Wikileaks releases ‘CIA espionage orders’ for 2012 French presidential election

From RT
February 16, 2017

Wikileaks has released three classified CIA espionage orders revealing details of an alleged seven-month long spying campaign by the agency ahead of the 2012 French presidential election.

The documents disclose that all of France’s major political parties were targeted for infiltration by the CIA’s human (“HUMINT”) and electronic (“SIGINT”) spies.

The CIA assessed that President Nicholas Sarkozy’s UMP party was not assured re-election and ordered officers to find out Sarkozy’s private deliberations “on the other candidates” as well as how he interacted with his advisors, according to the documents.

The agency also reportedly outlined orders specific to the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), including obtaining the party’s “Strategic Election Plans” and gleaning private thoughts within the party on Sarkozy’s campaign strategies.

RELEASE: Full text of CIA orders targetting French presidential election including Hollande, Sarkozy & Le Pen 9:54 AM – 16 Feb 2017

The agency also outlined orders specific to the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), including obtaining the party’s “Strategic Election Plans” and gleaning private thoughts within the party on Sarkozy’s campaign strategies.

According to the papers, the CIA justification for seeking detailed information on the inner workings of the party was to assist “analysts assess and prepare US key policymakers” for the post-election French political landscape and the potential impact on US-France relations.

Another secret CIA order included in the leaks entitled, “Non Ruling Political Parties and Candidates Strategic Election Plans,” demands information on rising party leaders and emerging political parties.

The information sought ranged from party strategies, opinions on the US and efforts to reach out to other countries, including Germany, UK, Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Cote d’Ivoire.

The CIA also requested details on how candidates were funded, their views on the French economy, and the Greek debt crisis the documents indicate. The agency was also interested in French political opinions on the German model of export-led growth and any specific proposals that would help solve the Eurozone crisis.

READ MORE: Thousands of dossiers on French presidential contenders available in archives – WikiLeaks

The documents indicate that the CIA operation initially ran for 10 months from November 21, 2011, to September 29, 2012, and continued after the April-May 2012 French presidential election and into the formation of the new government.

The revelations are contained within three alleged CIA tasking orders, totaling seven pages, and published by WikiLeaks as context for its forthcoming ‘CIA Vault 7 series’. Wikileaks began tweeting about the mysterious ‘Vault 7’ series earlier this month, sending speculation into overdrive online over what the cryptic tweets indicated.

Droning Julian Assange and Wikileaks: the Clinton formula

Global Research, October 05, 2016

We believe in what we are doing… If you are pushed you push back.”
Julian Assange

The mutterings have become furious, and it is clear that the Democratic contender for the White House has again shown how traditional her ploys towards power are going to be.  Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have again managed to pull the blinds off an episode of some consequence, not least because it casts insight into the inner workings of the already maligned Clinton complex.

For one, it shows that Hillary Clinton will not be averse to muddying the waters of international law she is so happy to proclaim against Russia, China and other contesting bug bears.  For another, it does not suggest that a Clinton administration is going to go soft on whistleblowers, or the secrecy complex.  The latter is richly ironic given the Secretary’s own slap dash attitude to secrecy protocols when heading the State Department.

The latest WikiLeaks related fuss began a few days ago with the publication on True Pundit that claimed, referring to “State Department Sources” that Clinton had queried the use of a drone to silence the growing nuisance of Assange before the document release that came to be known as Cablegate.[1]

The “early morning November meeting [in 2010] of State’s [the State Department] top brass” has Clinton posing the question: “Can’t we just drone this guy?” This was suggested by True Pundit as being a product of pure frustration, one increased in vain attempts to “cut off Assange’s delivery of the cables” and failing that, forging “a strategy to minimize the administration’s public embarrassment over the contents of the cables.”

Was such a blood thirsty query made in jest, the normalised, crude product of a culture already used to remotely directed extra-judicial assassinations?  The report claims otherwise. Initial, dismissive laughter from officials in the room “quickly died off” before the terse manner of the Secretary.  “Clinton said that Assange, after all, was a relatively soft target, ‘walking around’ freely and thumbing his nose without any fear of reprisals from the United States.”

Such casual talk about eliminating a designated enemy of theUnited States should be of little surprise.  Classified emails (yes, those emails) were of particular interest to the FBI in its own criminal investigation into Secretary Clinton’s butter fingered handling of classified information.

A number touched on the approval process for drone strikes, executed by the Central Intelligence Agency in Pakistan,Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan.  Only a few of these were ever rejected by Clinton.  Even more dire, many, notably those touching on attacks in Pakistan, found their way onto her personal email account.[2]

The retorts to these allegations have been far from convincing, having much the effect of flogging by damp lettuce.  (In a campaign featuring such characters as Clinton and Trump, these could never be any other way.)  Clinton’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook, began to see allies of Trump coming out of every cyber nook and cranny.

Donald Trump and his allies are trying to do everything they can to change the debate here right now. Donald Trump failed at the debate, he became increasingly unwound, was tweeting at 3 a.m., making wild accusations of his own against the former Miss Universe and against Hillary Clinton. [3]

For Mook, Trump’s arsenal, supplemented by assistance from his allies (these are not necessarily elaborated with any distinction), had to “find some way to change this up, and they’re trying to do that by doubling down on conspiracy theories.”

Having drawn a web around his own conspiracy theory of compliance, slotting WikiLeaks, by innuendo and suggestion, into a Trump universe, he had to contend with the direct allegations about the drone strike.  The lettuce started looking damper than ever. “I’m reticent to comment on anything that the WikiLeaks people have said. They’ve made a lot of accusations in the past.”

Many of these accusations have had the rather brutal semblance of truth to them, not to mention the previous spectacular of the DNC disclosures.  These did not reveal so much a conspiracy of theory, but of solid fact in efforts, ruthlessly contrived, to eliminate Bernie Sanders as a threat to the Clinton campaign.

