American propaganda success: 60% of Japanese youth believe the atomic bomb was dropped by the USSR

From Fort Russ

September 6, 2015
Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Kristina Rus

Mikhail Delyagin (a prominent Russian author, politician and economist): When we take offence at the Japanese about their inadequacy on the Kuril islands, our offence is directed at the wrong target. We must remember about the Americans. They suppress everything they don’t like in Japan without any sentiments. This is hegemony and domination and it brings its fruits.

If you go to the museum of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki you will not find a mention of who dropped the atomic bomb. It’s not there. 

Host: It fell by itself…

Delyagin: A bomb fell by itself, a bomb was dropped, but by whom – sorry, you are not supposed to know. 

Morevover, there is sociological research, which shows that over 60% of Japanese youth under 26 believe that the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan by the USSR.

Host: For some reason I am not surprised…

Delyagin: They are convinced about it. This is a real achievement of American propaganda, of American domination.

Now I have a printout from Wikipedia in front of me. A printout in Russian, but it presents an American view. Even though it is free and it gets edited multiple times. 

It reports that the Japanese made the decision to capitulate only after the USSR brought in the troops and started a war and after the report about the second bomb in Nagasaki. Only after that the Japanese capitulated.

Alert: Beginning January 6-7, Christmas false flag events may be planned in Ukraine

Remember the multiple warnings in late November and in December about a false flag event that could involve tactical nuclear explosions? Such an event would be used to justify attacking Russia.

One of the warnings was from Russia’s State Advisor, Director of The Institute of Problems of Globalization, Doctor of Economics, author Mikhail Delyagin[i]

He said:

“And it is unlikely to happen right now, in mid-December. Because for a shock value it must happen on a Holy day. So I think that the threat exists before Christmas. The strongest threat.”

Christmas is celebrated in January in Ukraine and Russia. January 6 is Christmas Eve, and January 7 is Christmas Day. The holiday goes until January 19. So, “for shock value it must happen on a Holy day” would mean January 6 or 7, as the soonest.

… The sequel is coming. there will be another provocation. And what will the next provocation be? We got some information. .. I really hope that it’s a fake. I really hope that this is hostile propaganda. But you know, better be safe than sorry. The point is: Ukrainian army goes on the offensive. Yes, it doesn’t have the strength for the offensive and the level of demoralization is monstrous. Therefore it pretends to attack. Valiant soldiers carry out a massive artillery preparation. And all the Western media, not to mention Ukrainian, shout in unison about the liberation of another 300 square meters of Donetsk airport, for example. After that a tactical nuclear warhead explodes in the zone of the offensive of the Ukrainian army. Then everyone shouts that the monstrous Russia used nuclear weapons. Conversations about changing our military doctrine are moving in that direction. The liberal intelligentsia is already hysterically screaming about it. This is that which will be extremely difficult to clean up from. That which our military is not capable of, in principle, even theoretically. And that which is quite normal for the Americans, because both times of the use of nuclear weapons in the history of mankind it was them. To use it the third time is not so difficult.

Moreover, there were reports about wonderful Estonian port Paldiski – former Baltic, there is now a large warehouse of radioactive waste from all over Estonia, may be even from across the Baltic States. Spent x-ray medical devices and so on. And there NATO, U.S. military reportedly delivered some cargo, which also radiates, but in no case is it a waste to be disposed of. Just that the stock of radioactive waste is used as a disguise for the background.

…So [they] will explain to everyone that the damned Russian barbarians had used nuclear weapons against defenseless Ukrainian army. 

… – If possible, do you have information about how this warhead would be delivered to the zone of the Ukrainian army?

… In principle, it could be a cruise missile that will fly somewhere from afar, just on a low flight, below all of the locators. This could be a fixed delivery.

– Is the follow up script known?

It’s very simple. They all begin to shout, as we have just seen with the story of Malaysian Boeing that Putin is personally to blame. Actually no officer in the Russian Federation, no general of the Russian Federation, no last idiot in the Russian Federation can deploy a tactical nuclear weapon without the direct order from the Supreme Commander.

Because they will be shown Ukrainian children burnt with radiation disease and all that is necessary to present in such cases. And this is not Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Because then the Americans were the winners. Now we will be the losers. That’s the difference. Global media is tightly controlled by the Americans.

Secondly, there are the apparent preparations by Kiev for a false flag event, with Ukrainian military vehicles being re-badged with Russian insignias and carrying Russian flags.[ii]

Thirdly, there have been a number of reports that the United States is planning to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia.[iii]

It is critical that information get to the public, to elected officials, and to the media on the real situation in Ukraine as well as information on a possible false flag attack happening this week.

These events could happen anywhere in Europe, too, since NATO leaders have been creating a high pitch of fear, even hysteria.

The only hope of preventing such foul deeds is to shine the bright light of publicity on the potential perpetrators so that the elements of surprise are gone. That is the only protection for the people of Ukraine, Russia, and Europe, as well as for all of us.

Be watchful and aware, learn, share, and build peace.


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