anyone that First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Jabarov has said that, “We cannot be dragged into a military confrontation as it could lead to a large-scale war”.

People like John McCain may just be crazy enough to want a war between superpowers, but hardly any Russians are.

In spite of this, many in the nominally pro-Russian alt-media seem to salivate at the concept of Russia engaging with the United States in a Third World War.

Copying aggressive, militant and preemptive neo-con strategies, only under a Russian flag, is not the solution to the mess that Donald Trump has created in Syria, nor is it what any mainstream Russian politician wants whether President Putin or opposition leaders Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Gennady Zyuganov. Contrary to inaccurate reports, the Russian government and main opposition leaders are speaking with a generally unified voice; one that is calm but stern, angry and prepared but not vengeful nor fanatical.

The Russian view boils down to this: maintain close and indeed closer cooperation with Syria, bolster Syria’s defences and be prepared for the worst with the knowledge that Syria and her legal allies do have the legal right to retaliate against any aggression on a sovereign state.

At the moment, that aggression mostly comes in the form of foreign terrorist proxies of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Britain, France and America. It also includes Turkish soldiers who Russia has not engaged with in battle and Israeli aircraft which Syria has engaged militarily but Russia has not.

Russia wants to avoid escalating the conflict at any cost, but is nevertheless prepared and quietly preparing for things to get worse all while working hard diplomatically to make sure things might get even a little better.

If Russia could resist the temptation to start another Russo-Turkish war in Syria, it follows that they will now try to resist a new Cuban Missile Crisis in the Middle East and one without the happy ending at that.

This explains Russia’s calm and quiet approach to the new unknown realities of American foreign policy in Syria.

As much as many would like Russian foreign policy to be as unpredictable, imperious and rash as that of the United States, this would be foolish. One doesn’t fight madness with madness.

Russia understands this, many people who fail to understand Russian history and culture do not.


Thousands of foreign workers stranded in Saudi Arabia without food or water

From RT

August 3, 2016

Foreign construction laborers in Riyadh © Fahad Shadeed

Almost 16,000 Indian and Pakistani workers are stuck in Saudi Arabian camps without food and water, or visas to leave the country, after construction companies were forced to cut jobs as oil prices plummeted.

There are 7,700 Indians and 8,000 Pakistanis stranded, according to Bloomberg citing the foreign ministries in New Delhi and Islamabad.

More than 4,000 former workers for Riyadh-based construction and management company Saudi Oger have been abandoned in camps, said the Indian Foreign Ministry. It added that India’s Embassy is providing food to workers in 20 camps in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

READ MORE: Oil crash forces S. Arabia to cut ‘unnecessary’ budget expenses

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said his government will help the stranded workers “in all possible ways.” It’s estimated 1.8 million Pakistanis are employed in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government has cut spending as sliding oil prices hit the kingdom’s economy. Payment delays increased lately as the government cut spending on contracts to preserve cash. The construction sector is the hardest hit as companies depend heavily on government business for cash.

The Saudi Ministry of Labor said construction workers have complained about not being paid for months.

According to the country’s National Commercial Bank, construction contracts dropped by about 50 percent in the first quarter of 2016. No contracts have been awarded by the government since the end of last year, the bank said.

Saudi Arabia is facing a huge budget deficit which is expected to reach $87 billion this year. It comes on the back of a falling crude price with oil sales accounting for almost 80 percent of the country’s revenue. The kingdom’s economic growth is forecast to slow to 1.5 percent this year, the lowest level in seven years.


Ukrainian economist: Best solution is to flee Ukraine

From Fort Russ

October 8th, 2015 –
By: Ekatirina, cont.ws –

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

An economist urged Ukrainians to flee from the country: those who stay will envy those who left – they are facing hunger and cold

It is an open secret that Ukraine is facing cold and hunger. All summer Kiev was busy fighting for power, plotting and scheming, continuing military operations in Donbass, completely forgetting that summer is followed by autumn, and then by winter and cold.