WikiLeaks has been thrilling, horrifying and agitating its audiences with the top hits of disclosure over the ten years it has been in existence. On Tuesday, the organisation celebrated 10 years of an often heady existence, which comprised the release of over ten million classified documents.

It was fitting that this pearler, featuring such a recurring figure of notoriety as Hillary Clinton, should surface at this moment of commemoration.  Clinton’s campaign coven have been less than convincing in denying this point. This stands to reason, given that previous denials have tended to vanish before the onslaught of reality.

Like many previous WikiLeaks revelations, it will be up to voters, opinion makers, and the chattering classes to decide what this means.  In the case of Tunisia, these assisted the first disruptions that came to be known as the Arab Spring.  In the case of the United States, it may harden pre-existing sentiment, the sort fairly immune to any revelations, however grotesque.

A Trump in the White House sends shivers down the spine and turns the stomach of many a voter; but to have a Clinton there, redux of corruption, calamity and mistake, would also shock the sensible and enrage the conscionable.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at SelwynCollege, Cambridge.  He lectures at RMIT University,Melbourne.  Email:






Terror attacks in France. Cui bono? U.S.-led coalition supports terrorism

Global Research, November 18, 2015
16 November 2015

In the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, there are three important questions to ask. 

1) Cui bono? 

2) What country could surpass and thwart the sophisticated French intelligence and surveillance system?

3) Why are outcry and public outpourings of support and grief so muted or entirely absent when other countries are invaded or attacked by our forces?

France is on alert since the Charlie Hebdo and market attacks, with heightened security due to President Hollande attending a public sporting event. Who has the resources to wage a coordinated, well-armed, utterly secret attack across Paris and escape notice despite surveillance?

The answer is not “magical evil people,” unless you’ve been watching too much TV or too many Western press conferences.

Look at what is happening in Syria. Look at the timing. There are no coincidences.

  • The U.S., allies, and ISIS are losing in Syria
  • The U.S. is losing support from European allies
  • The U.S. and allies support ISIS
  • The U.S. and allies want control of pipelines, resources, and the region

U.S., allies, and ISIS losing Syria

Russia, assisting the Syrian government, has destroyed almost 2000 terrorist targets in a few short weeks – ammunition depots, command posts, training camps, fortified positions.[1] The U.S.-led coalition, though claiming to fight terrorists for over a year, has had few if any results. Syrians are retaking their country with the help of Russia, Iran, and Iraq.

The U.S. has repeatedly refused to cooperate with Russia or Syria. The U.S. and its partners kill Syrians, destroy vital national Syrian infrastructure, and lie about Syria and Russia.

Discussions are underway for Syrian political solutions. In contrast, the U.S. funds and trains mercenary terrorist forces to overthrow the democratically-elected and popular President Bashar al-Assad. U.S. Special Envoy Daniel Rubenstein says Syrians may not even be part of the envisioned Western-created government.[2]

The Russian proposals and assistance are gaining popularity internationally.

U.S. losing European support

European leaders talk about working with Russia to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups. Members of the Bundestag (German Parliament) visited Moscow recently. Europeans are being hurt by sanctions. Many oppose U.S.-NATO actions against Russia. The refugee crisis is destabilizing Europe – a powerful impetus to work for peace in Syria.

U.S.-coalition support of terrorism

The U.S. and allies support ISIS and other terrorist groups with active, ongoing aid — supplies, weapons, logistics, medical aid, and protection. This is well documented. These aren’t just a few “mistaken” drops of weapons and supplies to ISIS forces. Turkey, Israel, the UK and France are all involved.[3]

John McCain has been repeatedly photographed with these groups and their leaders.[4] Instead of attacking ISIS, the U.S. and Israel have also attacked and murdered Syrian soldiers defending their country.

U.S.-European regional goals

The U.S. and allies want control of pipelines, oil and gas, and the region.[5] This has been their objective for decades. The U.S. began terrorizing Syria from the beginning, launching its first CIA coup against Syria’s newly formed government in 1949.[6] The U.S. hasn’t stopped since that time.[7] The British and French have been at this even longer.

The military mission by all coalition partners supports powerful economic and financial players. U.S. actions have nothing to do with “American values”, U.S. defense, or the American people. U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Butler said,

The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag… War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious…I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street… I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents…[8]

Information warfare is waged by U.S. and Western governments to hide what’s going on. The mainstream news media docilely reads whatever cover story it is handed.[9]

Destabilization and/or installation of puppet dictatorships are important to attain U.S./NATO goals.[10] Igniting ethnic feuds and rivalries and supplying weapons keep people divided, distracted, and killing each other, while the U.S. and coalition members loot the region of resources. The powerful American, UK, French, Turkish, Israeli, Saudi and coalition militaries are more than capable of guarding their own critical infrastructure in the midst of this created chaos. They have no qualms with ignoring national sovereignty and destroying people. General Wesley Clarke stated in 2007,

“We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”[11] [12]

But the European public is pushing for peace, especially due to the refugee crisis. What a perfect time to re-galvanize support for U.S./NATO power and goals with a terror attack.

The third question is actually several questions and follows President Assad’s statement that this has been happening in Syria for five years.[13]

3) Why are outcry and public outpourings of support and grief so muted or entirely absent when other countries are invaded or attacked by our forces, and thousands of people killed by our bombs, missiles, bullets, drones, cluster munitions, white phosphorus, depleted uranium, and by sanctions? Libya immediately comes to mind as well as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and eastern Ukraine. Over 500,000 children are dead in Iraq just due to U.S. sanctions in the 1990s. How many Westerners opposed that? How many mourned those hundreds of thousands of dead children due to Western terrorism?

Is it terrorism only when it’s done to “us”?

