The US Is preparing to oust President Evo Morales

From Strategic Culture Foundation

June 9, 2016

US intelligence agencies have ramped up their operations intended to remove Bolivian President Evo Morales from office. All options are on the table, including assassination. Barack Obama, who sees the weakening of Latin America’s “hostile bloc of populist states” as one of his administration’s foreign-policy victories, intends to buoy this success before stepping down.

Washington also feels under the gun in Bolivia because of China’s successful expansion in the country. Morales is steadily strengthening his financial, economic, trade, and military relationship with Beijing. Chinese businesses in La Paz are thriving – making investments and loans and taking part in projects to secure a key position for Bolivia in the modernization of the continent’s transportation industry. In the next 10 years, thanks to Bolivia’s plentiful gas reserves, that country will become the energy hub of South America. Evo Morales sees his country’s development as his top priority, and the Chinese, unlike the Americans, have always viewed Bolivia as an ally and partner in a relationship that eschews double standards.

The US embassy in La Paz has been without an ambassador since 2008. He was declared persona non grata because of his subversive activities. The interim chargé d’affaires is currently Peter Brennan, and pointed questions have been raised about what agency he truly works for. He was previously stationed in Pakistan, where “difficult decisions” had to be made about assassinations, but most of his career has been spent handling Latin American countries. In particular, Brennan was responsible for introducing the ZunZuneo service into Cuba (an illegal program dubbed the “Cuban Twitter”). USAID fronted this CIA program, under the innocent pretext of helping to inform Cubans about cultural and sporting events and other international news. Once ZunZuneo was in place, there were plans to use this program to mobilize the population in preparation for a “Cuban Spring”. When reading about Brennan one often encounters the phrase – “dark horse”. He is used to getting what he wants, at any cost, and his tight deadline in Bolivia (before the end of Obama’s presidency) is forcing Brennan to take great risks.

Previously, Brennan had “distinguished himself” during the run-up to the referendum on allowing President Evo Morales to run for reelection in 2019, as well as during the vote itself. To encourage “no” votes, the US embassy mobilized its entire propaganda machine, roused to action the NGOs under its control, and allocated considerable additional funds for the staging of protests. It is telling that many of those culminated in the burning of photographs of Morales wearing his presidential sash. A record-setting volley of dirt was fired at the president. Accusations of corruption were the most common, although Morales has always been open about his personal finances. It would have been hard to pin ownership of “$43 billion in offshore accounts” on him, as was done to Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro.

Brennan also has agreements in place with Washington about other operations to compromise the Bolivian president. An attack was launched by the CIA agent Carlos Valverde Bravo, a well-known TV journalist and former agent with Bolivia’s security services. In his Feb. 3 program he accused Morales’s former companion, Gabriela Zapata, the commercial manager of the Chinese company CAMC Engineering Co, of orchestrating shady business deals worth $500 million. Insinuations simultaneously began circulating on the Internet about the Bolivian president’s involvement in those, although Morales completely broke ties with Zapata back in 2007 and has spared no individual, regardless of name and rank, in his battle against corruption.

The “exposés” staged by the US embassy continued until the day of the referendum itself on Feb. 21, 2016. The “no” votes prevailed, despite the favorable trend that had been indicated in the voter polls. Morales accepted defeat with his Indian equanimity, but in his statements after the referendum he was clear that the US embassy had waged a hostile campaign.

The investigation into Gabriela Zapata revealed that she had capitalized on her previous relationship with Morales to further her career. She was offered a position with the Chinese company CAMC and took possession of a luxury home in an upscale neighborhood in La Paz, making a big show of her “closeness” to the Bolivian leader, although he played no role in any of this. This was the same reason she tried to initiate a business and personal relationship with the president’s chief of staff, Juan Ramón Quintana. He has categorically denied having ever met Zapata.

Gradually, all the CIA’s fabricated evidence disintegrated. Zapata is now testifying, and her lawyer has holed up abroad because his contacts with the Americans have been exposed. The American agent Valverde Bravo has fled to Argentina. Accusations against Morales are being hurled from there with renewed vigor. The attack continues. It’s all quite logical: a continually repeated lie is an effective weapon in this newest generation of information warfare. The latest example was the ouster of Dilma Rousseff, who was accused of corruption by officials whom her government had identified as corrupt!

The US military has been increasing its presence in Bolivia in recent months. For example, Colonel Felando Pierre Thigpen visited the department of Santa Cruz, where there are strong separatist leanings. Thigpen is known to be involved in a joint program between the Pentagon and CIA to recruit and train potential personnel for American intelligence. In commentary by Bolivian bloggers and in publications about Thigpen, it is noted that the colonel was dispatched to the country on the eve of events related to “the impending replacement of a government that has exhausted its potential, as well as the need to recruit alternative young personalities into the new leadership structure.” Some comments have indicated that Thigpen is overseeing the work of diplomats Peter Brennan and Erik Foronda, a media and press advisor at the US embassy.

The embassy responded by stating that Thigpen had arrived in Bolivia “at his own initiative”, but it is no secret that he was invited to “work with youth” by NGOs that coordinate their activities with the Americans: the Foundation for Leadership and Integral Development (FULIDEI), the Global Transformation Network (RTG), the Bolivian School of Heroes (EHB), and others. So Thigpen’s work is not being improvised, but is rather a direct challenge to Morales’s government. Domestically, the far-right party Christian Democratic Party provides him with political cover.

The US plans to destabilize Bolivia – which were provided to Evo Morales’s government by an unnamed friendly country – include a step-by-step chronogram of the actions plotted by the Americans. For example:

“To spark hunger strikes and mass mobilizations and to stir up conflicts within universities, civil organizations, indigenous communities, and varied social circles, as well as within government institutions. To strike up acquaintances with both active-duty and retired military officers, with the goal of undercutting the government’s credibility within the armed forces. It is absolutely essential to train the military for a crisis scenario, so that in an atmosphere of growing social conflict they will lead an uprising against the regime and support the protests in order to ensure a peaceful transition to democracy.”

The program’s first fruits have been the emergence of social protests (recent marches by disabled citizens were staged at the suggestion of the American embassy), although Evo Morales’s administration has evinced more concern for the interests of Bolivians on a limited income than any other government in the history of Bolivia.

The scope of the operation to oust President Morales – financed and directed by US intelligence agencies – continues to expand. The Americans’ biggest adversary in Latin America has been sentenced to a fate of “neutralization”. Speaking out against Evo Morales, the radical opposition has openly alluded to the fact that it has been a long time since the region has seen a really newsworthy air crash involving a politician who was hostile to Washington…

Shocking UN report lists crimes by the Ukrainian authorities

From Strategic Culture Foundation

By Arina Tsukanova
June 11, 2016
Shocking UN Report Lists Crimes by the Ukrainian Authorities

The 13th report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human rights situation in Ukraine between 16 November 2015 and 15 February 2016, when the Minsk Agreements were in force, has come as a shock to Kiev.

According to the UN, more than three million people live in the areas directly affected by the conflict. The exact number of people who have left Ukraine-controlled territory is still unknown, although rough estimates range from 800,000 to 1,000,000 people. The Ukrainian government has estimated that more than a million people have left southeast Ukraine for Russia, Belarus and Europe. This figure does not match that of the Russian federal migration service, however: in 2015, around four million Ukrainians crossed the border, with nearly 2.6 million settling in Russia. More than a million people have arrived from southeast Ukraine. Residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions are permitted to live freely in Russia.

