Ukrainian tanks attack Donetsk airport; Tochka-U missile explodes over Donetsk

From Voice of Sevastopol, April 11, 2015

Tochka-U” missile exploded in the sky over Donetsk

“Tochka-U” missile exploded in the sky over Donetsk

Kiev Tanks Attack Donetsk Airport, Repulsed
April 12th, 2015

By Arthur Zavgorodniy, for Vesti Latvia – translated by Joaquin Flores
Ukrainian security force tanks attempted to break through the DPR defenses at Donetsk airport,  Deputy Commander of the Defense Ministry of the DPR, Edward Basurin, told reporters.
“Last night near the village Zhobunki, located in the vicinity of the airport, tanks tried to break the line ” – confirmed the commander.
Earlier it had been reported that the village of Zhobunki was attacked at night by Ukrainian infantry, which was successfully repulsed the militia.
Basurin noted that there are numerous documented cases of attacks on the territory of the DPR from guns of Ukrainian tanks. “In the whole day, Ukrainian tanks let off more than 98 shots.”
“The towns of Shirokino and Spartak were shelled the most “, said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.
“I recorded that the provocation was made by regular forces”, said Basurin.  ” We made this conclusion from the statement of the Ukrainian side, which states that they have replaced the “volunteer” battalions with regular forces of the Ukrainian army. “
Earlier today, the DPR Ministry of Defense noted an increase in the intensity of provocation from the Ukrainian security forces at the line of contact (ceasefire line), including attacks and attempts to break through.
From Voice of Sevastopol, April 1, 2015
On the eve of Easter the Army of the DPR rebuffed the attack of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the Donetsk airport
A clash between Ukrainian military and the DPR Army took place in the night from April 12 in the area of the Donetsk airport, reported the Ministry of Defense of the DPR today.
“Today on the Holy Night two infantry units of Ukrainian military attacked settlementZhabunki in the outskirts of the Donetsk airport. A direct clash took place, and then the attack was rebuffed. There are no casualties among our troopers”, said thepress-sectetary of theDPR Ministry of Defense.It is also reported that no one was injured as a result of a mortar-gun mine hit on a residential building in Kuybyshevskiy district of Donetsk
“The mine hit a private house, There are no casualties. The shell as launched from the positions of Ukrainian forces. Experts are conducting investigation on the scene”, the Ministry of Defense reports.

Earlier it was reported that a mine hit a residential building today at about 7:30 AM in Azotnyi residential area of Kuybyshevskiy district.


Ukrainegate: U.S. and NATO weapons in Ukraine

From Oriental Review, February 19,2015

Initially it seemed surprising that on the first day of the negotiations marathon in Minsk a bill to “provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine in order to defend itself against Russian-backed rebel separatists in eastern Ukraine” would be introduced in the US Congress. However, it soon became clear that its sponsor, Sen. James Inhofe (left), simply harbors no illusions about his Ukrainian partners’ competence or ability to comply with their obligations. He understands that Kiev will inevitably violate the cease-fire and that Washington will soon have to explain why the militias in the devastated region of what is known as the “Debaltsevo cauldron” are in possession of such a vast number of captured weapons originating from NATO countries.

And there can be no doubts whatsoever that this will happen. The militia continues to provide documented evidence of Kiev’s use of NATO-standard weapons, such as Paladin M109 self-propelled howitzers, portable Javelin anti-tank weapons systems, and small arms (M16 rifles and much more).

Video taken in Gorlovka on Feb.1, 2015. Life News reports that the Christian cathedral in the centre of town was shelled by 155mm cannons of a US-made Paladin howitzer.

Video taken at Donetsk airport on Jan 18, 2015 presenting piles of NATO light weapons left by the Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukrainian TV report (Sept 2014) on Western military assistance to Ukraine. Javelin anti-tank weapons and other systems presented.

The age and condition of these weapons suggests that the West is simply selling Ukraine military equipment that was already destined for the recycling bin. For example, Britain first produced its Saxon armored personnel carriers in 1983, and they were removed from service in 2008. Now they are being shipped through the port of Odessa to the company Ukroboronprom, which will adapt them to the needs of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian government is spending about $51,000 on each Saxon AT-105. It is worth noting that due to the all-out crisis situation there, the Ukrainians have vetoed the idea of producing their own Dozor-B armored carrier.

Image: Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroschenko touches the Saxon’s thin armor. Photo via Accidents News

According to official statistics, before 2007 the German army possessed 570 M109 Paladin self-propelled howitzers. But not a single one remains. Where do you think those tanks went? The answer is simple – in December 2014, Ukrainian officials suddenly closed the airports in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, and Kharkov because of the ostensible threat of Russian paratroopers (!), while several of NATO’s C-17B Globemaster and C-130 Hercules military transport planes landed there. Eyewitnesses in Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk saw four self-propelled Paladin howitzers (and boxes of their ammunition) being unloaded. Witnesses in Kharkov claim two RomanianLAROM MLRS and a Spanish Teruel-3 were transported there.

Military convoys that have been regularly crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border since the summer of 2014 are arriving at the 169th Training Center of the Ukrainian ground forces in the Chernihiv region, where instructors from NATO countries are conducting workshops with soldiers serving in Ukraine’s security forces, in order to train them on NATO weapons and equipment.

