“We found them and destroyed them:” DPR special forces assassinate Elenovka war criminals

December 6, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
Maksim Karpenko, PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski –
  Special forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic have successfully liquidated the perpetrators of the Elenovka checkpoint shelling from April 2016, when Ukrainian nighttime shelling killed several people waiting in their cars at the checkpoint to cross the border. This was announced by the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, in an interview for Tsargrad TV.
  “You need to make the enemy understand that it won’t do these things with impunity. When the pregnant woman in Elenovka was killed, I swore to myself that I will find and eliminate those who participated in this attack. Let the Ukrainian military see now who has been killed over the last four months in all sorts of unknown cases. We found them and destroyed them,” Zakharchenko stated.
  The DPR head also promised that the same fate awaits the organizers and perpetrators of the assassination of Sparta commander Arsen Pavlov, a.k.a. “Motorola”.


  “We will do exactly what they did,” Zakharchenko warned. 

Basurin: UAF soldiers awarded for Elenovka tragedy; Pyatt visit is no coincidence

From Fort Russ

May 1, 2016 –
Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski
Ukrainian soldiers have received awards for their shelling of the Elenovka checkpoint, as a result of which peaceful civilians were killed. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR, Eduard Basurin. Basurin reported:
“On April 29th, the Chief of the General Staff of the UAF, General Muzhenko, arrived at the residential area of Volnovakha. He was transported by an armored AT-105 Saxon car. It should be noted that Muzhenko’s visit was associated with preparations for intensified military operations for the coming days. In addition, in order to maintain the morale of commanders forced to perform criminal orders, Muzhenko awarded the most distinguished soldiers of the 14 brigade for shelling peaceful civilians at Elenovka.
In addition, the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt has been in Mariupol since April 28th, where he has held meetings with the local administration and the commanders of nationalist groupings. In tandem with Pyatt’s visit, Ukrainian security forces evacuated children from a number of a residential areas, which, as we have stated earlier, is connected with the preparation of terror attacks and UAF shelling. The US Ambassador plans to visit Odessa, where he will meet with the leadership of security structures and the sponsors of nationalist units participating in the “Kulikovo Field Operation” planned by the Ukrainian leadership to last from April 30th to May 3rd.” 

Zakharchenko: Elenovka tragedy was the result of Nuland’s visit to Kiev

From Fort Russ

April 30, 2016 – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski 
“Zakharchenko to America: ‘Keep your hand-puppet in its booth'”
The head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, believes that the result of Victoria Nuland’s visit to Kiev was the monstrous shelling of Elenovka which caused the death of innocent people. The leader of the republic stated this in a briefing to a correspondent of Novorossiya Information Agency.
“The result of Nuland’s visit to Kiev and her contact with Poroshenko was none other than the shelling of Elenovka,” he said, adding that Kiev has thus shown that it does not intend to comply with its obligations according to the Minsk Agreements. 
“The UAF’s shelling of Elenovka was addressed primarily to America. Ukraine does not want to pass the laws which they are obliged to according to the Minsk Agreements, such as the law on elections to local self-government bodies, the special status, and a new Constitution. For them, this equates to death. Therefore, I want to say to the leaders of the USA and Europe: if you want to have a hand-puppet, at least keep it in its booth and let it sit there. Otherwise, he’ll bite you,” Zakharchenko concluded. 

OSCE confirms Elenovka shelling came from UAF direction

OSCE collecting more data and statistics, filing more reports for their masters. 

From Fort Russ

April 28, 2016 –
Translated by J. Arnoldski
On April 28, the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE released a report which covered the circumstances of yesterday’s overnight shelling of the military checkpoint in Elenovka and drew conclusions as to from what direction the shelling came. 
International observers reported that two craters from explosive shells were recorded at the place of the tragedy along with three damaged cars. 
According to their analysis, the experts resolved that the shelling was fired from the West-Southwest (where UAF positions were located – Russian Spring), and that the guns fired were most likely 122 mm artillery.
In addition, the experts recorded traces of shell fragments on Moscow Street, three shells of which, as the analysis showed, were no less than 120 mm calibre and came from the West-Southwest direction. 
A building near the shelled military checkpoint was also recored as being damaged and having holes the size of grapefruits caused by shrapnel. 
International observers have summarized the details of those killed as a result of the shelling and the causes of their death. Two of the dead (one a male, the second body difficult to identify) were found in the first car burned and torn in half as a result of the shelling. 

The driver of the second car died from severe head trauma. 

The female passenger sitting in the back seat of the third car located 20 meters from the second was killed most likely by shrapnel.

The third car was riddled with shrapnel which, according to OSCE observers, was probably caused by one of the explosions



(GRAPHIC PHOTOS) UAF shelling claims civilian lives in Elenovka

From Fort Russ

April 27, 2016 –
Translated by J. Arnoldski
As Russian Spring reported earlier, four peaceful civilians have been killed with another six injured as a result of overnight shelling by Ukrainian soldiers from the military checkpoint “Elenovka” south of Donetsk. Among the killed was a pregnant woman.
It is now known that around 02:45 Ukrainian occupants opened mortar fire on the block post in Elenovka. At this time, civilian vehicles were standing in line waiting for the checkpoint to be opened. 
According to some sources, the number of victims has risen to eight.
Eyewitness of the tragedy report that cars burned and exploded while everyone who waited in line hurried to escape the bombardment. 


Russian Spring expresses condolences to all who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. 

[Note from J. Arnoldski – On April 26, Fort Russ reported the spreading concerns in Donbass confirmed by DPR Defense Minister Eduard Basurin that Ukrainian forces were purposefully halting the checkpoint traffic at Elenovka in order to prevent the DPR from returning fire. According to Eduard Basurin’s latest update, the death count has risen to 6]