30,000 reserves gather in Donetsk (VIDEO)

April 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

The official YouTube channel of Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the Donetsk Republic, has published momentous footage of the gathering of 30,000 men in the DNR forces reserve, which took place on 6th April 2017.

The soundtrack to the video is a Soviet song from the time of the Second World War, “Rise up, huge country!” The choice of the song echoes the symbolism of the struggle of the DNR against a neo-fascist Ukraine.
In the video, Zakharchenko called on the reserves to stand up against the Kiev regime.
“For the third year in a row, there is war in our country. For the third year, the enemy is a attempting to eradicate us, our children and our parents. Everyday, Ukrainian media attempts to prove why they need to kill us. I am proud that I was born in the Donbass and I am proud of you. Together we will win – the enemy will be destroyed.” – said Zakharchenko.



Zakharchenko declares Donbass frontline is state border

March 13, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
RIA Novosti – translated by J. Arnoldski –
According to a decree by Donetsk People’s Republic leader Alexander Zakharchenko, the contact line between the DPR and Kiev-controlled territory from now on has the status of a state border.
The text of the decree has been published on the website of the Ministry of State Security of the DPR.
According to the document, the contact line can only be crossed through border control points and with the necessary registration processes.
Authority over executing the decree has been assigned to the Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Incomes and Fees, as well as the republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“The Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People’s Republic hereby warns that, according to point four of the decree, activities associated with the illegal crossing of the contact line or organizing of illegal crossing in or out of the Donetsk People’s Republics will be qualified in accordance with the Criminal Code of the DPR, specifically Article 378 ‘Illegal Crossing of the State Border,'” the ministry’s statement reads. 

The blockade and new internal productivity in Donbass

Reporter: About the new coal bed we opened, it seems that we don’t have anywhere to sell coal.

Alexander Zakharchenko: Why? We have our power plants that gladly accept this coal. We’ll get electric power and provide our homes with it. Our homes will be bright, warm, and comfortable…

Reporter: How long can we stand the blockade?

Zakharchenko: For 2 1/2 years we’ve already been living within the blockade…Despite whether there is or is not a blockade, they only make it worse for themselves. If idiocy were considered a sickness, everyone there already needs therapy.

…It’s their enterprises that are suffering. There is lack of spirit and lack of leaders.

Interview with Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the DPR

From Fort Russ

February 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Christelle NEANT, in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter
In small letters: “Truly our own.” In shield: “Made in the DPR”

For several weeks, neo-Nazis and other Ukrainian radicals have been blocking the rails that bring coal from Donbass to Ukraine. The coal necessary for the Ukrainian power stations providing about 40% of the country’s electricity. The Donbass alone supplies 37.5% of the coal used by these power stations.

Since the blockade has been total for five days, stockpiles at Ukrainian power plants now only cover 14 to 45 days of consumption, forcing the Ukrainian authorities to declare an energy emergency, and to consider rollng power outages to face the shortage.

The situation is so catastrophic that the EU has just brutally woken up and has called for an end to the commercial blockade of the Donbass.

Should we laugh or cry in the face of the very late awakening of the “European elites” in the face of a situation that has been going on for almost three years and whose radicalization has just revealed the whole danger, and not just for Ukraine?

For we must not deceive ourselves. If the EU reacts it is not for the beautiful eyes of the Ukrainians, that they do not care a fig about. No, if the EU reacts, it’s because the risk of collapse of the Ukrainian electricity grid would have terrible consequences for the neighboring countries, which are part of the EU, and would end up paying for the broken china of their Russiaphobic policies that border on the most profound idiocy.

Faced with this situation, the response of the leader of the RPD, Alexander Zakharchenko, is not lacking spice:

He wished to point out that the coal produced in the two peoples republics always had a secure outlet: the local market. The two republics have coal-fired power stations which supply them with electricity. Power plants that consume locally produced coal.

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Zakharchenko: We have shown the international community our willingness to implement the Minsk Agreements

From Fort Russ

Fort Russ – 19th July, 2016
Today, on July 19th, parliamentary hearings on the topic of “Progress in realization of the Complex of measures on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, approved by Resolution 2202 (2015) on the 7384th UN Security Council meeting” took place in Donetsk. Correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic reported about this.
Head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko took part in the event. In his speech he emphasized the importance of assistance of the international community in stopping the genocide of the people of Donbass, which was unleashed by the Kiev authorities.
“Today we are summing up the results of the signatures collected on the Petition concerning the nonfulfillment of the UN Resolution by Ukraine; more than 300,000 residents of DPR supported this appeal. We have shown the international community our willingness to implement the Minsk agreements and to end this conflict. Donbas residents said “no” to violence. We did not start the war, did not shell peaceful towns with aviation and artillery, we just wanted to live according to conscience and justice. Unfortunately, the Kiev government for almost 2 years of the Minsk process at all the costs was trying to sabotage the implementation of the complex of measures approved by the UN Security Council. By this petition we are one more time saying that here live not terrorists or separatists, but ordinary people who built their own state. We in any case will end the war and for sure will win because we should fight for the future,” the Head of Republic said.
Let us recall, on February 12, 2015, the complex of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements was initiated in Minsk, which was signed by the members of the Trilateral Contact Group – former ambassador of the OSCE, Heidi Tagliavini, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, as well as leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics Alexander Zakharchenko, and Igor Plotnitskiy. And on February 17th, the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution to approve the document. However, despite its commitments, Ukraine has continued to systematically bombard peaceful areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.
In this regard, on June 1st, 2016, Head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko announced the beginning of the collection of signatures for the Petition concerning the nonfulfillment of the UN Security Council Resolution by Ukraine. By this petition the people of Donbass initiated an appeal to the international organizations to stop the genocide of the residents of DPR and LPR by the Ukrainian authorities and to stop military operations in the country. At present, the appeal was supported by more than 326,000 citizens; the action of collecting signatures in Donbass is officially completed.