Polish General Bogusław Pacek is leading the group of NATO advisers in Ukraine since September 2014.

The incompetence of the Ukrainian army, as well as the question of provisioning them, is a very serious problem. NATO weapons systems are difficult to operate and require large quantities of the proper ammunition, which is not manufactured in Ukraine. But channels for delivering such ammunition to Ukraine have already been established. For example, in early February the cargo ship Yasar Abi sailed from Burgas (Bulgaria) to the port of Oktyabrsk (the Mykolaiv region, Ukraine) carrying a load of 680 tons of NATO and old Soviet ammunition.

So Senator Inhofe’s bill is not about rendering military assistance to the puppet government in Kiev, but is rather a way to legitimize the shipments that are already being sent. As usual, only the most aged, decrepit weapons are ending up in the region where the anti-terror operation is underway – meaning that Ukrainian officials are re-exporting everything that is worthy of resale to third countries, including Syria. No one can guarantee that the weapons that will pass to Ukraine legally will not soon be used against America’s interests in global hot spots. However, it seems that this threat is the last thing on the minds of US senators.

 Update #1 Feb 20, 2015; 4pm msk:

Militias in Debaltsevo after liberation of the city. DNR and LNR fighters came upon a large number of weapons left by retreating Ukrainian military, American armored Humvee vehicle among them.


Is America taking over the military operation in Ukraine and why did Poroshenko leave Davos early?

January 23, 2015
Roman Nesterenko –
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Our source close to the General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who previously quite accurately forecasted for us the catastrophic defeat on the southern flank of the advancing parts of the UAF – on July 6th (when no one else mentioned the strategic value of Saur-Grave), reports about a chaos in Kiev and the turmoil in the country’s administration and the army.

According to the source, the defeat at the airport, and the loss of the new terminal was a complete surprise to the leaders of ATO [anti-terrorist operation] – as prepared since the beginning of October and started on January 15th operation of “aligning the front” consisted of the acquisition of the greater part of Donetsk and Gorlovka in response to “the terrorist violence against civilians”. Next, after the recognition by the Council of Europe of DPR and LPR as terrorist organizations, as well as after the elimination of the “Bezler’s gang” in Gorlovka, a general offensive of AFU through Debaltsevo ledge in the direction of Krasny Lyman and Snezhnoe  was to begin.

For these operations surplus ammunition supplies, fifteen hundred armored vehicles, more than 50 aircraft and helicopters of various types were prepared at the front over the course of three months. Also different types of equipment for communication and control of combat, and artillery (anti-mortar) radars were received from overseas friends.

An excuse for UAF offensive is now known – the blown up bus near Volnovakha. However, the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] took the sin upon its soul in vain, because the offensive choked at the stage of the three-day artillery preparation. Efficiency and density of counter-battery fire from NAF has been so detrimental to the Ukrainian artillery that Kiev began to look for scape goats in another “betrayal”. In addition, in response to an absolutely monstrous shelling of Donetsk on January 17-18, parts of NAF knocked the “cyborgs” out of the new terminal and attacked Peski and Avdeevka.

After that all operational plans have been disrupted, because the job came under the authority of a  “certified dimwit” – Colonel-General Muzhenko. Muzhenko, currently the chief of the General Staff, inside the General Staff is not respected, because he doesn’t care about the opinion of military experts, totally dependent on the whims and views of the head of the SBU, Nalyvaychenko and his closest cronies, many of whom got shoulder straps because of Maidan and have no experience or education.

Muzhenko arrived personally at the positions of the UAF near Donetsk airport, and ordered an immediate counterattack. Unprepared tank attack without infantry support, without co-operation with artillery led to heavy losses in personnel and equipment. During a few hours of the battle in the suburbs of Donetsk, UAF has lost more than 40 armored vehicles, mostly –  tanks. Muzhenko, realizing that as a result of his voluntarist management it is turning into a second Ilovaisk, which the “dimwit” also was involved in, left for Kiev, spreading a rumor about his severe wound.

By January 20th Kiev was in a full-fledged panic, and (in the absence of Poroshenko) was considering declaring war against Russia with the aim to involve NATO in the conflict and to receive urgent military assistance. People of Nalyvaychenko and Yatsenyuk tried to receive guarantees from the officers of the General Staff that missile defense and Ukrainian air force in the case of this scenario will be able at least for two weeks to counter the Russian air force. Of course, no one gave them such guarantees.

Because at this point NAF is advancing simultaneously in a dozen directions, and the control of many parts of the UAF is already lost, and volunteer battalions and the national guard is not under anyone’s control, a military disaster is in the making. The question is not whether or not the front will collapse, the question is, where it will happen first. Also, since approximately January 20th, Kiev knows nothing about where at least 6 tank battalions of NAF are located, which had left their permanent location.

Under these conditions, the emissaries of Nalyvaychenko are accusing the officers of the General Staff of incompetence and nepotism. These same people are saying that the American military mission to Kiev is preparing to take strategic control of UAF divisions upon themselves.

Well, as they say in Russian, may the earth be like glass fiber to you, dear guests!