Do we ignore or even applaud our own countries’ terroristic and illegal actions, especially if the people in the countries we attack are a different ethnicity or race or religion? Europe and America have spawned many of the worst examples of terrorism in humanity’s history. How many millions of Syrian people are dead or are refugees because of French and Western terrorism?

How many Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and others have been tortured, raped or murdered because of the terrorism created and funded by France and others?

Are racism and permissible genocide what really drive our community spirit as well as our foreign policies?

American terrorism has a long, long history across the globe; Syria is just one of the chapters.

The School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Georgia, has trained death squads and torturers for many years. A protest in November will once again call for its closure.

NATO’s Operation Gladio and the “stay behind armies” have manufactured terror in Europe and elsewhere since the end of World War II. France has been in the crosshairs of the U.S. before, as have many other countries which weren’t firm enough vassal states. There were 31 assassination attempts against President De Gaulle which were traced to the United States and NATO.[14] When there is even a whiff of neutrality, Washington sends its hit men.[15]

Wikileaks just released evidence of John McCain’s involvement in a plot to shoot down an American plane over Syria and blame it on Russia.[16] In the 1960s, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff plotted similar false flag terrorist actions to blame on Cuba in Operation Northwoods.[17] We know that President George W. Bush proposed a similar action against Iraq because of the leaked “Downing Street” memo. Washington will do anything to keep its dominance and economic power.

Any school child can easily find a wealth of documentation on this, yet most Americans haven’t a clue. Why? Because they “believe” in Americanism and exceptionalism. They don’t read widely, they don’t ask questions, they don’t investigate, they don’t think, and they won’t protest. This is very, very dangerous. In Nazi Germany, Germans were afraid and many were inactive, but they weren’t blind. Many Americans are willfully blind, self-focused, and lazy. But what will happen when the mercenaries killing other people come knocking on their doors? They forget Martin Niemoller’s poem.[18]

Already, after the Paris attacks, the knives are out for Syria, the false evidence waved in front of the camera. We now know that France was tracking the purported culprits for years, and then stopped.[19] Coincidentally, the French had already brought their largest warship, the Charles De Gaulle, to the Syrian coast just in time for the attacks, and France has now bombed inside Syria, without Syrian permission.

Cui bono?

It is the responsibility of each person to think and see through the charades and the tragedies, to discern the real shapes hiding in the shadows. It is the obligation of each person to expose these crimes, past and present, and hold all the perpetrators responsible.

Silence is consent.

The time to act is very, very short.

Educate, expose, and demand justice now.



[2] Lecture: “The Challenges of Syria: Assad, ISIL, and the Opposition”, World Affairs Council, Monterey, California, March 2015




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[8] War is a Racket by Major General Smedley Butler and selected quotes

This is a major cause for PTSD and suicide in veterans. Recruited into the military with flag-waving and promises of free college education, men and women discover the truth too late. Once inside the military, it is almost impossible to get out, and they are virtual slaves. Soldiers can be shot if they refuse to obey orders. True support for the troops means stopping the wars, stopping the war economy, bringing all soldiers home with apologies and healing services, and jailing the people at the top in Congress, the Pentagon, and on Wall Street.


On the sarin gas attack:


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[18] One version of his famous quote:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) a prominent Protestant pastor who became an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent seven years in Nazi concentration camps.


Nina Beety is a community advocate, public speaker, and writer on topics including wireless radiation hazards, environmental issues, and American foreign policy. She is author of the report “Analysis: Smart Meter and Smart Grid Problems — Legislative Proposal, December 2012″, available on her website

Wikileaks Ucraina: McCain e Saakashvili stanno complottando…

Di Come Don Chisciotte 


19-mikheil-saakashviliPrefazione di Gordon Duff, Senior Editor di Veterans Today

Quella che segue è una trascrizione che abbiamo ricevuto da alcuni amici russi. E’ stata pubblicata dal sito FortRuss e non è stata verificata. Non possiamo dire che sia tutto vero ma certo è che, ben conoscendo i personaggi coinvolti, questi comportamenti li abbiamo già ripetutamente osservati. Potrete trarne una vostra personale opinione.

Wikileaks Ucraina tradotta dal russo da Kristina Rus

“M.”: Mikhail Saakashvili, ex Presidente della Georgia ed attuale Governatore della regione ucraina di Odessa.
“K.”: David Kezerashvili, ex comandante della Polizia Finanziaria e Ministro della Difesa della Georgia. Ricercato per appropriazione indebita di fondi statali.
“G.”: Anton Gerashenko, Deputato del partito ucraino ‘Fronte Popolare’ e segretario del comitato ‘Verkhovnaya Rada’. Consigliere del Ministro degli Interni Arsen Avakov, resident-agent dei servizi segreti statunitensi.
“R.”: Ramzan Machelikashvili, cugino di Ruslan Machelikashvili, detto Seyfullakh, è il famigerato ‘comandante sul campo’ sia dello Stato Islamico che dell’unità speciale anti-aerea. Ha ricevuto una formazione specifica nell’’Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone’ [Donbass].

M. – Fatelo entrare ……. siediti, David. Ricorda che tutto deve essere fatto per tempo, secondo quanto abbiamo concordato. Ne comprendi senz’altro l’importanza! Aspetta un secondo, attivo l’anti-sorveglianza …..

McCain ha confermato il piano. Come già sai è tutto a posto. Abbiamo ottenuto la copertura dal Senato degli Stati Uniti. In Siria i russi devono essere colpiti altrimenti, se si mettono d’accordo con gli americani, getteranno l’Ucraina in una discarica. Il Donbass è in una fase di stallo e anche il progetto Transnistria è sospeso. Se si va avanti in questo modo ‘abbiamo chiuso’! Dobbiamo accelerare le cose, in Siria. Avete preparato i nostri ragazzi?