Izmailov: Zakharchenko will beat Poroshenko with words, one “direct line” at a time; Tyutchev on unity

From Fort Russ

June 3, 2016 –
Oleg Izmailov, PolitNavigator – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski
It is difficult to imagine a more powerful and effective weapon in the fight against the Kiev Nazis than the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic conversing with Russian people, as planned and realized throughout a huge arc stretching from Kharkov to Odessa.
Talking is necessarily interactive and, as the experience of the “direct lines” with three Novorossiyan regions (Kharkov, Odessa, Kherson) showed, these direct lines have been more open, lively, sincere, and useful than official events organized under the auspices of state and business structures.
The first and second assertions confirm that Zakharchenko and his entourage are right, and they are armed with the truth. Common truth and honesty. After all, people perfectly understand whether and when they talk “for show” and report and where they give the maximum information which citizens are deprived of in the fascist state.
Thus, the leader of Donbass, in his “direct lines,” is faced with so much pressure and, let’s not be afraid of this word, passion from both sides. Alexander Zakharchenko and the countrymen of Novorossiya hold an interesting conversation, sometimes argue, and sometimes ask for something. Most of all they ask to be liberated from the fascist yoke in which the crumbling country of Poroshenko and company is harnessed.
I myself had to answer phone calls from countrymen from my hometown of Krasny Liman concerning the DPR head’s “direct line” with residents of cities which have been snatched away from the republic…
I asked my friends: what would you ask Zakharchenko? Their answers were unpretentious and predictable: “We have only one question for him: ‘When will you return and liberate us from this plague?’ Our children are being actively brainwashed and recruits are being taken into the army fight against their brothers. This can’t last long.’”
Undoubtedly, this upcoming “direct line” on June 2nd will surpass the popularity, attendance, quantity, and quality all the three before. I think that the people of Donetsk on the occupied territories detached from the DPR and LPR by the terrorist group of the Poroshenko regime will get direct and honest answers from Alexander Zakharchenko. 
As we can see, the so far small yet similar communications of the head of the DPR with Novorossiyans are making him not only into a regional, but a common national leader – the head of not only smaller Novorossiya, but within the boundaries of the large, geopolitically delineated arch stretching from Kharkov to Odessa.
And you know what, I would not be surprised if people in the Malorossiyan regions of Great Rus – Chernigov, Poltava, Vinitsa, Zhitomyr, and Cherkasy – will also wait for Zakharchenko’s voice tomorrow. Undoubtedly, of course, in ancient Kiev as well, which was appointed by history “to be the mother of all Russian cities.” 
The inviolable bookshelves of Russian history, truth, faith, and love stand behind Zakharchenko, behind us, and behind Donbass and the whole Russian world from Brest to Kamchatka and from Kiev to Tashkent and Kushka. 
We have always lived and will continue to live according to the words of Fedor Tyutchev:
“’Unity’, announced the oracle of our days,
‘Can be welded out of blood and iron
But we will try to weld it with love
And we will see that is durable…’”
This fragment is from the famous poem “Two Unities” written in September of 1870 just when the Welshman John Hughes landed in Taganrog to build the factory “of Novorossiyan society”, around which Donetsk grew for 150 years, where I am currently writing these lines. 
Editor: An English translation of the full poem can be found in The Complete Poems of Tyutchev in an English Translation by F. Jude — Poem 360 “Two Unities”
I would re-write the first paragraph for these days thus:
Blood is pouring over the brim of the cup
Filled to overflowing by the wrath of the West
And the world is drowning in it.
Your blood is being taken, is being spilled, is being thrown away, my friends, my brothers, my sisters!
Slavonic world, pull together, pull close together!
[From Tyutchev translated by Jude]
“Unity”, an oracle of our century has said,
“can only be welded by iron and blood.”
Well, we’ll try welding it with love.
Let’s see which lasts the longer.