The discrepancy in the figures clearly shows that Ukraine is not interested in keeping track of its citizens, whether within the country or abroad. This means that one of the aims of the military campaign launched in the east of the country is to displace the population from the area of conflict, predominantly to Russia. Given that refugees from the republics to Ukraine are facing discrimination in access to public services, according to the UN report, the authorities in Kiev do not seem to want the residents of Donbass either.

The UN also states that those living close to the contact line (nearly 800,000 people) are particularly suffering, and the lives of these people are constantly at risk. The UN mission believes that the assistance being given to the residents of Donbass is insufficient, even given Russia’s humanitarian convoys, although the fact that it was Ukraine that shut down all the social programmes and introduced the ‘blockade’ unfortunately remained beyond the scope of the report.

The UN believes that the permit regime introduced by Ukraine and the disorder at checkpoints are negatively reinforcing the isolation of those living in the DPR and LPR. Queues of up to 300-400 cars waiting on either side of the checkpoints are observed on a regular basis and this recently ended in tragedy. Due to the fact that the Ukrainian checkpoint is not open at night, civilians who had been queuing in their cars overnight were fired at by the Ukrainian side using illegal-calibre weapons (122 mm), resulting in the deaths of five people, including a pregnant woman.

During the period covered in the report, the Ukrainian armed forces have advanced even further into populated areas and the numerous attacks on the residential areas of Horlivka, Shakhtarsk and Debaltseve are also mentioned in the report.

Since the Minsk ceasefire agreements entered into force (i.e. since 15 February 2015), there have been 843 civilian casualties – 235 killed (216 adults and 19 children) and 608 injured (554 adults and 44 children). At the same time, the UN mission notes that it is unable to attribute some of the victims to either side of the conflict. It also emphasises that the real number of those killed and injured could be higher than that given in the report.

The number of people missing is particularly shocking. The Ukrainian side has reported 741 persons missing, while the DPR has registered 420 missing persons. In addition, the UN mission has ascertained that approximately 1,000 bodies held in morgues in government-controlled territory have still not been identified.

And once again the numbers are crying out that the Ukrainian government does not believe people to be important. The number of persons that Kiev has declared missing is a third less than the number of unidentified bodies! And the numbers also ignore the mortal remains in areas where hostilies took place – search operations are virtually non-existent. As the UN report states, there is not even a dedicated mechanism in place to gather statements from the relatives of missing persons.

The UN mission has also not taken into account the number of unmarked graves in cemeteries. The overwhelming majority of missing persons should not be looked for in the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, but among the thousands of bodies that have already been quietly buried or are still lying in morgues. It is possible that the official number of those who will never return has been hugely underestimated.

The efforts of the Ukrainian side aimed at searching for and identifying those killed and those missing are referred to in the UN report using the word «inaction».

Kiev cannot admit that to avoid responsibility, it is secretly carrying out a policy of ‘unidentified bodies’. It is also being suggested to relatives that missing persons are being held captive by DPR and LPR ‘separatists’.

The report concedes that some people recorded as missing may be alive, but are being held in secret places of detention either in the republics or in Ukrainian-controlled territory.

The UN mission has finally figured out that the secret prisons and torture in Ukraine are an established system that has become part of the state and its policies. Of the 1,925 criminal investigations launched into allegations of torture in 2015, 1,450 were closed.

The report has also provided yet more evidence that it is not a civil war. It is a war between those who seized power by means of a military coup and the people of Ukraine, a war that is hypocritically being referred to as an ‘anti-terrorist operation’.

As noted in the report,

throughout the country, OHCHR continued to receive allegations of enforced disappearances, arbitrary and incommunicado detention, and torture and ill-treatment of people accused by the Ukrainian authorities of ‘trespassing territorial integrity’, ‘terrorism’ or related offenses, or of individuals suspected of being members of, or affiliated with, the armed groups.

People are not just being tortured, but are also being executed without trial. In Sloviansk, for example, the basement of the local college is being used for this purpose. A basement used for torture and summary executions was also discovered by UN inspectors in Izium, Kharkiv district. In addition, «a network of unofficial places of detention, often located in the basement of regional SBU buildings, have been identified». The SBU also has such basements in Odessa and Kharkiv. In February 2016, between 20 to 30 people were detained in the basement of the Kharkiv regional SBU building, and the vast majority of prisoners were not arrested in accordance with legal procedures and were not charged.

The report also notes that the SBU obtains confessions of terrorism using torture, and those who sign the confessions are told that should they complain, then their families, including their children, will also be made to suffer. The Security Service of Ukraine refers to such methods as the use of «proportional» and «justified» force.

The 13th report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human rights situation in Ukraine appeared on 3 March 2016, but it is only now that the information bomb has exploded following an article in The Times, in which Ivan Simonovic, UN assistant secretary-general for human rights, talks about the report and also about five secret SBU prisons that a delegation of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture was not allowed access to, resulting in the delegation cutting short its visit to Ukraine…

The 13th report also completely destroys the myth that there are thousands of prisoners in the DPR and LPR. There is no trace of the thousands – in February 2016, the SBU gave the UN mission a list of 136 people who are allegedly being detained in custody in the republics, but nothing is known about this for sure. The list provided by the DPR authorities, however, looks completely different. «Some 1,110 persons were detained by the Government of Ukraine, including 363 members of the armed groups. This includes 577 people arrested for ‘their political views’ and 170 civilians ‘who have nothing to do with the conflict’», says the UN report. The SBU has gone overboard by essentially creating a system of concentration camps. The UN report likens the actions of the SBU to the seizure of hostages.

It has been impossible to keep the scandal hushed up, but while this regime exists in Ukraine, investigations into its criminal activities will be carried out along the same lines as the investigations into the people burned alive in Odessa on 2 May 2014. Namely that the executioners will remain free or under house arrest while the victims are imprisoned. For years.

A Russian warning. “A looming Third World War”

From Club Orlov
May 31, 2016

We, the undersigned, are Russians living and working in the USA. We have been watching with increasing anxiety as the current US and NATO policies have set us on an extremely dangerous collision course with the Russian Federation, as well as with China. Many respected, patriotic Americans, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern and many others have been issuing warnings of a looming a Third World War. But their voices have been all but lost among the din of a mass media that is full of deceptive and inaccurate stories that characterize the Russian economy as being in shambles and the Russian military as weak—all based on no evidence. But we—knowing both Russian history and the current state of Russian society and the Russian military, cannot swallow these lies. We now feel that it is our duty, as Russians living in the US, to warn the American people that they are being lied to, and to tell them the truth. And the truth is simply this:

If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States
will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.
Let us take a step back and put what is happening in a historical context. Russia has suffered a great deal at the hands of foreign invaders, losing 22 million people in World War II. Most of the dead were civilians, because the country was invaded, and the Russians have vowed to never let such a disaster happen again. Each time Russia had been invaded, she emerged victorious. In 1812 Nepoleon invaded Russia; in 1814 Russian cavalry rode into Paris. On June 22, 1941, Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed Kiev; On May 8, 1945, Soviet troops rolled into Berlin.But times have changed since then. If Hitler were to attack Russia today, he would be dead 20 to 30 minutes later, his bunker reduced to glowing rubble by a strike from a Kalibr supersonic cruise missile launched from a small Russian navy ship somewhere in the Baltic Sea. The operational abilities of the new Russian military have been most persuasively demonstrated during the recent action against ISIS, Al Nusra and other foreign-funded terrorist groups operating in Syria. A long time ago Russia had to respond to provocations by fighting land battles on her own territory, then launching a counter-invasion; but this is no longer necessary. Russia’s new weapons make retaliation instant, undetectable, unstoppable and perfectly lethal.