K. – Sì, è tutto fatto. Oggi volano ad Antalya e poi vanno in Siria. Hanno ricevuto una buona formazione e trascineranno tutti con il loro spirito. Questi sono i nostri Kistintsy [ceceni georgiani che vivono nella Gola di Pankisi, in Georgia], dei ragazzi veramente tosti. Ramzan Machelikashvili è stato nominato comandante, gli altri quattro gli obbediscono. Sparano con tutte le armi e sono dei professionisti della contraerea. Sono in attesa di istruzioni specifiche.

M. – Date a Ramzan questo numero di telefono e questo cellulare. All’arrivo è necessario che invii un messaggio all’uomo di Warren, un agente della CIA, che li andrà a prendere. I Turchi sono stati avvertiti e permetterà il loro passaggio. In breve, l’agente di Steve Warren [Direttore dell’ufficio-stampa del Pentagono] sa tutto e parla russo. Dopo l’incontro Ramzan dovrebbe consegnargli il cellulare. Lo disattiverà.

K. – E’ tutto chiaro, ma per quanto riguarda le attrezzature e le armi?

M. – Aspetta, aspetta! Devo prendere la chiamata da Gerashchenko.

[M. parla con G.]

M. – Ciao Anton! I nostri ragazzi partiranno oggi. E’ tutto pronto?

G. – Mikhail, è tutto a posto laggiù! ….. Non si sente bene ….. ecco, ora puoi sentirmi di nuovo. Avakov [Ministro ucraino degli Interni] ha trasportato tutto, ci sono cinque missili antiaereo ‘Willow’ e ‘Needle S’ , il pieno di munizioni e di attrezzature. I cannoni antiaereo sono per strada. Non appena passeranno il confine il tuo capotribù – com’è che si chiama? – Ash-Shushani, incontrerà i ragazzi e li porterà sul luogo concordato.

M. – Eccellente! Eccellente! Bé, parlerò con te più tardi.

[M. interrompe la conversazione telefonica con G. e parla di nuovo con K]

M. – David! Tutto ciò che serve loro è già sul posto e, quando il materiale attraverserà la frontiera, lo riceveranno. Lì saranno accolti da Tarhan Batirashvili. Lo sapete chi è, vero? Ha una grande influenza nello Stato Islamico. Tutti i ceceni passano attraverso di lui, il suo soprannome è Ash-Shushani. Anche il cugino di Ramzan, Ruslan Machelikashvili, andrà ad incontrarli. Gli americani mi hanno detto che è un criminale spietato.

Bene. Tutto il gruppo sarà presto a Latakia, nella zona di Al-Nusra. L’obbiettivo è quello di abbattere un aereo americano. Riceveranno informazioni sui voli, c’è un curdo locale per questo scopo. Il piano è veramente fantastico! L’aereo americano sarà abbattuto dai militari russi. E’ questo ciò che sarà raccontato, che l’obiettivo è stato abbattuto da un missile russo. La scena sarà divertente, tutto il mondo ne parlerà.

Dopodiché il gruppo andrà ad Hasaka, una città vicina alla zona curda, e distruggerà un loro villaggio. Anche questa volta saranno incolpati i Russi. Come risposta i curdi abbatteranno un aereo russo con gli Stingers. L’obiettivo è quello di mettere contro americani e russi, in Siria. I turchi ce ne saranno grati, hanno promesso di ‘dare la sveglia’ ai Tartari della Crimea.

Dopo che in Siria tutto sarà stato fatto, vedrai se gli americani non porteranno le loro truppe in Ucraina e se tutti i nostri progetti non cominceranno ad essere operativi! McCain è in attesa delle nostre azioni altrimenti Obama non alzerà le chiappe. Le elezioni sono in arrivo e [senza quelle azioni] non farebbe niente. Vedi? Anche Poroshenko ha cominciato a scodinzolare davanti a Putin.

K. – Non lo so Misha. Il piano è tuo, sei tu quello che lo conosce meglio. Spiegherò tutto ai ragazzi e li manderò laggiù. E’ fantastico che Tarhan Batirashvili possa incontrarli, lui sa com’è che si combatte e supervisionerà il tutto. Molto tempo fa lo accettai nell’esercito. Sua madre è kistinka e suo padre è un georgiano.

M. – Quello che ho detto è di fare tutto per tempo, date ad ognuno dei cinque ragazzi 10.000 dollari e 20.000 dollari al padre di Tarhan, Ahmet.

K. – I ragazzi li ho già pagati e la mia gente consegnerà i 20.000 dollari a Tbilisi. Ma Machelikashvili è in attesa nella reception. Vuoi scambiare un paio di parole con lui?

M. – Certo! ….. Sveta, c’è un uomo con la barba che è venuto con David, si chiama Ramzan, fallo entrare.

S. – Lo faccio subito Mikhail.

M. – Come stai Ramzan! Come vanno le cose?

R. – Batono Misha! Siamo pronti a tutto [batono è un titolo onorifico georgiano].

M. – Molto bene! La pace nel mondo dipende da te! Io e Dato [?] supporteremo in tutto voi e le vostre famiglie.

R. – Grazie. David è molto utile. Dopo aver completato le operazioni in Siria ti riporteremo indietro [al potere], in Georgia. Sarà questo il nostro prossimo obbiettivo. Faremo saltare in aria l’intera Georgia, se necessario!

M. – Grazie Ramzan, arriverà quel tempo, ma per ora dobbiamo prenderci cura dell’Ucraina. Dato ti spiegherà, tutto è pronto. I ragazzi che verranno ad incontrarvi [in Siria] sono tuo cugino Ruslan, Aslan Margoshvili, Tarhan Batirashvili ed altri. Sarai in buone mani. Salutami gli altri ragazzi e state attenti. Prenditi cura di te.