Pushilin: Elections are our defense against Kiev’s new strategy of sabotage; Zakharchenko holds conferences with South-East regions

From Fort Russ

June 6, 2016 –
Sergey Stepanov, PolitNavigator – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski
The Ukrainian oligarchs have realized that Donbass cannot be taken by military force, so they’ve changed their strategy to sending in their agents. The Donetsk People’s Republic has decided to hold primaries in order to exclude a victory of Kiev’s henchmen in upcoming elections. This and more was discussed by the speaker of the People’s Council of the DPR, Denis Pushilin in an interview with PolitNavigator.
PolitNavigator: Alexander Zakharchenko has stated that primaries will be held in Donbass. What does this mean for the DPR?
Denis Pushilin: Preliminary voting will offer us the opportunity to identify the best and brightest candidates who will represent the republic in potential elections. They should take place insofar as the Minsk Agreements are fulfilled.
[On the other hand], we perfectly understand that in order to win on the battlefield, soldiers need to train. 
PN: And who is going to be defeated?
DP: There are various threats in the political arena. The elections will be held on a majority system and candidates can be self-nominated. It is impossible to foresee everything, but we need to get ourselves in order so that representatives of the oligarchy or veiled represents of the parties on the other side of the contact line do not get in. 
We know that, as is happening now, a fifth column has infiltrated us.
PN: Are representatives of the Ukrainian oligarchs trying to infiltrate the DPR?
DP: Insofar as it is becoming clear that Donetsk and Lugansk cannot be taken by force, and that all that is necessary is the fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements, the oligarchs are attempting to penetrate the existing organs of power in the republic.
This has been recorded, detected, and now the Ministry of State Security is at work. 
PN: And what happens to such people?
DP: As a minimum, they are dismissed if nothing else is decided. You have to understand that they don’t have to do anything now. Perhaps this is a “long-term” game in which the priorities of the republic will be distorted and the realization of national projects will be sabotaged.
We need to fight corruption now. We have already managed to handle this to a certain extent, but it will return depending on whether the old elite will worm its way into the new government. 
PN: Literally just the other day the Verkhovna Rada amended the Constitution and held a “judicial reform.” Why were voices in favor of this able to be found in the Ukrainian parliament while Poroshenko can’t even find the needed number of deputies to support the realization of the Minsk Agreements?
DP: Ukraine has not been a subject of decision-making for a long time already. We perfectly understand that if the West wanted to, then it would find levers of influence in order to make Kiev vote. If it was so demanded, then Kiev would vote for everything needed in the Verkhovna Rada, even in violation of the rules and ignoring the views and interests of the citizens of former Ukraine.
PN: Is there hope that in 2016 Ukraine will take all the necessary decisions in regards to elections in Donbass?
DP: The chances are virtually close to zero. I don’t see any intentions on the part of Kiev to reconcile positions with Donbass. In the framework of the subgroup on political issues, we are largely on the same levels of agreement as we were a year ago.
PN: So the Minsk Agreements could be extended again?
DP: This is quite likely.
PN: Have there been any changes to the positions of the Ukrainian side at the negotiations in Minsk?
DP: There have been no changes either for better or for worse. We are in a period of stagnation. The Ukrainian side has chosen a strategy of delay. And the frequent replacement of Kiev’s representatives at negotiations is connected with this.
PN: Alexander Zakharchenko is currently holding a whole series of conferences with the regions of the South-East. Does this yield positive effects?
DP: There is a huge demand for this. We see that with each new conference the number of questions increases. We are learning to model certain situations. For example, the SBU is raising noise that we are actually unknowingly helping to spread information about the upcoming “hot line.”
Dialogue is important. People are interested in what’s happening in the republics because the picture which is painted by Ukrainian media differs strongly from reality.
PN: It has already been announced that the next conference with Alexander Zakharchenko will be held with Zaporozhye. Why is this city important?
DP: All cities are important, but, in first place of course are those of Greater Novorossiya. But other regions are also important. I think that Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko will hold “hot lines” with all of them. 

Zakharchenko: Elenovka tragedy was the result of Nuland’s visit to Kiev

From Fort Russ

April 30, 2016 – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski 
“Zakharchenko to America: ‘Keep your hand-puppet in its booth'”
The head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, believes that the result of Victoria Nuland’s visit to Kiev was the monstrous shelling of Elenovka which caused the death of innocent people. The leader of the republic stated this in a briefing to a correspondent of Novorossiya Information Agency.
“The result of Nuland’s visit to Kiev and her contact with Poroshenko was none other than the shelling of Elenovka,” he said, adding that Kiev has thus shown that it does not intend to comply with its obligations according to the Minsk Agreements. 
“The UAF’s shelling of Elenovka was addressed primarily to America. Ukraine does not want to pass the laws which they are obliged to according to the Minsk Agreements, such as the law on elections to local self-government bodies, the special status, and a new Constitution. For them, this equates to death. Therefore, I want to say to the leaders of the USA and Europe: if you want to have a hand-puppet, at least keep it in its booth and let it sit there. Otherwise, he’ll bite you,” Zakharchenko concluded.