Popular culture as a Weapon of Mass Distortion/Weapon of Mass Destruction

Global Research, May 06, 2017
Fort Russ 4 May 2017

Attempting to further spread its tentacles, the global multinationalist octopus often has to resort to baiting the masses in order to attract them, so that it can gain confidence in an approval of its actions. Globalisation is a complex and difficult process and demands a lot of effort while normalizing its deeds.

As such, measures that would instantly appeal to the masses are needed. Hollywood, video games, bestsellers, popular music, cultural and even religious trends are just some of the many ways how the ruling world order is trying to penetrate people’s lives and keep them under control, making sure they will not “slip” to the other side.

When making millions by selling the things that please and appeal to the masses, the establishment of course does not forget to exploit every single opportunity to push its agenda and convince the people of what is “right”, while also carefully spinning its propaganda driving wheel. Although the term “propaganda” is often associated with the so-called “undemocratic totalitarian systems”, which often accused of attempting to take complete mind control of the people that are said to be serving them, the extent of propaganda in the so-called “civilized and free democratic world”, has actually reached an exponent, much higher than in any other system.

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Indeed, if we only take a look at Hollywood’s movie industry, known for having very close ties to the military-industrial complex, we can see what instrumental role did it have in shaping social- histo-geopolitical viewpoints and orientation of masses of people ever since the time of the Great War. Those unfamiliar with history and geopolitics might not notice anything in particular, however the people familiar with these things and the way the world is functioning, will eventually recognize several references to the historical and geopolitical reality, made in these movies and television series.

The biggest danger here lies within complete manipulation and brainwashing of the people who, over a certain period, become accustomed to the things they are seeing and are being surrounded with, and start taking them as normal. For instance, in the movie Rambo a US super-soldier is literally crushing waves of evil, greedy and savage Vietnamese Communists who are the biggest threat to the world peace.

While this, of course, is all the work of fiction, this “fiction” eventually started to become reality for millions of average people, especially after many similar movies were also made. In addition, this all got paired with the fact that daily news reports and documentaries were not that much different when peddling the globalist narrative, hence the high level of manipulation, distortion and general lack of knowledge among the average people, shall not come as a surprise.

Crushed by the defeat in Vietnam and ashamed of the atrocities, the US establishment wanted to launch a mass campaign that would brainwash the people to a degree that it was in fact the US side which was the brave, winning and righteous one, but eventually made a tactical retreat so that the “evil Vietnamese” would no longer be able to shed the blood of the innocent people. A similar concept was also introduced towards other “negatives” around the time of the cold war, namely the Soviets, the Chinese, the Germans, North Koreans and Arab socialist states.

What is also interesting about Hollywood propaganda is that it often degrades the “negative opponent” down to the bottom. Not only are the people on the “wrong” side portrayed as the worst kind of evil, they also happen to be ugly, dirty, stupid, clumsy, lazy, irrational, ignorant, heavily miscalculative, naive, weak and badly mannered. All that at once. Given their extremely unusual and unrealistic characteristics of the weakest kind, one is absolutely amazed upon seeing how much effort does the opposite side in fact need to make in order to bring them down.

This alone shows how quickly people are actually buying into these lies, manipulations and distortions, without having to use their brain at least once. Although everyone understands that this is all just the work of fiction, all intelligent beings would nonetheless issue a protest in their mind when coming in contact with such utter nonsense.

Image result for macgyverSome of the propaganda material is even so poorly prepared that it contains basic historic and geographical errors, made by the people in charge of the script and scenario. For example, in one of the episodes of MacGyver, a US television series that aired during the 1990s, the protagonist (a well-built, intelligent and good looking American male, working for one of the government agencies) is after the “bloodthirsty” Serbs who are terrorizing the innocent people of Chechnya. Yes, Chechnya and nothing else.

Although the TV series might not deal with the strict geopolitical reality, this nonetheless is highly ridiculous, given that it was made in the early 1990s when anti-Serbian campaign in the Western media was at its peak, meaning the creators of the series would be able to throw in anything that came in their way, only to lash out against the Serbs, even if for a price of a grave geographic and political error.