R. – Mi fai sentire meglio, Misha batono. Non sapevo che avrei incontrato mio cugino. Faremo tutto al 100%. Pensavo che Tarhan fosse morto, avevo sentito che era ‘saltato’ insieme a El-Baghdadi. Inshallah, egli è ancora vivo.

M. – Prendi, Ramzan! E’ un pugnale, un mio regalo.

R. – Che Allah ti protegga, batono Misha! Non disonoreremo noi stessi e porteremo tutto a termine, te lo giuro!

K. – Ok Ramzan, aspettami nella sala d’attesa, io verrò presto!

[R. esce e M. ricomincia a parlare con K.]

M. – Ramzan è veramente un duro, vero? Dimmi, i conti in Svizzera sono già disponibili?

K. – Il Tribunale ha chiuso tutti i miei casi ed i conti sono ora disponibili, bisogna solo presentare i documenti alla banca. Adeishvili è stato molto utile. I suoi ragazzi hanno fatto ogni cosa per bene presso la ‘Corte’. Ho mandato loro dei soldi, ma dovremo inviargliene di più.

M. – Anche Kama deve ancora essere pagato. Avevi detto che avevi trasferito tutte le azioni agli uomini di Kakha [Kaladze, Ministro dell’Energia della Georgia] e che la questione era chiusa. Che c…o ho fatto di sbagliato per buttare via i miei soldi in questo modo!

K. – Non gridare! Te l’ho già detto, ho dato il 35% [delle azioni] delle attività portuali e delle infrastrutture per il petrolio. Ho dato il 10% [delle azioni] del gas e ho aggiunto il 10% per Bezhuashvili. In caso contrario non sarebbero stati d’accordo. E in Tribunale hanno fatto tutto loro. Per Meishvili, Shavliashili e Levna Murusidze devo inviare il cinquanta [percento, non viene detto di che cosa], a loro non ho ancora dato niente, prima devo pagare i Giudici del mio caso. Ti ho detto tutto in anticipo. In caso contrario avrei avuto un giudizio come quello di Ugulava e sarebbe stato bloccato l’accesso ai conti [Giorgi Ugulava, un politico già Sindaco di Tblisi].

M. – Vadano a farsi fottere con le loro madri, quelle pu…ne! Questi fottutissimi magistrati hanno venduto a Kolomoisky il video [Igor Kolomoisky, oligarca e politico ucraino]. Il Penguin lo ha preso e ha fatto pubblicare le foto di quel fr…io di Bacho [Bachana Akhalaia, già Ministro dell’Interno georgiano]. Per questo motivo tutte le azioni che avevamo previsto contro la Gazprom e in difesa di ‘Rustavi 2’ [canale televisivo privato georgiano] hanno dovuto essere fermate. L’ho detto mille volte. Rimuovete questo Kardav [?] oppure pagatelo, questo bastardo. Anche Ilham [Ilham Aliyev, Presidente azero] potrebbe risentirsi e farci fuori dalla SOCAR [State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic]. La questione deve essere risolta in un qualche modo. Quando vai a Zurigo?

K. – Intanto manderò i nostri ragazzi. Io domani andrò a Kiev e da lì in Svizzera. Dopo andrò a Baku, dove ci sarà da affrontare la questione della SOCAR.

M. – Fai attenzione ai nostri ragazzi di Pankisi [località georgiana di confine], fa in modo che siano felici. E’ questa la cosa più importante in questo momento. Non appena avremo tracciato un solco fra Mosca e Washington ci trasferiremo senza problemi a Kiev. Ok a dopo!

….. aspetta, aspetta. Sono contento di essermi ricordato. Tina ci ha detto che i suoi familiari hanno bisogno di un aiuto per le elezioni a Sagarejo [città georgiana]. I nostri ragazzi stanno facendo di tutto e Tina coinvolgerà anche i militari, ma Azersky Muganlo è fondamentale. Il nostro deputato, Azik, ti contatterà e quando arrivi a Baku egli verrà a trovarti. Dagli i soldi per corrompere il mufti Muganloisk. Chiedete un aiuto anche all’elite di Baku. [A Sagarejo] c’è una cagna, Iniashvili, che non deve vincere le elezioni. La supportano i Senatori della California, ma non me ne frega molto.

Hai capito cosa devi fare? Prima di andare a Kiev incontra Adeishvili, egli ti spiegherà tutti i dettagli.

K. – Sì, lascia che Zura [Adeishvili] mi spieghi tutto. Sono in ballo tante cose, potrei perdermi. Ho bisogno del suo aiuto.

M. – Bene. Non appena i ragazzi partono fammelo sapere, devo informare McCain. Sta aspettando!

K. Ok, Misha! Devo andare, c’è molto da fare.





Sen. John McCain and Mikhail Saakashvili are plotting with CIA to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame on Russia — Wikileaks

Gordon Duff, Veterans Today, remarks

This was received from friends in Russia.  It had been published on the FortRuss website and has not been verified.
I have no idea if any of this is true but we have more than adequate evidence that, knowing those claimed to be involved, it fits a pattern of observed behavior.

From Fort Russ

October 28, 2015
Ukrainian WikiLeaks
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

“M.”: Mikhail Saakashvili, ex-president of Georgia, Odessa region governor

“K.”: David Kezerashvili – former head of financial police and minister of defense of Georgia. Wanted for embezzling state funds

“G”: Anton Gerashenko – people’s deputy of Ukraine in faction “People’s Front”, secretary of Verkhovnaya Rada committee on issues of legal basis of law enforcement. Advisor to the minister of interior, Arsen Avakov, resident agent of US special services

“R.”: Ramzan Machelikashvili – cousin of Ruslan Machelikashvili, infamous field commander of Islamic State, callsign Seyfullakh. Commander of special anti-aircraft unit, received special training in the ATO zone. Anti-aircraft specialist sent to Syria.