One of the Ukrainian economists Kuhar said that it would be difficult times for those who would stay in Ukraine this winter. There is only one half of the necessary gas supplies in gas storage tanks, the country’s economy and its budget are in decline and rapidly deteriorating. The population is not able to pay taxes. Those who stay in Ukraine this winter will envy those who have left.

Ukraine has passed the point of no return, the country is facing cold and hunger in the coming winter, as well as an offensive of the Donbass militia. This was announced on the TV channel “Russia” by the former member of the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev, who is one of the leaders of the pro-Russian uprising.

“I think that Ukraine is doomed. I think that the point of no return has already been passed … When with “criminal” Yanukovych the GDP growth was 3%, then after him it very quickly dropped to zero, then minus 3%, and now it is minus 6% officially. But realistically, economists believe that it is minus 25% today.

We expect a repetition of the tragedy we experienced during the collapse of the Soviet Union, perhaps, much worse. What lies ahead of Ukraine is hunger, cold and humanitarian disaster”, – said Oleg Tsarev.

Why do people have to flee from home in order to survive and not to freeze, because their country is run by idiots. One wise man once said: “If the army of lions is led by a sheep it is sure to lose to the army of sheep run by a lion”. This is why our country has lost on all counts, because it is run by a herd of sheep.


Last paid in November, coal miners from Donbass strike and demand wages as Kiev shuts off electricity

From Fort Russ

April 1, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus
SBU arrested “Antifascist” servers in Kharkov, this was posted on the “Antifascist” Facebook account.

In the “liberated” areas of Donbass, people are on the verge of starvation. The Ukrainian authorities have not paid wages to the miners for several months.

The miners of the four mines of the state enterprise “Selidovugol” went on strike because of an egregious situation with wage arrears. Depriving miners of their livelihood, the authorities consider it acceptable to shut off electricity of the population, insolvent through no fault of their own.

This was reported on the website of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine.

Representatives of the state-owned enterprises, trade union members arrived to Kiev to meet with the heads of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

“A delegation of 20 miners arrived to the capital from four mines: “Ukraine”, “Novogrodovskaya”, “Kurakhovskaya” and “Russia”. Among them are 10 representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine”, – stated the message.

According to the chairman of the primary trade union organization of NPGU of the mine “1/3 Novogrodovskaya” of “Selydovugol”, Sergey Pavlov, they were delegated for talks with officials by people who are in a dire situation .

“The miners were not paid for January, December, February, although in April they should get paid for March. Meanwhile their electricity is shut off for failure to pay and the authorities don’t care that they have not been paid themselves. In our region there is a very difficult situation. In response the miners went on a hungry riot and four mines stopped working. The miners refused to go down to the mine, because they are waiting for the promised payments. Today we are going to demand justice in the capital. Our main demands: repayment of salary, arranging timely shipment of coal, the return of benefits to coal miners. We are ready for a radical protest,” – said Sergey Pavlov.


“Economic genocide”: Ukraine cuts off payment of pensions to one million senior citizens in Donbass

Posted on Novorossiya Today
Genocide by Non-payment of Retirement Pensions
by Konstantin Dolgov

Ukraine wants to improve the state of its economy at the expense of a million of lives of the retired people in Donbass.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948 by the UN General Assembly secured the key rights that all the people should possess. The regime that was established in Kiev after the coup of 2014 had de facto abolished the implementation of this document in regard to a group of citizens of Ukraine.

As we know, Kiev keeps on considering the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s Republics as part of Ukraine. Hypocritically declaring “the unity of the country” and “the anti-terrorist operation” in order to please the West, in reality Kiev authorities are engaged in the genocide of the population of the region with the aim of improvement of Ukraine’ s economy at the expense of human lives.

Only in accordance with the official data, in the territories of Donbass not controlled by Kiev government more than a million of Ukrainian citizens live, who are living exclusively off the retirement pensions and other social payments. They are the elderly, the WWII veterans, who defeated Hitler or went through Buchenwald or Oswensim. They are the disabled people. They are the people, who have the credit of Ukraine. They had worked for the Ukrainian state all their lives long and paid taxes in Ukraine. Social payment is the natural obligation of the state to these people — they are the only means of livelihood for many of them. Nevertheless since the summer of 2014 Ukraine terminated all social payments to the citizens living in these territories.

