The terrorist vein of Barack Obama

Vein: a distinctive quality, style, or tendency.

synonyms: mood, frame of mind, temper, disposition, attitude, tenor, tone, key, spirit, character, fashion, feel, flavor, quality, atmosphere, humor, manner, mode, way, style

By José Goulão
March 13, 2015
Rough translation of original article in Portuguese

Once you have inherited, at first with some modesty and under other names, the war against terrorism invented by his predecessor, Barack Obama is not limited to match George W. Bush in the use of practices of terrorism as in some cases – not just the world record of extrajudicial killings with drones – he can surpass it.

The most egregious situation, and contributing to demonstrate how the United States is governed by a single party, because in matters of human rights violations no one can distinguish a Democrat from a Republican, is the proliferation of threats, attempts and execution of coups d’etat.

In the reign of Obama the series makes blush with envy some of the most hardened hawks that passed in the White House: Honduras, Paraguay, Ukraine, Macedonia, Egypt, Qatar, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Mali, Central African Republic and, it could not be, Venezuela.

The subject Venezuelan may have passed almost unnoticed. It was hidden for with this if you try abadar the failure of the putsch, or explained to the contrary by the doctrinal censorial mechanisms that caricature the role of the media.

The coup was scheduled for February 12, trying to re-edit the Chilean tragedy of 1973 but the Venezuelan authorities anticipated up and laid bare a context through which it proves that Washington does not look at the beginning nor the means to achieve the purposes intended, always presented, as good manners, as the establishment of democracy which supposedly does not exist.

On this day February 12, as part of “Operation Jericho,” a Tucano ENB 312 bomber, already involved in an attack against the Colombian FARC leaders, should have bombed the presidential palace in Caracas, the National Assembly, ALBA facilities and the Telesur television to establish a “transitional government” to deliver the fascists recognized as Antonio Ledezma, significantly known as the “vampire”, Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo Lopez. The plane, painted with the colors of the Venezuelan aviation, belongs to an integrated band of mercenaries in the world mafia of private armies and security companies by the name of Academi and once was called Blackwater – that everyone has heard one of the most active terrorist arms in the invasion of Iraq. Company where pontificate a former boss of the NSA (National Security Agency) and the former attorney general of the Bush administration.

The plot of the putsch leads to the headquarters operations in Bogota and the operation commander, Ricardo Zuñiga, an adviser to Barack Obama for Latin America and also because those who leave with their non-degenerate, president of the grandson of the Honduras National Party that organized the fascist coups of 1963 and 1972. Moreover, Washington resorted to outsourcing to mount the operation, giving Canada the management of civil airports to use, the UK advertising and the Israeli Mossad physical deletions deemed necessary. Ledezma, “vampire”, recently traveled to Israel, where he was received warmly by Netanyahu, Lieberman & Cia.

As the coup failed and was exposed, on 9 March Barack Obama triggered the statute that allows you to declare Venezuela a “threat to national security” of the United States, provided for cases where there is “an extraordinary and unusual security threat national and foreign policy, a situation that should be treated as a national emergency.” That is, Barack Obama brought the terrorist strategy of permanent coup against Venezuela, claiming the corruption of leaders of Caracas and the violation of democratic principles.

Ironically, one of the chosen for such a “transitional government”, the aforementioned “vampire” Ledezma in time author of the “Caracazo” massacre of hundreds of students protesting against austerity, is the governor of the region of Caracas, elected through the mechanisms of a system that he and his tutors do not consider democratic.   Here’s how Obama is no different of the darkest hawks passed by the White House. Record yourself, to be true, that in Venezuela, Ukraine, Macedonia and wherever such suits him, the US president has no qualms about resorting to leaders and Nazi-fascist assault groups provided that, he says, it is to introduce democracy.


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