M. Let him come in!

M. Sit down, David! Everything should be done on time, as we discussed. You understand the importance of everything! Wait a second, I will turn on anti-surveillance.

McCain confirmed the plan, everything is in place so you know. We got cover from the US Senate. In Syria, Russians must be hit, or else if Russians and Americans fundamentally agree, they will really dump Ukraine. Donbass is on conservation, project Transnistria is suspended. If it goes on, we are done! We should speed things up in Syria!

Have you prepared our guys?

K: Yes, everything is done. Today, they fly to Antalya and then go to Syria.

They received good training and will tear everything with their spirit. These are our Kistintsy (Georgian Chechens living in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia), tough guys. Ramzan Machelikashvili was appointed a commander, all four obey him. They shoot from all weapons, they are anti-aircraft professionals. They are waiting for specific instructions.

M. Give Ramzan this phone number and cell phone. Upon arrival it is necessary to send a message, there is Warren’s man from the CIA, he will greet and take the guys. Turks are warned and will let them through. In short, this agent of Steve Warren knows everything and speaks Russian. After, Ramzan should give him this phone.

M. Yes, yes, will turn it off.

K. It’s all clear, but what about equipment and weapons?

M. Wait, wait! I have to pick up the call from Gerashchenko .
M. Hello Anton! Our guys are leaving today. Is it all ready?

G. Mr. Mikhail Nikolayevich! It is loud over there!

G. Now I can hear! Avakov (Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) transported everything, there are five anti-aircraft [PZRK – rus.] “Willow” [Verba” – rus.] and “Needle S” [“Igla S” – rus.], full ammunition and equipment. Large anti-aircraft guns are on the road. As soon as they pass the border, your chieftain, what’s his name,  Ash-Shushani will meet them, the guys will be on the case.

M. Excellent! Excellent! Well, talk to you later.

M. David! All you need is already in place and when they cross the border they will get everything. There they will be greeted by Tarhan Batirashvili. You know who he is? He has great influence in the Islamic State, all Chechens pass through him, his nickname is Ash-Shushani. Also ​​Ramzan’s cousin, Ruslan Machelikashvili will also meet them. He is a ruthless thug, Americans told me.

So, the whole group will be in Latakia, in the Al-Nusra zone, the goal is to shoot down American plane. They will get flight information, there is a local Kurd there for that. The plan is turning out very cool! American plane will be shot down by Russian military. This will be told by the Prisoner, that the target was shot down from PZRK. The scene will be amusing, the whole world will talk about it.

After this group will go to Hasaka, it is a city near the Kurds and there they will destroy a Kurdish village,  the Russians will do everything. In return, the Kurds will shoot down a Russian plane with Stingers. The goal is to pit the Americans and Russians in Syria. The Turks will be grateful, they promise to rouse the Crimean Tatars.

After it is done in Syria, you will see, if Americans don’t bring troops to Ukraine and all our projects will begin operating. McCain is waiting for our actions. Otherwise, Obama will not raise his ass, elections are coming soon and he will do nothing. You see, Poroshenko also began to wag his tail in front of Putin.

C. I don’t know, Misha! It’s your plans, you know better. I’ll explain everything to the guys and will send them on the way. It’s great that Tarhan Batirashvili will meet them, he knows how to fight and will supervise everything. At one time I accepted him into the Army. His mother is Kistinka, and a Georgian father.

M. What I said, do in time, give each one of the five $10 thousand. Give $20,000 to Tarhan’s father in Ahmet.

K. I already paid the guys, and my people will pass $20 thousand to Tbilisi.

Machelikashvili is waiting in the reception, want to have a couple words with him?!

M. Sure!

Sveta! There’s a man with a beard who came with David, named Ramzan, let him in.

S. Of course, Mikhail Nikolayevich

M. How are you Ramzan! How are things?

R. Batono Misha! We are ready to execute all the tasks.

M. Very good! The peace in the whole world depends on you! I and Dato will support you and your families in everything.

R. Thank you very much. David is very helpful. After completing the tasks in Syria, we will bring you back to Georgia, this is our next task. We will blow up the entire Georgia, if necessary!

M. Thank you Ramzan, this time will come, but for now we should take care of Ukraine. Dato will explain, everything is ready. Our guys will meet, Ruslan is your cousin, Aslan Margoshvili, Tarhan Batirashvili and others. You will be in good hands. Say hello to the guys and be careful. Take care of yourself.

R. You make me feel better, Misha batono. I did not know that the brother will meet, we will do everything 100%. I thought Tarhan died, I heard he was blown up along with El-Baghdadi. Insha Allah, he is alive.

M. Ramzan, take it! This is a dagger from me.

R. May Allah protect you, batono Misha! We will not disgrace ourselves and do everything, I swear to you!

K. Ok, Ramzan, wait in the waiting room, I will come out soon!

M. Ramzan is a tough man, right?! Tell me, are the Swiss accounts already available ?!

K. The court has closed my cases and the accounts are available, just need to submit documents to the bank. Adeishvili was very helpful. His guys did everything at the court. I sent them some, and will have to send more.

M. Kama still has to be paid. You said that you transferred the shares to Kakha’s people [Kaladze, Minister of Energy of Georgia] and it was closed. What is f#cken wrong with everyone to throw my money away like that!

K. Don’t yell! I told you, 35% I gave from the port and oil infrastructure. From gas I gave 10%, and added 10% for Bezhuashvili. Otherwise they didn’t agree. And in court they did everything, for Meishvili, Shavliashili and Levna Murusidze I must send fifty, I gave nothing to them yet, first just to pay the judges who were on my case. I told you everything in advance. If not, I would get a judgement like Ugulava, and would block access to the accounts.

