Is America taking over the military operation in Ukraine and why did Poroshenko leave Davos early?

January 23, 2015
Roman Nesterenko –
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Our source close to the General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who previously quite accurately forecasted for us the catastrophic defeat on the southern flank of the advancing parts of the UAF – on July 6th (when no one else mentioned the strategic value of Saur-Grave), reports about a chaos in Kiev and the turmoil in the country’s administration and the army.

According to the source, the defeat at the airport, and the loss of the new terminal was a complete surprise to the leaders of ATO [anti-terrorist operation] – as prepared since the beginning of October and started on January 15th operation of “aligning the front” consisted of the acquisition of the greater part of Donetsk and Gorlovka in response to “the terrorist violence against civilians”. Next, after the recognition by the Council of Europe of DPR and LPR as terrorist organizations, as well as after the elimination of the “Bezler’s gang” in Gorlovka, a general offensive of AFU through Debaltsevo ledge in the direction of Krasny Lyman and Snezhnoe  was to begin.

For these operations surplus ammunition supplies, fifteen hundred armored vehicles, more than 50 aircraft and helicopters of various types were prepared at the front over the course of three months. Also different types of equipment for communication and control of combat, and artillery (anti-mortar) radars were received from overseas friends.

An excuse for UAF offensive is now known – the blown up bus near Volnovakha. However, the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] took the sin upon its soul in vain, because the offensive choked at the stage of the three-day artillery preparation. Efficiency and density of counter-battery fire from NAF has been so detrimental to the Ukrainian artillery that Kiev began to look for scape goats in another “betrayal”. In addition, in response to an absolutely monstrous shelling of Donetsk on January 17-18, parts of NAF knocked the “cyborgs” out of the new terminal and attacked Peski and Avdeevka.

After that all operational plans have been disrupted, because the job came under the authority of a  “certified dimwit” – Colonel-General Muzhenko. Muzhenko, currently the chief of the General Staff, inside the General Staff is not respected, because he doesn’t care about the opinion of military experts, totally dependent on the whims and views of the head of the SBU, Nalyvaychenko and his closest cronies, many of whom got shoulder straps because of Maidan and have no experience or education.

Muzhenko arrived personally at the positions of the UAF near Donetsk airport, and ordered an immediate counterattack. Unprepared tank attack without infantry support, without co-operation with artillery led to heavy losses in personnel and equipment. During a few hours of the battle in the suburbs of Donetsk, UAF has lost more than 40 armored vehicles, mostly –  tanks. Muzhenko, realizing that as a result of his voluntarist management it is turning into a second Ilovaisk, which the “dimwit” also was involved in, left for Kiev, spreading a rumor about his severe wound.

By January 20th Kiev was in a full-fledged panic, and (in the absence of Poroshenko) was considering declaring war against Russia with the aim to involve NATO in the conflict and to receive urgent military assistance. People of Nalyvaychenko and Yatsenyuk tried to receive guarantees from the officers of the General Staff that missile defense and Ukrainian air force in the case of this scenario will be able at least for two weeks to counter the Russian air force. Of course, no one gave them such guarantees.

Because at this point NAF is advancing simultaneously in a dozen directions, and the control of many parts of the UAF is already lost, and volunteer battalions and the national guard is not under anyone’s control, a military disaster is in the making. The question is not whether or not the front will collapse, the question is, where it will happen first. Also, since approximately January 20th, Kiev knows nothing about where at least 6 tank battalions of NAF are located, which had left their permanent location.

Under these conditions, the emissaries of Nalyvaychenko are accusing the officers of the General Staff of incompetence and nepotism. These same people are saying that the American military mission to Kiev is preparing to take strategic control of UAF divisions upon themselves.

Well, as they say in Russian, may the earth be like glass fiber to you, dear guests!