A similar situation to that in Hollywood also exists in the world of video games that has since become the milking cow for the multinational corporation and a loud beating drum for the governments and their oversea escapades. Video games are attractive, especially for the young people because they are interactive and often bring technological innovations that fascinate the youths.

Perhaps the most notorious video game as regards lies, manipulations and distortions would be Soldier of Fortune, released in 2000. In this game player assumes the role of John Mullins, a bearded middle-aged American Hercules, who, in a fashion similar to that of John Rambo, is eradicating the waves of Neonazi skinheads, Serbs, Iraqis and Russians by merely touching the trigger. Yes, all of them are evil and very much connected to one another. Not only was the game notorious for its exceptional amount of graphic violence and gore, the game even allow the player to kill as many Iraqi civilians as possible.

Although the game indeed tolerates the deaths of up to 3 civilians, killed by player in a “friendly fire”, this is not the case with Iraqi civilians that can be killed in hundreds, with no negative effect on the player. On top of that, whenever the player approaches Iraqi civilians, the crosshair never turns green as is the case with all other civilians, but rather remains red, just like when player is involved fighting armed and violent opponents. This is a rather disturbing thing and highly unlikely a technical bug. By implementing this, the developer basically wanted to tell the player that the Iraqi people are a such “utter scum” that they can be mercilessly killed as all terrorists in the game.

Every day the people watch news reports on TV, in addition to being surrounded with them while surfing the web. However, the range of influence in shaping the picture of events and occurrences of the popular culture is much greater than that of the daily news, since not all people are interested in following politics or local events. Many simply don’t care, while at the same time, hardly anyone of the average people is not caring movies, video games and TV series.

On top of that, the age range of consumers of the popular culture is a lot wider since children and teenagers, who are some of the largest consumers of the popular culture, are usually not interested in following daily news. Given their age and level of experience, the adolescents are particularly vulnerable to succumb to the lies, manipulations and distortions, carefully wrapped up in their favourite comic books, movies and video games.

Indeed, movie and video game stories of superheroes, fighting in the ranks of the US Army who fight against evil forces, coming from the desert on the other side of the world and literally crush everything evil that comes their way, have actually inspired lots of older teenagers to start actively thinking of joining the US Army and going to Iraq.

For many, the Iraqi experience turned out to be a complete disaster as instead of a much loved, congratulated and loaded superheroes with a bunch of attractive women by their side, they came back in complete psychological ruins, thanks to the shock that started to devastate them the very first moment when they engaged in violent confrontations with their opponent. Their 18 years of dreaming the American dream was followed by a crude reality.

On the other hand, their peers, growing up in the so-called non-free totalitarian world never had that kind of a problem. At least not if we are to compare the fate of the youths who survived the siege of Stalingrad to those who went on a little adventure in Iraq.

The goal of violence in American media

In 1938, Walt Disney released the cartoon Snow White. The scenes of Snow White fleeing through a dark and threatening forest were so frightening to many children that they urinated on the theatre seats.

Fast forward to today. Children of today would scorn the previous generations’ fear and scoff at “Snow White”’s images. They are exposed to far worse virtual and real media images, complete with sophisticated and sublimal scores. It is deeply sad that today’s children are so brutalized and stripped of innocence; Walt Disney’s scary scenes were the beginning of that process aimed specifically at children. That is child abuse. Violence and frightening images, shootings, sexual violence, people beng tortured or brutally murdered, camera angles with the viewer as victim, sequences and scenes to startle are the routine stuff of video games, music videos, movies, and television plots. Video games award the player for people killed. How long before reality shows become snuff movies, before society welcomes a return to the evil spectacles of the Roman Coliseum?

Psychologists say that those who are bystanders to abuse suffer the same impacts as those who are abused. There is little difference between fantasy abuse and actual abuse – witness the pounding heart, the breathlessness, the emotional reactions to a scary movie or action movie. The body, psyche, and soul experience these assaults – every child, every adult who witnesses them. These assaults are not entertainment. They are real, and they have real effects. And they create a society which is abused and assaulted, and this experience is considered acceptable. It is even considered entertainment.