M. F#ck their mother, b#tch! This f#cking Magis sold Kolomoisky the video. Penguin caught it and they posted the frames with Bacho f#ggots. For this reason, all the planned actions had to be stopped, against Gazprom and in defense of Rustavi 2. I said a thousand times, remove this Kardav or pay the money to this bastard. Ilham too can be offended and cut off our debt in SOCAR. It must be solved somehow. When are you going to Zurich?

K. I will send our guys, tomorrow I’ll go to Kiev and from there to Switzerland. After going to Baku, there I will tackle SOCAR issues.

M. Watch out for our Pankisi guys, so they are happy. This is the most important thing right now. As soon as we pit Moscow and Washington, then smoothly will move to Kiev. Ok, later!

M. Wait, wait. Glad I remembered! Tina asked, in Sagarejo, that her relative needs help with elections. Our guys are doing everything, and Tina will involve the military but Azersky Muganlo is crucial. Our deputy, Azik, he will contact you and when you will arrive to Baku, he will come, give him the money to bribe Muganloisk muftis. Also ask the Baku elite, to help me in this regard. There is a bitch Iniashvili, she should not win elections, California Senators support her, but I don’t care.

Do you understand what to do ?! Prior to going to Kiev meet with Adeishvili, and he will explain all the details.

K. Yes, let Zura explain everything, there are so many things, I can get lost, I need his help.

M. Good. As soon as you send the guys, let me know, I have to inform McCain, he is waiting!

K. Ok, Misha! I must go, a lot to do.

Wikileaks: Nemtsov advises American Embassy, Russia needs a crisis to topple Putin

Posted on Fort Russ

<iframe width=”459″ height=”344″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

March 4, 2015
Alexey Pushkov

Translated by Kristina Rus
Originally recorded in 2010-2011
“Komsomolskaya Pravda” has published Wikileaks cables regarding the meetings of Russian human rights defenders and representatives of the right opposition with the representatives of the American administration.
These meetings took place at the American Embassy in Moscow.
The cables give a lot of food for thought, and we would like to share some of it with you.
One of the cables talks about a meeting which took place on January 14, 2010 at the American Embassy in Moscow between Obama’s representative in Russia Michael McFaul and Russian human rights defenders.
This was not the first such meeting with the leadership of American administration.
Such meetings occurred earlier, for example, with Hillary Clinton where the human rights defenders expectedly complained about human rights abuses and characteristically insisted on the hardening of American policy towards Russian leadership.
In another cable as of January 19, 2010, under the code name “Moscow 000305”, the American ambassador, John Byerle [2008-2012],  informs the State Department about a meeting of the same McFaul with the leaders of the right opposition: Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Milov, Vladimir Ryzhkov and also a representative of the party “The Right Deed” Georgy Goft.
What was the topic of this discussion?
They discussed conditions which would ensure the departure of Vladimir Putin. 
The American ambassador wrote about the position of the Russian right:
“The Russian right opposition agreed that the goal of the opposition during the next two years, should be the work to prevent the return of Vladimir Putin to the post of the president. But according to their opinion only an emergency situation would bring about his demise.”
According to McFaul, there is no other way, because most of the civil society in Russia “is still asleep”, and most of citizens of the country are content with current situation.
Let’s make some conclusions.
The conclusion number one: the leaders of the radical right opposition  are discussing a change of Russian government with American representatives, which is scandalous in itself and causes a lot of questions. We could have guessed about it, but now it received a documentary evidence.
Conclusion number two: in order to achieve their goals, the radical right opposition needs an emergency situation in the country.
So while our country and our people have not yet recovered from a constant “emergency situation in 1990’s”, when the right and Boris Yeltsin were in power, as the opposition wants to plunge the country into another emergency situation.
At his time, Boris Nemtsov putting dressed in an orange tie supported Yushenko and Timoshenko in Kiev, and declared that he was envious of the Ukrainian people: “Thanks to the Orange Maidan they will have democracy and happiness all around. Only if we could have the same!” – dreamed Nemtsov, holding his breath.
The results of the Orange democracy are well known – almost five years of emergency situation in Ukraine, economic collapse, a sudden drop of standard of living.
Now Nemtsov wants the same for Russia in order to return to power.
In the face of McFaul, the Russian Right found a faithful listener.
“Deputinization must come from Russia itself” – told them Michael McFaul. [so now we know the purpose of his appointment for ambassador to Russia in 2012 – KR]
Although the American president does not openly support the civil society in Russia [he did support it, but not OPENLY], as the members of opposition would like to, he completely supports democratic reforms.
This looks like a direct coordination of the line of our opposition and American administration.
The representative of US president practically tells the right: you start first, and we will support you.
What can you say, this is the style of our right – to appeal to the US with the hope that the almighty America will either help them keep the power or bring them to power.
Lets remember who was the main outside support of the government of Boris Yeltsin and his “reformers” – of course, America. The same goes for other opposition members, such as Casparov and Kasyanov, who keep on shouting to the United States “Help, help!”
And of course the fact of such meetings and discussions at the American Embassy in Moscow speaks for itself.
“Komsomolskaya Pravda” rightfully notes:
“It is hard to imagine that the representatives of Democrats or Republicans would run to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC and tearfully beg; “Please be harder on our government” and without blinking formulate the task: “In order to come to power we need a collapse!”
American politicians don’t do that as they consider themselves first of all a part of their country. But our right as evident during the Yeltsyn times, when they were in power, constantly and enthusiastically relied on the outside forces in order to subject their country to foreign models and foreign interests.
The citizens of Russia have realized this quickly and refused to support them, because even without the Wikileaks they understand very well, that the radical right in Russia is not so much Russian as it is American.
And this speaks for itself.
Kristina Rus:
Although the Russian opposition has christened itself as “The Union of the Right Forces”, it is still commonly known as “the liberals” – this is characteristic of the Russian political spectrum.
It is easy to judge about a utility of any politician by the reaction to his death in the Western press and the State Department, from which it gets it’s daily instructions. 
If they declare him a great loss to his country, you can bet he is a great loss to the State Department. 
However, it is unclear if the State Department understood that Nemtsov was unelectable, as he had admitted in his wiretaps: “I am from the nineties – it’s like a sentence”, when Nemtsov was #3 in the Yelsyn governmnet as a Vice Prime Minister. It is quite possible that Nemtsov realized that he could make more money working for the US interests, then in Russian politics, and he has a 90 million ruble apartment near the Kremlin to show for it. 
Nemtsov’s unelectablility is another argument for the theory of a “sacrificial lamb”, as Nemtsov was the most likely figure for such sacrifice, as he had no chances to become a Russian president with his shady past from the nineties and a rating of 2-4%. 
Ironically he himself was the mastermind of the idea that “only an emergency situation” can shake up Russian politics, and his murder falls into that category. 
That he was active in the opposition for a decade without any political chances may also speak for the fact that it simply became a lucrative business. His friend Irina Khakamada, said that Nemtsov lived of the money of the sponsors, which was plentiful. He also admitted in his wiretaps, that money was not an issue. Offering to fly another activist for an urgent meeting in a helicopter was not unusual, as was his high roller lifestyle and patronage of elite escort services.
Nemtsov made an excellent agent of the State Departmet, as he was brilliant (becoming a governor of Nizhny Novgorod at 32 years old) and was not burdened with too many moral principles.
Nemtsov’s eloquence and charisma made it easy for him to persuade people, and only his actions (such as marching with  Ukrainian nationalists in Odessa after Odessa massacre and a complete disregard for the human rights of fellow Russians in Eastern Ukraine – he preferred to be obsessed about counting how many times Putin changed his watches) would revel his true intentions to the outside observer.  