In autumn it became a real problem. A million (!) of the elderly and disabled people were forced to travel to the distance of hundreds kilometers for their homes to the territories controlled by Ukraine in order to receive deserved by them payments.  However, eventually the Ukrainian government went even further. Since January 1, 2014 Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet terminated social payments to the people living on these territories. Millions of people were faced with a choice: to leave homes and move for good to the territories controlled by Ukraine (then the payments, although hilariously meager, are resumed), or lose the only source of livelihood and starve. Article 13 of the above mentioned Declaration says that “every person has the right to move freely and chose his/her residence within the limits of each state”. However, the “democratic” Kiev government is not going to pay attention to such trifle as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its strive to reach its goals.

Moreover, the first mentioned option is unrealistic in principle. The average retirement pension in Ukraine amounts to 1600 Hryvnya now (about 65 Euro) per month. The average cost of a bedsitter rent in Ukraine is about 2500 Hryvnya per month (a bit less than 100 Euro). A retired person cannot afford to leave his apartment in Donetsk, Lugansk, Snezhnoye, Ilovaysk and rent an apartment in a city under Ukrainian control. Kiev regime deliberately made such a decision in order to free itself from the obligations in regard to social payments – at the expense of the lives of a million of Donetsk retired people.

On March 12 the International Monetary Fund demanded that Ukraine should resume the payments, but the memorandum adopted implies the settlement of this issue toll the end of 2015, and a million of people have not been receiving the routine payments for half a year already.

Notably, this resolution of Kiev government contradicts Ukrainian laws as well. Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine states responsibility for the non-payment of pensions and other legally asserted payments. Predictably, the retired dwellers of Donbass started to sue the social bodies of Ukraine. Nevertheless the lawsuits proceeded in accordance with the predictable scenario.

The most well-known precedent is the cases handled by human right activists Kirill Beloshytskiy, Tatyana Volkova and Irina Khyzhnyak. 15 inhabitants of Donbass sued Ukrainian government for the refusal in payment of envisaged by the law pensions with the support of these layers. Surprisingly, the court verdict was just, and the first lawsuit was won by the appellants. On February11, 2015 Kiev District Administrative Court ruled the relevant government statement illegal and ordered to resume social payments to the dwellers of Donbass. However it was just the beginning of the epic.

At once after this court ruling the Ukrainian government submitted an appeal, the consideration of which is still being delayed deliberately. Although Kiev did not stop at that and decided to repress the judges who dared to defend the constitutional rights of the citizens of Ukraine living in Donbass.

As early as on February 16 search was carried out in the building of Kiev District Administrative Court. The search was conducted by the inevitable armed people in face masks, and only later the Prosecutor of Kiev Yuldashev informed the public that the search was sanctioned by him. Moreover, one of the judges concerned, Valeriy Kuzmenko, received an enlistment note soon after that. Sending of disagreeable people to war has long been viewed by Kiev as the repressive means, but it was the first time it had been used as the method of squeeze on court.

The Convention of Prevention of Genocide Crime and Punishment for It, recognized by the entire civilized world, defines genocide as “actions committed with the aim of extermination, complete or partial, of some national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such”, including by way of “deliberate creation for such group of such living conditions, which are aimed at total or partial physical elimination of it”.

If Kiev’s deprivation of a million of the Donbass aged people of all means of livelihood does not suit this definition, then in reality the Convention is not worth of the paper it is written on.

Konstantin Dolgov, the Co-Chairman of the Peoples’ Front of Novorossia, specially for “Russkaya vesna”.



From Yatsenyuk, Chancellor of Starvation 2.0 — the Christmas gift to citizens of ruined Ukraine

Chancellor Heinrich Brüning of Germany in the 1930s is remembered as “der Hungerkanzler” – the Chancellor of Starvation — for the harsh measures he imposed on Germany, at least partly responsible for the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich.