Thus, if tomorrow a war were to break out between the US and Russia, it is guaranteed that the US would be obliterated. At a minimum, there would no longer be an electric grid, no internet, no oil and gas pipelines, no interstate highway system, no air transportation or GPS-based navigation. Financial centers would lie in ruins. Government at every level would cease to function. US armed forces, stationed all around the globe, would no longer be resupplied. At a maximum, the entire landmass of the US would be covered by a layer of radioactive ash. We tell you this not to be alarmist, but because, based on everything we know, we are ourselves alarmed. If attacked, Russia will not back down; she will retaliate, and she will utterly annihilate the United States.

The US leadership has done everything it could to push the situation to the brink of disaster. First, its anti-Russian policies have convinced the Russian leadership that making concessions or negotiating with the West is futile. It has become apparent that the West will always support any individual, movement or government that is anti-Russian, be it tax-cheating Russian oligarchs, convicted Ukrainian war criminals, Saudi-supported Wahhabi terrorists in Chechnya or cathedral-desecrating punks in Moscow. Now that NATO, in violation of its previous promises, has expanded right up to the Russian border, with US forces deployed in the Baltic states, within artillery range of St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, the Russians have nowhere left to retreat. They will not attack; nor will they back down or surrender. The Russian leadership enjoys over 80% of popular support; the remaining 20% seems to feel that it is being too soft in opposing Western encroachment. But Russia will retaliate, and a provocation or a simple mistake could trigger a sequence of events that will end with millions of Americans dead and the US in ruins.

Unlike many Americans, who see war as an exciting, victorious foreign adventure, the Russians hate and fear war. But they are also ready for it, and they have been preparing for war for several years now. Their preparations have been most effective. Unlike the US, which squanders untold billions on dubious overpriced arms programs such as the F-35 joint task fighter, the Russians are extremely stingy with their defense rubles, getting as much as 10 times the bang for the buck compared to the bloated US defense industry. While it is true that the Russian economy has suffered from low energy prices, it is far from being in shambles, and a return to growth is expected as early as next year. Senator John McCain once called Russia “A gas station masquerading as a country.” Well, he lied. Yes, Russia is the world’s largest oil producer and second-largest oil exporter, but it is also world’s largest exporter of grain and nuclear power technology. It is as advanced and sophisticated a society as the United States. Russia’s armed forces, both conventional and nuclear, are now ready to fight, and they are more than a match for the US and NATO, especially if a war erupts anywhere near the Russian border.

But such a fight would be suicidal for all sides. We strongly believe that a conventional war in Europe runs a strong chance of turning nuclear very rapidly, and that any US/NATO nuclear strike on Russian forces or territory will automatically trigger a retaliatory Russian nuclear strike on the continental US. Contrary to irresponsible statements made by some American propagandists, American antiballistic missile systems are incapable of shielding the American people from a Russian nuclear strike. Russia has the means to strike at targets in the USA with long-range nuclear as well as conventional weapons.

The sole reason why the USA and Russia have found themselves on a collision course, instead of defusing tensions and cooperating on a wide range of international problems, is the stubborn refusal by the US leadership to accept Russia as an equal partner: Washington is dead set on being the “world leader” and the “indispensable nation,” even as its influence steadily dwindles in the wake of a string of foreign policy and military disasters such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine. Continued American global leadership is something that neither Russia, nor China, nor most of the other countries are willing to accept. This gradual but apparent loss of power and influence has caused the US leadership to become hysterical; and it is but a small step from hysterical to suicidal. America’s political leaders need to be placed under suicide watch.

First and foremost, we are appealing to the commanders of the US Armed Forces to follow the example of Admiral William Fallon, who, when asked about a war with Iran, reportedly replied “not on my watch.” We know that you are not suicidal, and that you do not wish to die for the sake of out-of-touch imperial hubris. If possible, please tell your staff, colleagues and, especially, your civilian superiors that a war with Russia will not happen on your watch. At the very least, take that pledge yourselves, and, should the day ever come when the suicidal order is issued, refuse to execute it on the grounds that it is criminal. Remember that according to the Nuremberg Tribunal “To initiate a war of aggression… is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” Since Nuremberg, “I was just following orders” is no longer a valid defense; please don’t be war criminals.

We also appeal to the American people to take peaceful but forceful action to oppose any politician or party that engages in irresponsible, provocative Russia-baiting, and that condones and supports a policy of needless confrontation with a nuclear superpower that is capable of destroying America in about an hour. Speak up, break through the barrier of mass media propaganda, and make your fellow Americans aware of the immense danger of a confrontation between Russia and the US.

There is no objective reason why US and Russia should consider each other adversaries. The current confrontation is entirely the result of the extremist views of the neoconservative cult, whose members were allowed to infiltrate the US Federal government under President Bill Clinton, and who consider any country that refuses to obey their dictates as an enemy to be crushed. Thanks to their tireless efforts, over a million innocent people have already died in the former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, the Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia and in many other countries—all because of their maniacal insistence that the USA must be a world empire, not a just a regular, normal country, and that every national leader must either bow down before them, or be overthrown. In Russia, this irresistible force has finally encountered an immovable object. They must be forced to back down before they destroy us all.

We are absolutely and categorically certain that Russia will never attack the US, nor any EU member state, that Russia is not at all interested in recreating the USSR, and that there is no “Russian threat” or “Russian aggression.” Much of Russia’s recent economic success has a lot to do with the shedding of former Soviet dependencies, allowing her to pursue a “Russia first” policy. But we are just as certain that if Russia is attacked, or even threatened with attack, she will not back down, and that the Russian leadership will not “blink.” With great sadness and a heavy heart they will do their sworn duty and unleash a nuclear barrage from which the United States will never recover. Even if the entire Russian leadership is killed in a first strike, the so-called “Dead Hand” (the “Perimetr” system) will automatically launch enough nukes to wipe the USA off the political map. We feel that it is our duty to do all we can to prevent such a catastrophe.

Evgenia Gurevich, Ph.D.

Victor Katsap, PhD, Sr. Scientist
NuFlare Technology America, Inc.

Andrei Kozhev

Serge Lubomudrov

Natalya Minkovskaya

Dmitry Orlov

Irina Petrova, RP

The Saker (A. Raevsky)

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The Russian losses were probably over 27 million people.

German Economic News: Merkel declares Russia is the rival of Germany

Unofficial translation. Cited in

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten  |  Veröffentlicht: 06.06.16 18:04 Uhr 

The new military doctrine sees Russia not as a partner, but as a rival. Moscow is outraged and accused Chancellor Merkel to be the US government hearing. The doctrine, which is set forth in the new White Paper is likely to make a battlefield, especially the Internet in Germany.

The relationship between Germany and Russia pushes further towards disintegration. The reason for the latest upset is the forthcoming White Paper of the Bundeswehr, so the new military doctrine of Germany. The Russian secret services have apparently already thoroughly studied the paper – and sent before the publication a harsh note of protest to Berlin: The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexei Puschkow, writes via the messaging service Twitter: “The decision of the German government, declaring Russia as an opponent, shows Merkel’s subservience to the Obama administration. ”

Germany estimates Russia as a rival, not as partners 

Earlier, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had criticized Germany that in its edited White Paper has classified Russia as a rival and not a partner, reports Tass. “Russia is no longer a partner, notes the government, but rather a rival. Through its readiness/willingness that has emerged in Crimea and eastern Ukraine to forcibly enforce its own interests and to unilaterally move borders guaranteed by international law, Russia put the created post-Cold War European order of peace open to question, “the newspaper Zeitung Welt quoted from the White Paper of Federal Ministry of Defence.

