“We found them and destroyed them:” DPR special forces assassinate Elenovka war criminals

December 6, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
Maksim Karpenko, PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski –
  Special forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic have successfully liquidated the perpetrators of the Elenovka checkpoint shelling from April 2016, when Ukrainian nighttime shelling killed several people waiting in their cars at the checkpoint to cross the border. This was announced by the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, in an interview for Tsargrad TV.
  “You need to make the enemy understand that it won’t do these things with impunity. When the pregnant woman in Elenovka was killed, I swore to myself that I will find and eliminate those who participated in this attack. Let the Ukrainian military see now who has been killed over the last four months in all sorts of unknown cases. We found them and destroyed them,” Zakharchenko stated.
  The DPR head also promised that the same fate awaits the organizers and perpetrators of the assassination of Sparta commander Arsen Pavlov, a.k.a. “Motorola”.


  “We will do exactly what they did,” Zakharchenko warned. 

Right Sector blamed for bus tragedy near Artemovsk

From Fort Russ

Right Sector blamed for bus tragedy near Artemovsk
By J.Hawk

The casualties include 4 killed, 12 wounded, and 7 missing. The bus struck an anti-tank mine while trying to bypass a checkpoint on the approaches to Artemovsk. Reportedly the Ukrainian checkpoint was refusing to allow them passage–was it a question of paying bribes to be allowed through?

What is interesting that, instead of the usual “Je suis Artemovsk”-type propaganda campaign, Ukrainian government sources pointed the finger at the Right Sector. The charge is led by Dmitriy Tymchuk, well known for his advocacy on behalf of the junta, who did not stop short of calling them “cynical criminals”, thus faithfully echoing (though without his boss’ Freudian slip) Poroshenko’s references to “volunteer battalion” killing of an SBU officer earlier.

So the knives are coming out for the Right Sector. Question is, are they being warned to fall in line and accept Poroshenko’s authority, or is it a beginning of a campaign to eradicate them?