This article says that with the harsher measures being imposed now in Ukraine, calling Prime Minister Yatsenyuk the “Prime Minister of Starvation” is much too mild.

Chancellor of Starvation 2.0. A gift under the Christmas tree to citizens of Ruins
From ZaDonbass
Posted on novorossy.ru, January 1, 2015

The authorities wished the country a Happy New Year. Even after removal of the most obscurantist articles like the abolition of free secondary education adopted by the Parliament on the eve of winter vacation, the 2015 budget was the most anti-social of the economic collapse since the time of the 90’s, wrote in a popular Ukrainian newspaper “News” correspondent Dmitry Korotkov.

This is Yanukovych, constantly pursued by the specter of the new Maidan, retreated at the slightest sign of another social revolt. For the current rulers of the country, any constraints are not present. Any discontent they can easily explain “the machinations of the Federal Security Service”, on which the discussion ends.

Ukrainians are not calling to tighten their belts voluntarily – authorities themselves grabbed these belts and pull from both sides at the same time: on the one hand – cut social payments, on the other – the global rise in prices and the tax noose. At the same time, however, the people are promised that all who survive 2015, 2016 will be a better life. But in our case, when political leaders do not remember their own statements made four or five months ago, an improvement in 2016 means – never.

This is clear to anyone who has studied the history not according to Ukrainian textbooks. The fact that for the first time this is taking place now in Ukraine, have long ceased to know-how for the rest of the world. In the history of Germany was almost a direct analog of our current processes, when the Weimar Republic Chancellor Brüning in 1930, to save the country from an economic collapse, in the same way squeezed the German people in a vise — wage cuts to pensions and benefits (and there were many veterans of the First World War) and tax increases. For which he received from the free German press the nickname “The Chancellor of starvation.”

The result of Brüning’s effort is known: even greater impoverishment of the Germans and the rise to power of the Nazis. Already in 1933 Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor.

But Bruening, in contrast to his current Ukrainian followers, did give his country at least a little hope for gleam at the end of the tunnel. He increased taxes and cut salaries, but at the end of 1931 in Germany, there was incredible for us deflation: prices fell by 7%! He was going to the belt-tightening for the sake of Western aid, but the help is not new loans, and the cancellation of payment of reparations imposed on Germany – and achieved that in 1931 the state budget did not give a penny to the West thanks to the decision to postpone the payment of US for one year without charging percent.

Ukraine in late 2014 is in a worse situation than Germany in 1930. But what do we have? Against the background of the new wave of social impoverishment, authorities promise us raising gas prices to the level of the market (which is an increase of two to three times the cost of hot water, gas and heating!), And 17% of the official inflation rate, twice as low compared to the real. That is wallets, from whom the authorities with both hands pulls out money, will be by a third thinner and more, thanks to prices. If Brüning with his seven-percent deflation remained in the memory of the Germans as “Chancellor of starvation”, then Yatsenyuk in this case, even the nickname “Prime Minister of starvation” is still very soft.

And for what do authorities expose the country to test? Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel at least the West that is very friendly to us now will write off the debts of Ukraine, or at least postpone their payment without charging interest – as it did in less difficult situation in Germany? No. The people tighten noose in order to get new loans.

The Ukrainian government borrows to pay off the debts already taken previously. This means that in 2016 Ukrainians will pay for existing and not yet taken loans that due to interest are growing like a snowball. This means that after the “starving budget” of 2015 will be even more starving in 2016 and 2017. The light at the end of the tunnel will be a candle, set on the grave of the current Ukrainian government, to be replaced by radical forces, can come, offering the same as in 1933 in Germany, a very simple solution to very complex issues.

Источник: ZaDonbass

See this article by Steve Forbes comparing Angela Merkel to Brüning http://www.dialoginternational.com/dialog_international/2011/12/angela-merkel-die-hungerkanzlerin.html