Peskov said, according to TASS that the representation of der Welt should really be true, this is at the same time “unfortunate and objectionable”: It is unfortunate that you in the West have not therefore understood Russia’s intentions, namely “on the European continent an atmosphere of at the future-oriented cooperation instead of confrontation “to strive for. The concern is well founded in the possibility that Germany could be triggered by false information into “confrontational actions” which “do not contribute to confidence and cooperation”.

The White Paper is a document of the Ministry of Defense, where the security situation and rivals of Germany are defined. In the document, both the allies and the opponents and enemies of Germany are defined.

Publication of the document is not carried out until July

The White Paper follows in its definition of Russia as a rival from the new NATO doctrine. This had been decided at the NATO summit in Wales, afterwards Chancellor Merkel had given the realignment for Germany in the order.

Currently there is no version of the White Paper to be published in July. The newspaper der Welt had apparently been leaked some excerpts. However, there are well-known threat pictures of terror, climate change and disorderly immigration, on the newspaper argues. Interestingly, evidently the disintegration of the EU is not specifically seen as a threat to Germany, but is described only as a possible scenario ..

Already, one can read on the website of the Ministry of Defense that the government wants to move, especially the internet as a place of formation of opinion at bay. The Federal Government considers – in almost paranoid fear – behind every Smiley a Aluhut, thus senses a disinformation campaign comprehensively controlled by the Kremlin. This front is expected soon more strongly to become the focus of military defense. We read on the official website:

“So-called Internet trolls and politically controlled media campaigns the Kremlin attempts to influence the media, politics and public opinion in Western societies. Even Germany was affected in the past. Experts expect the targeted misreporting of a “hybrid warfare” to.

Troll posts to control Internet communications and are found mainly in discussion forums. As Troll is in this context referred to, who systematically influenced discussions with strategically-sided contributions from one covert senders to achieve a politically distorting effect.

An example are contributions that should justify Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. These posts come informative and in attractive packaging, therefore, but are part of a sophisticated strategy: By strategically placed false news, the opinion of the reader is to be strongly influenced.

Working in St. Petersburg alone, according to DGAP-expert Stefan Meister are 300 Kremlin trolls on the dissemination of false or fictitious information on the social networks. One of the most important tools is the online media portal “Sputnik”, which is available in more than 30 languages. Several hundred employees work there to the global spread of propaganda messages of the Kremlin. It is responsible for the portal of the Russian state news agency Rossiya Segodnya. The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (COE StratCom) in Latvia’s capital Riga distinguishes between five different digital attacks:

– Conspiracy Trolls that are aimed at tracing all the evil in the world to the United States.

– Rage Trolls incite hatred and aggression.

– Annex trolls spread malicious programs.

– Wikipedia Trolls have the goal of manipulating evidence on the net.

– Bikini trolls put on erotic pictures to – to scatter propaganda – such as captions.

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Deutschen Wirtschafts Nachrichten: Merkel erklärt Russland zum Rivalen von Deutschland

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten  |  Veröffentlicht: 06.06.16 18:04 Uhr

Die neue Militärdoktrin sieht Russland nicht mehr als Partner, sondern als Rivalen. Moskau ist empört und bezichtigt Bundeskanzlerin Merkel, der US-Regierung hörig zu sein. Die Doktrin, die im neuen Weißbuch dargelegt wird, dürfte in Deutschland vor allem das Internet zum Kampfplatz werden lassen.

Das Verhältnis zwischen Deutschland und Russland treibt weiter in Richtung Zerrüttung. Anlass für die neueste Verstimmung ist das in Kürze erscheinende Weißbuch der Bundeswehr, also die neue Militär-Doktrin Deutschlands. Die russischen Geheimdienste haben das Papier offenbar bereits eingehend studiert – und senden noch vor der Veröffentlichung eine harsche Protestnote nach Berlin: Der Chef des Auswärtigen Ausschusses der russischen Staatsduma, Alexej Puschkow, schreibt über den Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter: „Die Entscheidung der deutschen Regierung, Russland als Gegner zu deklarieren, zeigt Merkels Hörigkeit gegenüber der Obama-Regierung.“

Deutschland schätzt Russland als Rivalen ein, nicht als Partner

Zuvor hatte der Kreml-Sprecher Dmitri Peskow kritisiert, dass Deutschland Russland in seinem redigierten Weißbuch als Rivalen und nicht als Partner eingestuft hat, berichtet die Tass. „Russland ist kein Partner mehr, stellt die Regierung fest, sondern ein Rivale. Durch seine auf der Krim und im Osten der Ukraine zutage getretene Bereitschaft, die eigenen Interessen auch gewaltsam durchzusetzen und völkerrechtlich garantierte Grenzen einseitig zu verschieben, stelle Russland die nach dem Kalten Krieg geschaffene europäische Friedensordnung offen infrage“, zitiert die Zeitung Welt aus dem Weißbuch des Bundesverteidigungsministeriums.

Peskow sagte laut TASS, dass, sollte die Darstellung der Welt wirklich zutreffen, dies gleichzeitig „bedauerlich und bedenklich“ sei: Es sei bedauerlich, dass man demnach im Westen die Absichten Russlands nicht verstanden haben, nämlich „auf dem europäischen Kontinent eine Atmosphäre der auf die Zukunft ausgerichteten Kooperation statt der Konfrontation“ anzustreben. Die Sorge sei in der Möglichkeit begründet, dass Deutschland durch falsche Informationen „konfrontative Handlungen“ auslösen könne, welche „keinen Beitrag zum Vertrauen und zur Zusammenarbeiten leisten“ würden.

Das Weißbuch ist ein Dokument des Bundesverteidigungsministeriums, in dem die sicherheitspolitische Lage und Rivalen Deutschlands definiert wird. In dem Dokument werden sowohl die Verbündeten als auch die Gegner und Feinde Deutschlands festgelegt.

Veröffentlichung des Dokuments erfolgt erst im Juli

Das Weißbuch folgt in seiner Definition von Russland als Rivalen der neuen Nato-Doktrin. Diese war auf dem Nato-Gipfel in Wales beschlossen worden, danach hatte Bundeskanzlerin Merkel die Neuausrichtung für Deutschland in Auftrag gegeben.

Aktuell gibt es noch keine Version, das Weißbuch soll im Juli veröffentlicht werden. Die Zeitung Welt hatte offenbar einige Ausschnitte zugespielt bekommen. Es sind allerdings altbekannte Bedrohungsbilder wie Terror, Klimawandel und ungeordnete Zuwanderung, über die die Zeitung räsoniert. Interessant ist, dass offenbar der Zerfall der EU nicht ausdrücklich als Gefährdung für Deutschland gesehen, sondern nur als denkbares Szenario beschrieben wird.

Bereits jetzt kann man auf der Internetseite des Bundesverteidigungsministeriums nachlesen, dass die Bundesregierung vor allem dem Internet als Ort der Meinungsbildung zuleibe rücken will. Die Bundesregierung sieht – in fast schon paranoider Angst – hinter jedem Smiley einen Aluhut, wittert also eine umfassend vom Kreml gesteuerte Desinformationskampagne. Diese Front dürfte schon bald stärker in den Fokus der militärischen Abwehr geraten. Wir lesen auf der offiziellen Website:

„Durch sogenannte Internet-Trolle und politisch gesteuerte Medienkampagnen versucht der Kreml, Medien, Politik und öffentliche Meinung in den westlichen Gesellschaften zu beeinflussen. Auch Deutschland war in der Vergangenheit schon betroffen. Experten rechnen die gezielten Falschmeldungen einer „hybriden Kriegführung“ zu.

Troll-Beiträge sollen die Kommunikation im Internet steuern und finden sich vor allem in Diskussionsforen. Als Troll wird in diesem Kontext bezeichnet, wer systematisch Diskussionen mit strategisch-einseitigen Beiträgen von einem verdeckten Absender aus beeinflusst, um eine politisch verzerrende Wirkung zu erzielen.

