Deserter from Kiev forces tells of NATO-guided preparations for attack on Lugansk

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Photo originally from Ukraine Defense Ministry [“”]

Alexei GROMOV, in Riafan, July 14, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter July 17, 2016

A draftee fled the APU positions swam across the North Donetsk River, that separates the militia units of the LNR and the APU, and spoke about massive preparations for a Kiev attack in the direction of Lugansk.

The soldier, whose name the source did not disclose, reported that around the perimeter of the front along the North Donets River, there are hundreds of mercenaries in the uniform of the APU. Most of the mercenaries are Poles, almost a thousand of them, they are armed to NATO standards and communicating in English.

Arab mercenaries are housed near the village of Stanica Lugansk. These men are in non-standard issue uniforms with Arabic insignia.

According to the Ukrainian draftee, there are in fact not many Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines.

“Our lads, max one-third. The rest are collected from around the world, there are Chechens, Arabs, Turks, Poles. All are prepared to act, they talk of nothing else but “when we go  and give it to the Russians and separatists.”

But the leaders don’t trust us; the mercenaries will go forth. I left because I did not want to participate in this foolishness. Why should I help the Poles to kill the Ukrainians,” said the soldier.

Also, the defector reported on the redeployment of military equipment to the front line. According to him, there are more than one hundred tanks and two hundred pieces of artillery, in place on the north Donetsk River, and helicopter gunships.

The soldier says that the groundwork for assault was extremely well prepared.

“All the past mistakes were taken into account, everything is getting done at a high level; advisers from NATO are at work in every unit,” he told the soldiers.

LPR: UAF has deployed ISIS mercenaries; Aidar denied OSCE access for investigation

From Fort Russ

May 13, 2016 –
Translated by J. Arnoldski
The Ukrainian punitive command has deployed mercenary brigades, including former divisions of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (ISIS, banned in Russia) to the front line in the LPR. This statement by the official representative of the LPR’s People’s Militia, Major Andrey Marochko, has been reported by Novorossiya Information Agency’s correspondent from today’s briefing in Lugansk. 
The LPR defense ministry’s representative stated: “The Ukrainian side continues to resort to foreign mercenaries. In the village of Olkhovaya of the Stanichno-Lugansky district, mercenary units have arrived, the majority of which consist of Arabs and dark-skinned people numbering 50 persons. These mercenaries presumably arrived as part of a volunteer contingent who formerly were in the ranks of the terrorist grouping known as the Islamic State.”
According to Marochko, mercenaries are traditionally housed in the “liberated” homes of local residents.
“The international observatory mission of the OSCE has attempted to gain access to this district of the village, but representatives of the nationalist Aidar battalion have not allowed international observers in, arguing that they are carrying out a special operation.” 

The gospel according to NATO


• Was Russia in Turkish airspace? NATO says “yes” according to Turkish and allies’ intelligence; US representatives say the US and allies don’t know yet. Why is NATO lying?

Here is the transcript and video of the press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.

Here is the press conference with Col. Steve Warren.

Here is the later press conference with Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook

Also, the press conference by Presidents Obama and Hollande, where they also answered questions on the Turkish action:

Pentagon spokesman Cook said several times including at 14:00 – “the US and several other allies are not able to conclude definitively” that the Russian jet went into Turkish air space. He said the report of going into Turkish airspace is from Turkey. “We are still gathering the details to find out exactly what happened here.”

President Obama said the U.S. doesn’t know yet.

Both Col. Warren and Mr. Cook state that they are still evaluating data. Col. Warren says it is not easy.

But, NATO’s Stoltenberg says

The Allied assessments we have got from several Allies during the day are consistent with information we have been provided with from Turkey. So the information we have from other Allies is consistent with what we have got from Turkey.

So who are the allies Stoltenberg is referring to? Is he lying?

• Secretary General Stoltenberg on the NATO club: “We support the territorial integrity of Turkey”…but not Syria

At 30:36, Col. Warren says, “All aircraft should respect the sovereignty of nations around them, absolutely. “

Oops. He didn’t mean that. The US, France and other partners are continually violating the sovereignty of Syria and other countries. Only NATO club members get territorial integrity. They can invade anyone outside the club because non-members don’t have territorial integrity according to them.