Biden-gate? Hackers access State Dept. document treasure trove from Biden delegation; finds Ukrainian order for lethal weapons

The United States says it is only supplying non-lethal aid to Ukraine. That’s apparently not true. And that’s not all.

For the CyberBerkut post and the many documents posted:
Entry is 11-25-14. [1]

U.S. To Supply Lethal Weapons To Ukraine
by Anna Mihaylenko
November 28, 2014

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian hacker group Cyberberkut ( made public some documents signed by US President Barack Obama and State Secretary John Kerry about the further deliveries of the lethal weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the hackers, they found the data stored on the mobile device of an American diplomat accompanying US Vice-President Joe Biden during his visit to Kyiv.

Official mass media preferred to avoid this message, however Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, as well as the press secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow, were compelled to comment on the leaked information about military deliveries to Ukraine. According to their statements, Washington provides Kyiv exclusively with non-lethal military aid. Though they didn’t disprove the fact that the State Department employee’s mobile device had been hacked.

At the same time, the materials spread by Cyberberkut testify that Washington is ready to deliver rifles, missiles, anti aircraft armament and armor equipment to Kyiv. Besides, hackers claim that the Ukrainian army has been financed from the US Department of Defense budget for a long time.

According to hackers, the amounts of financing are ‘amazing’ and make impression that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ‘a branch of the American Army’. What is more surprising, the US transfers hundreds of thousand dollars to Ukrainian officers’ personal accounts in circumvention of all established rules, principles and common sense. It’s not excluded that the Ukrainian military could freely spend the American aid for personal purposes.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are actually in the extremely deplorable state. In August/September 2014, the Ukrainian ministry asked the Pentagon to pay meals and incidental expenses of the Ukrainian officers so that they could take part in the Rapid Trident joint maneuvers pending in Ukraine. In fact, Kyiv might not be pressed for money so much. The Ukrainians may just have wanted to gain from the United States as much as possible while there was an opportunity like that.

Among the most interesting documents there’s also the Ukrainian Defense Ministry ‘request’ for the American weapons supply. Kyiv asks to deliver 400 sniper rifles, 2000 assault rifles, 720 shoulder grenade launchers, nearly 200 mortars and more than 70 000 mortar shells, 420 Javelin anti-tank missiles and even 150 Stingers. Considering that the rebels have no aircraft, there is a fair question, what will the Ukrainian military do with anti-aircraft weapons? Unless they’re a waiting for another Malaysian Boeing.

The request for diving equipment for an underwater warfare team of 150 personnel also attracts special attention. The requests like that go outside the framework of peaceful and defensive measures. It turns out that all Ukrainian peaceful initiatives and statements to cease fire against rebels remain just a declaration.

It’s worth mentioning here that the UN Charter and international law forbid deliveries of lethal arms to the regions with an unstable political and military situation and urge all parties of the conflict to refrain from violence. Now the Cyberberkut hackers’ leakages exclude the opportunity that the lethal weapons would be delivered to Ukraine in secret.

It’s interesting how the US partners in Europe can react to this incident. It’s supposed to be honest to respect the civilized diplomatic norms and inform NATO colleagues that the US is preparing lethal aid supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Information warfare in Ukraine goes on, but it’s the first time when the United States’ officials were involved. It seems that visit will have serious consequences for the members of Joe Biden’s delegation thanks to Ukrainian followers of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks. The Administration is also sure to draw conclusions on reliability of personal devices of the employees.

[1] Some excerpts — on linguistics labs ($1 million)

What is much astonishing, almost one million dollars is assigned for opening “linguistic laboratories” and purchasing text-books for them. Undoubtedly, it is what Ukrainian Armed Forces need today. They all need English to understand Washington’s orders more quickly.

and the need for combat divers.

For some reason, special attention is paid to Ukraine’s Naval Forces. On one hand it’s clear that there are no Naval Forces in Ukraine. On the other hand it points at aggressive plans of the USA and Kiev to prepare subversive operations not only in the South-East, but in Crimea. It’s hard to find another explanation. Otherwise, for what purpose does Ukraine need 150 combat divers?