Ein Beispiel sind Beiträge, die Russlands Aggressionen in der Ukraine rechtfertigen sollen. Diese Posts kommen informativ und in attraktiver Verpackung daher, sind jedoch Teil einer ausgeklügelten Strategie: Durch die gezielt platzierten falschen Nachrichten soll das Meinungsbild der Leser nachhaltig beeinflusst werden.

Allein in St. Petersburg arbeiten nach Angaben von DGAP-Experte Stefan Meister 300 Kreml-Trolle an der Verbreitung falscher oder erfundener Informationen über die sozialen Netzwerke. Eines der wichtigsten Instrumente ist das Online-Medienportal „Sputnik“, das in mehr als 30 Sprachen abrufbar ist. Mehrere hundert Mitarbeiter arbeiten dort an der weltweiten Verbreitung der Propaganda-Nachrichten des Kreml. Verantwortet wird das Portal von Russlands staatlicher Nachrichtenagentur Rossiya Segodnya. Das NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (StratCom COE) in Lettlands Hauptstadt Riga unterscheidet zwischen fünf verschiedenen digitalen Angriffen:

– Verschwörungs-Trolle zielen darauf ab, alles Übel der Welt auf die USA zurückführen.

– Wut-Trolle schüren Hass und Aggressionen. – Anhang-Trolle verbreiten Schadprogramme. – Wikipedia-Trolle haben das Ziel, Fakten im Netz zu manipulieren. – Bikini-Trolle setzen auf erotische Fotos, um – etwa über die Bildunterschriften – Propaganda zu streuen.

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The race for Raqqa – Could two world powers meet in battle over ISIS HQ?

Global Research, June 08, 2016
Activist Post 7 June 2016

The Syrian military is quickly closing in on Raqqa, one of the last ISIS strongholds in the country, and is expected to reach the city within a matter of weeks or even days where a major battle between government and terrorist forces is inevitable. Recently, the Syrian military liberated a number of areas in eastern Syria near the Taqba airbase, another site that is expecting liberation in the next few days. The Syrian military has already reached the edge of Raqqa province.

Raqqa has acted as the ISIS capital since the mysterious appearance of the group two years ago and has gone virtually untouched as the Syrian military has been bogged down in major cities and western/central areas of the country in their fight against the Western-backed terrorists. Notably, despite its rhetoric of fighting to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, the U.S.-led coalition has yet to bomb Raqqa.

Fresh on the heels of a major public relations victory in Palmyra, however, the Syrian military is now marching toward Raqqa and, if successful, it will score one of the biggest victories in the five-year war. This is not only because the de facto ISIS capital will be eliminated or because the SAA will gain more territory, it is because the liberation of Raqqa will be yet another example of how the Syrian military will have accomplished in weeks what the United States and coalition members have claimed may take a decade to do. It will be another instance where the lack of will on the part of the United States to actually destroy Daesh is put on display for the rest of the world, either causing the U.S. to look weak in the eyes of the world or exposing it for actually supporting the terrorist organization to begin with. Regardless, the victory for the Syrian government will be twofold.

That is, unless the U.S. gets there first . . . .

The U.S. Interest In Raqqa – A Sudden Shift

The U.S. has been using the presence of ISIS in Syria as an excuse to bomb, send Special Forces, publicly support terrorists, and possibly invade since the Western-backed terror group appeared on the scene two years ago. Yet, despite its rhetoric, the United States and its coalition have not bombed Raqqa and have largely abstained from bombing (see here and here) any other terrorist group. Instead, the U.S. has focused on bombing Syrian military targets, civilians and civilian infrastructure (see here also), and acting as a deterrent to the Syrian military’s movement in many “rebel-held” areas of the country.

Now, however, the United States seems to have great interest in Raqqa as it aids its loose collection of terrorists, fanatical Kurds, and Arabs known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in “battles” around the ISIS capital.

So why the sudden interest in Raqqa? It’s fairly simple. The United States sees clearly that the Syrian military and its Russian allies are going to liberate Raqqa soon enough and the U.S. does not want to suffer another public relations setback. A defeat for ISIS is thus a humiliation for the United States. That fact alone should raise some eyebrows.

Regardless, the United States would like to have its own “victory” in Raqqa before the Syrians and the Russians can have theirs. If the SDF is able to “take” Raqqa, the U.S. will then be able to shout from the rooftops that America has liberated Raqqa and defeated ISIS in its own capital.

The U.S. also has another goal in Raqqa – the theft of more Syrian territory by using its proxy forces going by the name of the SDF. Whether or not ISIS proper is in control of Raqqa is merely a secondary concern for the United States. If the SDF succeeds in imposing control over the city and the province, then the West will have succeeded in cementing control over the area in the hands of its proxy terrorists once again, but with yet another incarnation of the same Western-backed jihadist fanaticism. The U.S. can then use the “moderate rebel” label to keep Russia and Syria from bombing the fighters who merely assumed a position handed to them, albeit through some level of violence, by ISIS.

The Meeting In The Middle

With the situation as it stands, there is now the very real possibility of some type of major confrontation taking place in Raqqa that could very well have international ramifications. On one hand, there is the Syrian military, backed by the Russian Air Force and Russian Special Forces heading East to Raqqa while, on the other side, there is the SDF, backed by the U.S. Air and Special Forces, heading West toward Raqqa. Both sides are in a race to gain control over the ISIS capital, gain territory, and declare a victory for the world to see. But what if they arrive in Raqqa at the same time?

In other words, there is a distinct potential that, in the race for Raqqa, the Syrian/Russian alliance might find itself face to face with the possibility of direct military conflict with the U.S./SDF (terrorist) alliance. At that point, the question will be who, if either, will back down? If both forces decide to push forward, the result could be devastating not only for Syria but for the rest of the world.

Regardless of what happens, it is important to remember that the Syrian military is acting entirely in self-defense both against the terrorists posing as “rebels” and the United States. Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah have all been invited in to Syria, acting legally and with the assent of the Syrian government, while the United States and its coalition are once again acting completely outside of international law in an attempt to shore up its terrorist proxies; and, once again, the United States and its coalition of the willing is pushing the patience of the rest of the world.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1and volume 2The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 650 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

Merkel entmachtet BND: USA kontrollieren Spionage in Deutschland

Editor: This article was referenced in

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten | 7. Juni 2016  |

Das neue BND-Gesetz ist fertig. Es wird den deutschen Geheimdienst weiter beschneiden. Schon heute sind die deutschen Dienste jenen der USA hoffnungslos unterlegen. Der BND verliert mit seiner Beschränkung vor allem die Möglichkeit, deutsche Unternehmen gegen US-Wirtschaftsspionage zu schützen.

Die große Koalition hat sich auf eine Reform des Bundesnachrichtendienstes (BND) verständigt. Dies bestätigten Koaltionskreise am Dienstag unter Bezugnahme auf eine Einigung bereits am Freitag als Ergebnis einer Runde im Kanzleramt. An dem finalen Gespräch nahmen den Angaben zufolge neben Kanzleramtschef Peter Altmaier, Innenminister Thomas de Maiziere und Justizminister Heiko Maas auch Geheimdienstkoordinator Klaus-Dieter Fritsche sowie mehrere Fachpolitiker der Unions- und SPD-Fraktion teil. Dem BND soll nun untersagt werden, Staaten der Europäischen Union und ihre Bürger sowie EU-Institutionen auszuspionieren. Ausnahmen solle es bei Terrorismusverdacht geben.