• Solidarity with Turkey…or solidarity with ISIS/Daesh

Turkey’s alliances with Daesh are well known. Connections with Daesh/ISIS go all the way to the top. Plus, Turkey has stolen Syrian manufacturing infrastructure, transported it across its border, and reassembled it in Turkey. Smuggled Syrian and Iraqi oil is going to Turkey, across Turkey’s open border. So, solidarity with Turkey is solidarity with ISIS, pure and simple.

Of course, NATO members are also up to their elbows in Daesh/ISIS. They supply, advise, arm, and protect their mafia. It’s a family affair, after all.

• Obama says Turkey has a right to defend its airspace. Doesn’t Syria?

Turkey has rights and Syria has no rights.

Peter Cook: “The United States and NATO support the right of Turkey to defend its airspace and sovereignty.”…”As a NATO ally, they have a right to defend NATO airspace.”

NATO has rights, but no one outside NATO does, like Libya or Yemen or Iraq or eastern Ukraine. That is how Messrs. Obama, Stoltenberg, Hollande, et al see it.

Is NATO airspace something holy, inviolate, sacrosanct, and righteous? No, it’s pure bullshit. However, this chilling predatory worldview is held by the people that control our countries and our militaries, including the United States.

Syria has every right to defend its airspace by any means necessary including enlisting the aid of other countries to help them do so. It can defend its sovereignty and attack anyone who enters its territory and airspace without its express permission.

• US has no control over its mercenaries

The attacks on Russian pilots and rescue helicopter were done by US-trained mercenaries (“moderates”). In answer to a question on that, Col. Steve Warren said (11:50), “US control of its [mercenary] forces ends when they cross over into Syria.”

So, the Pentagon has no control over US-trained mercenaries once they cross the Syrian border. These mercenaries are wind-up assassins. And it was American-made TOW missiles that those mercenaries may have used to shoot down the Russian helicopter. Wind up these mercenaries, give them lots of weapons, boost them over the territorial border of another sovereign country, and let them run free.

Now that’s sensible, moral, and responsible foreign policy.

• The NATO press conference came to an abrupt end.

Perhaps the questions were getting too uncomfortable for Secretary General Stoltenberg.

NOTE: These press conferences have many very useful quotes.

Senior CIA official says everything must be done to draw Russia into war with Ukraine

Comments follow.

May 21, 2015

Urgent news: meeting of the warmongers

Last weekend, one of the owners of Vanguard Eric G. Wintemute (Eric G WINTEMUTE), Chairman of the Board and CEO of American Vanguard Corporation (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at American Vanguard Corp., met with senior policy makers in Washington.

The meeting was attended by Lt. Gen. John F. Mulholland (Lieutenant General John F. Mulholland), a person can say with a heroic biography, who served four years until July 24, 2012 in the Special Operations Command of the US Army (SOCOM), where he even served as deputy commander. (,_Jr.)

In the words of the other guests who were present at the meeting, it is known that Mulholland told Wintemute that everything should be done to involve Russia in the war with Ukraine. Mulholland said he had made it clear that the United States will install part of its missile defense system in Ukraine.

Mulholland said “this should make the case,” but Vanguard should help to “make the case” through its Russian mercenaries.

Mulholland from January 2015 is Deputy Director of the Office of Military Affairs at the CIA.

So here is a top CIA official reportedly saying, we’ve got to get Russia involved in Ukraine.

In other words,

  1. Russia isn’t involved in Ukraine right now — very, very important — and
  2. the U.S. wants to find a way to get Russia into the conflict.

And American Vanguard has Russian mercenaries????

American Vanguard is a chemical company.

…”through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets specialty chemicals for agricultural, commercial, and consumer uses in the United States and internationally. The company manufactures and formulates chemicals, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, molluscicides, growth regulators, and soil fumigants in liquid, powder, and granular forms for crops, turf and ornamental plants, and human and animal health protection. It distributes its products through national distribution companies and buying groups or co-operatives in the United States; and through sales offices and sales force executives internationally. American Vanguard Corporation was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

So, how can Eric Wintemute and his company get Russia embroiled in Ukraine? Does he do this in other countries? Does he work for the CIA? American Vanguard is a great name for a CIA front company.

Any question about the morality and sanity in Washington DC and the Pentagon? None appears to exist.