Popular TV shows use subtle psychological techniques to get viewers to identify and cheer on actors protraying the U.S. military intelligence community or even frackers. Together with propaganda and marketing hype from all directions about good guys and bad guys, the situation in the United States is of societal and historical illiteracy, sensory addiction, widespread acceptance of anti-social speech, norms, and behavior, and shrug-the-shoulders apathy all to often.

Animation has been used as a medium because it’s easier to “sell” ideas (as well as products; Disney was an innovator in that regard — another abuse of the children in his audience). The popular program, “The Simpsons”, has for years promoted new norms of acceptable behavior, including disrespect, rudeness, and foul language. The film “Despicable Me” makes villainy cute and cuddly, complete with huggable yellow minions that work for history’s worst criminals. Unpack this movie and its packaging; evil is cunningly re-badged and played for laughs. What the movie and its successor films push in large part is darkness as they desensitize audiences.

It’s difficult to be a critic in today’s climate, because the new norm is consumption and thoughtlessnes, and society is resistant to looking in the mirror. After all, this is “just for fun”. As people become increasingly isolated, distracted, and disconnected from each other and from society, increasingly addicted to and damaged by technology, as relational skills atrophy or never develop, and those blue screens become the only “eyes” they look into, the world is in a very dangerous place.

In such an environment, those whose goals are profit and power have more and more room to operate, free of opposition. History is very clear where that leads.

U.S. propaganda in Korea exposes American TV as social engineering tool

“Convincing a population to be self-absorbed moral and social degenerates is “mind-altering,” however it has little or nothing to do with the pursuit of freedom. The weakness sown amongst populations encouraged to break up first their families, then their local communities, is tantamount to a domestic military campaign of sociopolitical “divide and conquer.” Local communities that are incapable of organizing themselves, because individuals themselves are incapable of building families, reduces the potential of competitors rising up and challenging the status quo established by Wall Street and Washington.

More importantly, it encourages servile dependency on a particular type of consumerist paradigm perfected and exclusively dominated by Western interests that best feeds the sort of self-absorbed behavior endlessly promoted across Western media.

I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, Father Knows Best, Happy Days, Golden Girls, Friends, MTV, Gilligan’s Island, Cops, Cheers, Desperate Housewives,  and the endless sitcoms and now “reality” shows, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol — there is so much to distract from real people, relationships, community, and issues. While “I Love Lucy” was popular, the U.S. was doing atomic weapons testing. “My Three Sons” played while the Vietnam War raged and the civil rights movement struggled. Millions of Americans, glued to their TV screens, watch “heart-warming” dramas or “cute” comedies, while critical issues are neglected and people die. Children grow up expecting all the things they see on TV, including the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, as reality. TV advertisements say that happiness comes from buying the right things. American young people aim for “good-paying” jobs which will allow them to accumulate material luxuries and retire early.

It’s been very successful, this social engineering.  Advertisements show happy families having quality time together…around a television set. A TV or screen in every room. People don’t talk to each other, even lose the ability to connect with each other.  Children go outside to play less and less, don’t go camping with their families or on picnics, and don’t get together with neighborhood kids to play. Together with technology’s intrusion, what the industry itself calls “disruptive”, many American families are increasingly empty and fragmented. Decreasing satisfaction from family life and married life leads to greater consumerism — it’s a self-feeding cycle.  The toll that online pornography has taken on young men is well known; that fewer and fewer are able to have a healthy relationship is a frightening societal trend. Finally, it seems that community focus and community life is diminishing rapidly.

TV doesn’t shatter illusions; it builds them. That is part of the allure.And while we are watching even the most noteworthy program, life is going by around us — real opportunities, real people, real recreation, real life.

On an old BBC series, “All Creatures Great and Small”, one of the characters remarked about the coming of television to England, “Think of it — millions of people are watching exactly the same thing at exactly the same time.” That fact has not escaped the attention of our respective governments.

The best thing for ourselves, our communities, and our countries would be for people to turn TVs and technology off.

From  New Eastern Outlook, 3-20-15
By Tony Cartalucci

When Wired published its article, “The Plot to Free North Korea with Smuggled Episodes of ‘Friends,’” it probably hoped that its impressionable, politically ignorant audience would not pick up on the underlying facts and their implications, and simply see a “cute” anecdote poking fun at the besieged East Asian country while inflating their own sense of unwarranted cultural superiority.