Zentraler Punkt aus Sicht der Transatlantiker: Auch Wirtschaftsspionage soll dem Dienst ausdrücklich verboten werden. Bei Maßnahmen zur strategischen Fernmeldeaufklärung im Ausland mit Hilfe bestimmter Suchbegriffe sollten künftig der BND-Präsident, das Kanzleramt sowie ein unabhängiges Richtergremium zustimmen, hieß es weiter. Auch sollen im Gesetz genaue Bedingungen formuliert werden, unter denen solche Kommunikationsüberwachungen möglich sind.

Damit ist der BND im Hinblick auf die Spionage-Abwehr faktisch entmannt und völlig an die politische Kandare genommen, und zwar die der Kanzlerin. Europäische Geheimdienst-Experten bestätigen den Deutschen Wirtschafts Nachrichten, dass der BND durch das neue Gesetz seine wichtigsten Aktionsmöglichkeiten verliert. Schon bisher sei der BND nicht mehr in der Lage, die von den Amerikanern geführte technische Infrastruktur zu nutzen und die Ergebnisse auszuwerten.

In der Praxis bedeutet dies: Die US-Dienste können weiter ungehört in Deutschland jedes Unternehmen und jedes Individuum abhören. Der BND muss den Amerikanern zwar technische und logistische Unterstützung anbieten, ist jedoch fachlich nicht mehr in der Lage, die Daten selbst auszuwerten. Die direkte Anbindung an das Kanzleramt schließt die parlamentarische Kontrolle aus, wenn es darum geht, welche Daten an die Amerikaner weitergegeben werden und welche nicht. Die US-Dienste betrieben massive Wirtschaftsspionage in Deutschland und begründen dies mit dem Nato-Gesetz und dem immer noch geltenden Bündnisfall nach dem 11. September 2001.

Die Kontrolle durch das Kanzleramt ist für Beobachter aus Geheimdiensten eine Schlüssel-Entscheidung. Ein europäischer Experte sagte den Deutschen Wirtschafts Nachrichten: „Faktisch wurde die gängige (illegale oder grenzwertige) Praxis in ein Gesetz gegossen. Eine Dominanz der US-Dienste kann ich hier nicht herauslesen. Ich würde sogar in die andere Richtung argumentieren. Der BND erhält einen Abhörfreibrief, ebenso wie der Verfassungsschutz. Beiden haben nunmehr das Potential, ein Staat im Staat zu sein. Faktisch ist es aber vor allem die Aufwertung der Kanzleramtes und damit der Kanzlerin in außenpolitischen Fragen.“

Genau darin sehen andere Beobachter die Stärkung der US-Dienste, weil Merkel konsequent mit den USA als wichtigstem transatlantischen Partner zusammenarbeitet. Der Experte sieht allerdings auch einen möglichen, unfreiwilligen Vorteil für Deutschland: „Der nächste Kanzler muss nicht unbedingt ein bedingungsloser Transatlantiker sein: Was immer er ist: Er hat einen veritablen Nachrichtendienst an seiner Seite.“

Der Experte geht sogar einen Schritt weiter und sieht in den Gesetzen eine mögliche, vorsichtige Ablösung von der US-Vorherrschaft bei den Diensten: „Die Abhängigkeit von den US-Diensten ist aktuell enorm. Beide Gesetze haben jedoch eines gemeinsam, und das scheint auch einer längerfristigen deutschen Strategie zu folgen. Man riskiert derzeit keinen abrupten Abbruch der Kooperation mit den Amerikanern. Das wäre für Deutschland in dieser Gefährdungslage töricht und gefährlich. Was diese Gesetze ausmacht, ist der Einbau von Sollbruchstellen für bisherige Kooperationen und Kooperationspartner. Diese Sollbruchstellen sind ab Inkrafttreten politisch definiert. Das unterscheidet diese Ansätze von früheren. Das heißt, das es keinen Automatismus für die Fortführung solcher Abhängigkeiten mehr gibt. Es bedeutet aber auch die Entmachtung der BND-Bürokratie. Es ist somit zu erwarten, dass der BND schon sehr bald auch eine technische Aufrüstung erfahren könnte, um dann diese Sollbruchstellen im Bedarfsfalle auszulösen.“

Deutsche Unternehmen sind in den vergangenen Jahren immer wieder von den US-Diensten ausgespäht und massiv unter Druck gesetzt worden. Dies war, so ein Geheimdienstexperte zu den DWN, vor allem im Fall Siemens evident. Auch bei der VW-Affäre wird vermutet, dass die US-Dienste ihre Finger im Spiel haben.

Eine besondere Rolle dürfte auch die neue geopolitische Lage spielen: Die Nato hat Russland zum Feind erklärt. Im neuen Weißbuch des Bundeswehr wird Russland vom Partner zum Rivalen herabgestuft. Im Zuge neuer Spannung spielen Aufklärung und Desinformation eine wichtige Rolle. Im Zuge der Ukraine-Krise war es zu einem Streit zwischen Außenminister Steinmeier und der US-Aufklärung gekommen: Steinmeier hatte die Amerikaner öffentlich kritisiert, weil sie falsche Informationen über die Lage im Donbass lanciert hatten.

Die „Reform“ war nötig geworden, nachdem die deutsche Öffentlichkeit in den vergangenen Monaten mit einigen mehr oder weniger erheblichen Affären des BND vertraut gemacht wurde. Diese haben die Forderung laut werden lassen, den BND strengeren Kontrolle zu unterwerfen und Abhöraktionen auf eine neue gesetzliche Grundlage zu stellen.

Die Reform lag in den vergangenen Monaten auf Eis. Bei der Bekanntgabe der Ablösung von BND-Chef Gerhard Schindler im April hatte die Bundesregierung aber versichert, dass noch in diesem Jahr eine Novelle des BND-Gesetzes verabschiedetet werden solle. Nach Möglichkeit soll ein Entwurf nun noch vor der Sommerpause im Kabinett beraten werden. Das Vorhaben solle verknüpft werden mit der geplanten Reform des Parlamentarischen Kontrollgremiums des Bundestags, hieß es.

Der Auslandsgeheimdienst war in den vergangenen Jahren mehrfach in die Kritik geraten. Der Behörde wurde unter anderem ein zu großes Eigenleben vorgeworfen. So hatte der BND an seinem Horchposten in Bad Aibling Suchbegriffe des US-Nachrichtendienstes NSA verwendet, um europäische Verbündete auszuspionieren. Originellerweise hat es für die NSA nicht die geringsten Konsequenzen gegeben – die Überwachung der Deutschen durch die US-Dienste erfolgt bis zum heutigen Tag. US-Präsident Barack Obama hatte ausdrücklich lediglich angekündigt, das Handy von Angela Merkel nicht mehr überwachen lassen zu wollen. Eine Initiative zum Schutz der Bundesbürger durch die Regierung ist nicht ergriffen worden. Nach Einschätzung von Geheimdienstfachleuten ist die technische Überlegenheit der US-Dienste, etwa bei der Auswertung der Selektoren, bereits so groß, dass der BND zu einer wirksamen Spionage-Abwehr ohnehin nicht mehr in der Lage ist.

Um den BND in Misskredit zu bringen, wurde die Reputation des Dienstes nachhaltig beschädigt. Die US-Dienste sind zu diesem Zweck vor allem im Internet sehr aktiv. Der BND-Präsident Schindler war zuletzt zum Rücktritt gezwungen worden, nachdem sich der Dienst kritisch zu Saudi-Arabien geäußert hatte.

Innerhalb des BND gibt es einen erbitterten Kampf zwischen jenen, die den Dienst im deutschen Interesse führen wollen und den Transatlantikern, die im BDN vor allem einen untergeordneten Dienstleister für die US-Interessen sehen.

Germany’s Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) to become branch of America’s CIA?

Global Research, June 08, 2016

According to a news report in the June 7th German Economic News (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or DWN), headlined “Merkel entmachtet BND: USA kontrollieren Spionage in Deutschland” or “Merkel Ousts BND: US to Control German Espionage,” a new law will soon be passed in the German parliament and be approved by Chancellor Angela Merkel, which will make Germany’s version of the CIA, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), nothing more than a branch of the CIA, to such an extreme degree, that even U.S. corporate espionage against German companies will become part of that ‘German’ operation. The independent capacities of the BND will become emasculated, no longer operational, under the new law.

“In practice, this means that the US intelligence services [NSA] will be allowed to continue to listen in on every company and every individual in Germany.”

(That includes the Chancellor herself, whose phone-conversations were previously embarrassingly revealed to have been listened-in upon by the NSA. Now it’ll be legal.)

This could be part of the West’s buildup toward a global war. According to a report issued on June 6th in German Economic News, the German government is preparing to go to war against Russia, and has in draft-form a Bundeswehr report declaring Russia to be an enemy nation. DWN said there:

“The Russian secret services have apparently thoroughly studied the paper. In advance of the paper’s publication, a harsh note of protest has been sent to Berlin: The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexei Puschkow, has posted this Twitter message: ‘The decision of the German government declaring Russia to be an enemy shows Merkel’s subservience to the Obama administration.’”

Back on February 17th, DWN had reported that German Chancellor Merkel “will develop a new military doctrine” declaring, “The ‘annexation’ of Crimea by Russia is the basis for military action against Moscow.” Apparently, that prior report will soon be fulfilled.

Taken all together, these news reports from DWN indicate a clear subordination of the German government to the U.S. government, in a period of preparation for a NATO war against Russia.

However, not mentioned at all in the DWN articles — nor anywhere else in Western ‘news’ media — is a crucial fact, a fact that the head of America’s ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor acknowledged only when addressing a Russian-speaking audience, because it reveals the fraudulence of the West’s alleged ‘justification’ for all of this economic and now also military action by the West against Russia: that (in English) the overthrow of Ukraine’s President in Russia’s neighboring nation of Ukraine during February 2014 was “the most blatant coup in history.” That coup, in turn, led to the separation from Ukraine of the two regions of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly for the President whom Obama had just overthrown.

Extensive video documentation exists demonstrating that the overthrow was a coup, and even demonstrating that the Obama Administration had selected Ukraine’s post-coup leader 22 days prior to his being formally appointed by the Ukrainian parliament. Furthermore, the only detailed scholarly study of the evidence that has been performed came to the same conclusion — that it was a U.S. coup. The last month before the coup was incredibly violent, with Obama’s hired fascists attacking the government’s securitly forces brutally: Here is some of the bloodshed from the prior month, on January 21st, then January 22nd, then January 25th.

Moreover, immediately after the overthrow, when the EU sent its own investigator into Kiev to report back on how the overthrow had taken place, he too reported that it had been a coup. Subsequently revealed was that the Obama Administration had started preparing the coup inside the U.S. Embassy in Kiev by no later than 1 March 2013 — almost a year prior to the coup. Also, the even earlier preparation for the coup, extending through decades, on the part of CIA-affiliated ‘nonprofit’ or NGO organizations (funded by Western aristocrats and their corporations), laying the groundwork for this coup, has been brilliantly documented at some online sites.

None of this information has been widely published — it’s virtually not at all published in the West.Though the potential audience for it might be vast (especially since Western publics pay much of the tab for this operation and yet receive none of the benefits from the resultant looting of Ukraine, which goes all to aristocrats in the U.S. and allied aristocracies), the market in the West for reporting it, is virtually nil, because the market is the West’s news media, and they’ve all (except for a few small ones like this) been taken over by the aristocracy, and serve the aristocracy — not the public (their audiences, whom they’re in business to deceive). The aristocracy’s companies advertise in, and thereby fund, most of those ‘news’ media, and the aristocracy’s governments fund the rest — and the public pays for that, too, not just by being manipulated to vote for the aristocracy’s politicians, but by being taxed to pay what the NGOs and their aristocrats don’t (so the public are buying the weapons etc.). It’s a vast money-funnel from the many, to the few.

Though the transfer of Crimea from Ukraine to Russia is treated by Western ‘news’ media as having been a‘conquest’ by Russia, and as being Russia’s ‘seizure’ of Crimea, and Russia’s ‘stealing’ Crimea, nothing of the sort is true (and Crimeans had good reason to be terrified of the Obama-coup regime that had just been installed, from which Russia saved Crimeans), but the lie needs to be promulgated in order for the aristocracy’s invasion of Russia to be able to organized and carried out.

Unfortunately, the reason why this U.S coup in Ukraine has still not been reported in the West, is that to make it public to Westerners would jeopardize not only the Western economic sanctions against Russia after Russia accepted the overwhelming decision by Crimeans to separate from the post-coup Ukrainian government, but would also jeopardize the preparations by all of NATO to go to war against Russia: both the sanctions and the invasion would have no basis and no support among Western publics. All of that (the sanctions, and now the pouring of troops and weapons onto and near Russia’s borders for a possible invasion of Russia) would no longer be at all palatable by Western publics, if this history — that it all began by a violent U.S. coup in Ukraine — were to become known before the U.S. and NATO invasion occurs. So it all remains, instead, suppressed in the‘democratic’ West.

So: please email this article’s URL address (which is immediately above this article), to friends, so as to spread to them the word, that NATO is preparing an invasion of Russia. There’s no way that the ‘news’ media they see are likely to tell them (until it’s already too late).

Author’s Note: The above news report was offered on the morning of June 7th as an exclusive, to the following newsmedia, all of whom ignored it; and so it’s now being distributed free-of-charge to all newsmedia, but the following were the newsmedia that had already declined it as an exclusive news report: The Daily Beast, Slate, The Intercept, Huffington Post, Salon, Common Dreams, Truthout, ProPublica, Harper’s, Atlantic, Foreign Policy, National Journal, AP, Globe and Mail, National Post, Telegraph, Guardian, Financial Times, The Economist, Daily Mail, London Times, London Review of Books, New Statesman, The Spectator, Bloomberg, NYT, McClatchy, CBS, CNN, Politico, The Nation, The National Interest, The New Republic, Reason, Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, Newsweek, Time, USN&WR, Consortium News Service.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

The genocide continues: America attacks more native people to take their land — oppose this action!

This excellent group exposes what the US military is doing environmentally and domestically. Well worth subscribing to their articles.

From West Coast Action Alliance (


Tinian Island after the military took it over for war games

May 30, 2016 – While the country celebrates Memorial Day and thanks veterans and serving military for their service to our nation, American citizens are about to be forcibly evacuated from an island they’ve inhabited for 3,000 years.


Pagan Island (pronounced pa-GAHN) as it looks now, before the Navy claims it for bombing practice.

The people of the Northern Mariana Islands in the western Pacific  decided in the 1970s to not seek independence, but instead to forge closer ties with the United States. They established a commonwealth in political union with the United States in 1975. Like other U.S. territories, the islands do not have representation in the U.S. Senate, but, since 2009, are represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by a delegate who may vote in committee, but not on the House floor.


The Northern Marianas are a US Commonwealth.