What they missed, of course, is the fact that the program peddled by Wired as the work of “the North Korea Strategy Center and its 46-year-old founder, Kang Chol-hwan,” is in fact funded and organized instead by the US State Department.

Indeed, the North Korea Strategy Center is partnered directly with the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the US Department of State, the US State Department’s Radio Free Asia propaganda network, and the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a defacto “department of regime change” backed by Wall Street’s Fortune 500, solely for the interests of Wall Street’s Fortune 500.

Readers of Wired’s latest, long-winded spin on US-backed sedition abroad also most likely missed the fact that if TV shows from America are considered a tool for social engineering in North Korea, they are most likely being used as a tool of social engineering in the United States as well. The degradation of American culture, the family, and weakening of local communities, versus the growing centralized dominance of corporate-financier monopolies and their increasingly draconian police and surveillance state is a direct result of this.

Wired would admit in their article that:

Kang likens the USB sticks to the red pill from The Matrix: a mind-altering treatment that has the power to shatter a world of illusions. “When North Koreans watch Desperate Housewives, they see that Americans aren’t all war-loving imperialists,” Kang says. “They’re just people having affairs or whatever. They see the leisure, the freedom. They realize that this isn’t the enemy; it’s what they want for themselves. It cancels out everything they’ve been told. And when that happens, it starts a revolution in their mind.”

Indeed, convincing a population to be self-absorbed moral and social degenerates is “mind-altering,” however it has little or nothing to do with the pursuit of freedom. The weakness sown amongst populations encouraged to break up first their families, then their local communities, is tantamount to a domestic military campaign of sociopolitical “divide and conquer.” Local communities that are incapable of organizing themselves, because individuals themselves are incapable of building families, reduces the potential of competitors rising up and challenging the status quo established by Wall Street and Washington.

More importantly, it encourages servile dependency on a particular type of consumerist paradigm perfected and exclusively dominated by Western interests that best feeds the sort of self-absorbed behavior endlessly promoted across Western media.

Essentially, NKSC is not working to “free” anyone. Instead, they are working to corral North Koreans out of one cage, and into another. Some might argue this “other cage” is more comfortable, but it is still a cage nonetheless. It is not done for any altruistic purpose, but simply to enroll millions more from yet another region of the planet into Wall Street’s global-spanning, unsustainable, exploitative consumerist paradigm – one which strangles the environment, society, and individuals.

How can NKSC Show People the “Truth” if it Can’t Even be Honest About Who is Behind its Work?It is also a consumerist paradigm admittedly being built up and sustained with US taxpayers’ money, through the US State Department whose mission is allegedly to represent the American people and their best interests, but which is instead demonstrably imposing US corporate-financier interests on other people, through tricks when possible, and through force when necessary.

Wired’s article, like many others it has written to spin what is essentially colonialism 2.0, is meant to give readers a sense of moral superiority over the West’s many perceived enemies.

That Wired never mentions the US State Department’s role in this particular propaganda campaign illustrates that not only are people being manipulated, they are being manipulated through an extraordinarily dishonest campaign. Would Kang’s sedition be as palatable to North Koreans if they knew it was in fact fully funded, supported, and even the creation of the US State Department? Would that bolster Kang’s allegations that North Korea is unreasonably paranoid regarding American designs to subvert, destroy, and overrun the nation? Or does the fact that his work is fully underwritten by the US State Department undermine entirely the lies he uses to defend it?

When offering “freedom” to others, truth and transparency is essential. The ill-informed or misinformed cannot make truly honest decisions about their future. If North Korea’s crime is deceiving its people about the state of the world beyond its borders, than Kang and the North Korea Strategy Center’s campaign to show them the “true world” with propaganda funded by the US State Department – a fact never mentioned by Kang and the NKSC – is just as deceptive.

As is often said, two wrongs don’t make a right – and that’s if one foolishly assumes the US State Department is seeking to make a right in the first place.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.
First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2015/03/20/us-propaganda-op-in-korea-exposes-american-tv-as-social-engineering-tool/