In 2013 the US Navy and Marine Corps announced their intention to turn all of Pagan Island (pronounced “pa-GAHN”) in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands into a live-fire bombing range and training area. The military requested “unfettered and uninterrupted access” to the island, which means the people are to be forcibly removed. Pagan is called “the jewel of the Pacific” because it’s pristine and biologically rich but also fragile. It has been the ancestral and spiritual home of the Chamorro and Carolinian peoples for more than 3,000 years, with recorded history dating back to the 1300s, and is being proposed as an ecotourism resort.


Pagan Island. The Navy has refused to communicate with indigenous peoples in their own languages, thus denying them the right to know what the plans are.

Because of a 1981 volcanic eruption that caused temporary relocation of many but not all residents, families who had to leave the island have been wanting to return ever since. Some residents never left and still live there. “It is one of the most habitable islands in the Mariana chain,” said Dr. Michael Hadfield, a biologist at the University of Hawaii who has studied the island’s unique flora and fauna. Unfortunately, the government has for decades denied resettlement to most of the island’s former residents who have applied, and now the Navy and Marines claim the island is “uninhabited,” which is not true. Because of the volcano they say it’s “too hazardous” for resettlement. And they intend to forcibly evacuate the island’s remaining residents so bombing can commence in 2017.

According to the Los Angeles Times, massive, “guns-blazing war games on Pagan at least 16 weeks a year” would allow aerial, naval, field artillery, grenade, mortar, laser, and rocket bombardment. The Navy says it’ll be a good steward of the island, but with more than 700,000 live rounds to be fired yearly, that’s hard to imagine. And with fewer than 600 of the island’s 11,680 acres officially surveyed for cultural resources, how would the military know where not to bomb? More than 180 historic sites are known on the island, 110 of which are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Contractors working for the Navy identified six of those sites, after which the Navy discontinued the survey. That is the military equivalent of shoot, shovel and shut up.

A disturbing chain of events and manipulation has led to this crisis: READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE


Opposition to forcible evacuation and seizing their ancestral home is universal in the western Pacific.

Western Washington: Navy SEALs extend training 8 weeks longer in sensitive habitat areas, exclude wildlife agencies

From West Coast Action Alliance

February 23, 2016 – New documents show Navy SEALs training 8 weeks longer than previously thought: Federal wildlife agencies excluded.

1 Where the Birds are - arcgis viewer

Where the seabirds are. The darker the color, the more birds. See key below for actual numbers, but in the purple grids there can be more than 3,000 seabirds in a 2-mile area. Click image to enlarge it.

2 Where the birds are - key

This is what’s happening on 68+ beaches and State Parks in western Washington:

3 SEALs coming ashore

An email and an internal draft of a biological assessment obtained by the West Coast Action Alliance reveal the Navy’s intent to extend their secret and massive SEALs training program on 68+ beaches and Washington State Parks from January 1 to May 31, 2016, and to bypass consultations with federal wildlife agencies. The two Navy slide shows previously obtained by Truthout (12,) had indicated the training would start in mid-January and conclude in mid-April.

Springtime is when places like the Salish Sea are vital for nesting birds. Nursing whale mothers don’t like disturbance, either.

A photogrammetry image of the entire I16 matriline of Northern Resident killer whales taken in 2014. This image shows the size of whales at different ages. Note the small, gray calf in the middle (I144), only a few months old, swimming to the right of its mother (I51). To the left of the mother is the calf’s older sibling (I129). Images to be used for health assessment. Credit: NOAA Fisheries, Vancouver Aquarium. Taken by UAV from above 90 feet under Fisheries and Oceans Canada research permit and Transport Canada flight authorization. More information at

A photogrammetry image of the entire I16 matriline of Northern Resident killer whales taken in 2014. This image shows the size of whales at different ages. Note the small, gray calf in the middle (I144), only a few months old, swimming to the right of its mother (I51). To the left of the mother is the calf’s older sibling (I129). Images to be used for health assessment. Credit: NOAA Fisheries, Vancouver Aquarium.

These documents, from December 2015, contradict the statement made by a Navy spokesperson in January, who said: “As far as I know, everything is in the very, very beginning planning stages, period. There has been no decision made on anything. Everything is speculation at this point.”

Read it for yourself. Does this look like “beginning stages?” Is it speculation? The Navy doesn’t waste its time doing biological assessments for “speculation.” The purpose for this one was to justify avoiding consultations with federal agencies. It was done 15 days before the training was to start. That’s not enough time to do anything but try to cover one’s legal backside.

list of training sites for 2016 is included. Which means the other training sites in the two slide shows were for previous years. Which means decisions have been made, and it’s game on. From reading the multiple documents and in the absence of further information from wildlife agencies, it should be assumed that the SEAL combat training has been taking place in these areas since 2014.

5 plover nest

What some nests look like. Think they’ll see that in the dark?

According to the Navy’s internal biological assessment, the purpose of the training is “to provide a “real world” environment for Special Forces personnel to practice stealth tactics” (translate: in civilian communities) and “to maneuver in the water and across land undetected.” It acknowledged that by law the Navy must assess impacts to endangered species, and it laid out three choices: No effect; May affect; and May affect, likely to adversely affect. It also acknowledged the requirement to consult with federal agencies if any impacts were anticipated; this obligation extends to assessing impacts to Essential Fish Habitat, under the Magnusen-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and consulting with the State and with the National Marine Fisheries Service if any impacts are anticipated.

6 Plover on nest

A plover on its nest on the beach.

The “problem” was neatly solved by the Navy claiming in its internal biological assessment that since there would be no impacts, there would be no need to consult with the agencies. That equaled no notification at all. A call to the Fish and Wildlife Service in January confirmed that they had had no idea that the massive SEALs training program was about to begin for 2016, and no idea that it had been occurring since 2014. The FWS confirmed a keen interest in consulting with the Navy about potential impacts.

7 Salmon habitat

UW map showing critical habitat for Chinook Salmon, Steelhead Trout, Chum Salmon, and the Puget Sound Chinook Salmon. And the Navy didn’t bother to tell wildlife agencies?

Some logical conclusions:

  • One would think that commandeering 68+ beaches and State Parks from January 1 through late Spring might affect nesting birds and other sensitive species, and therefore be of interest to wildlife agencies.
  • One might rightfully question the Navy’s own expertise in assessing impacts to wildlife, since it has called whales “obstacles to safe navigation” in reports and says the purpose of its Joint Land Use Plans with communities is to ensure the Navy’s own activities continue unimpeded.
  • Given that the Navy refuses to allow wildlife agencies to assist them with the training they need to recognize sensitive species, one might question the above even more.
  • One would be correct in assuming a public process is required in order to close off access to public lands. The answer to “Aren’t such arbitrary and unannounced closures outside the law?” is yes.
  • Even if they get in and out undetected, it’s still psychologically intrusive for users of those beaches and State Parks, the mission for which includes not one word about “Realistic Military Training.” It’s disturbing to think of having armed Navy SEAL kill teams practicing in the midst of families enjoying their State Parks. (Read the two slide shows to confirm the fact that these teams will be armed.)
  • We should all be questioning the “wisdom” of normalizing military combat training in civilian communities where it does not normally occur.

So, after all this, could anyone claim with a straight face that the Navy is even trying to be a good neighbor?

8 CL_Birds_Puffin_byCHansonOCA

Tufted puffin, a species in decline. Photo credit: C. Hanson.

Obviously, not everything the Navy does can be public knowledge. But to conceal such a massive program from state and federal agencies is inexcusable. While the West Coast Action Alliance is not against training our military, we object to doing it in the places where we live, work, and recreate. We object to concealing it from appropriate oversight of state and federal agencies. And the fact that public informed consent is completely absent from any of the Navy’s massive encroachments on our communities and the wildlife in this region merely adds insult to injury.

Navy SEALs training 8 weeks longer than expected, wildlife agencies excluded