Zakharchenko ultimatum: DPR withdrew 90% of heavy equipment, Kiev: none (video)

From Fort Russ

Alexander Zakharchenko, head of DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic):


Today we have passed on the following declaration to the head of OSCE:

“In order to fulfill the declaration as of February 12, 2015 and a complex of measures to fulfill the Minsk agreements, DPR withdrew heavy equipment to the distance agreed by the Minsk agreements.

(As you know we withdrew about 90% of artillery guns, mortars and heavy equipment)

However in a violation of Part 2 of the complex of measures to fulfill the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian side is evading it and has not begun the withdrawal of heavy equipment.

DPR is giving the Ukrainian side an opportunity to begin withdrawing heavy equipment until 18:00 Kiev time and 19:00 DPR time on February 27, 2015.

In the event of the Ukrainian side violating the declaration as of February 12, 2015 and a complex of measures on the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, DPR will reserve the right to return heavy equipment to its former locations as of February 12, 2015.

I believe that Ukraine has failed to fulfill the agreements.

The entire responsibility for violating the peace agreement in the declaration as of February 12, 2015 and the complex of measures to fulfill the Minsk agreements, DPR is placing on the Ukrainian side.”

This declaration was given to OSCE in a written form, signed.

I would like to add regarding today’s statement of Ukrainian General Staff about beginning to withdraw it’s heavy equipment, if it will have only a declarative manner, it will not void this declaration.

Further I would like to point your attention at relentless attacks and provocations of Ukrainian authorities.

Today there was an attack with tanks and infantry on the airport, yesterday there were two attacks, another attack was on the Kirovsky district from Mariinka. Further the shelling of Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk and Elenovka continue until now. Therefore I would like to say the following, I don’t understand how Ukrainian military is demanding ceasefire within 48 hours, how can they demand it?

I would like to remind the Ukrainian military that their UAF units ended up in Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo cauldrons, therefore to demand anything by the Ukrainian side, judging that they had suffered two heavy losses already, I believe is not feasible.

There is no need to give us ultimatums, if the attacks and shelling will not stop we will consider the Minsk agreement violated by the Ukrainian side.

I announced in Minsk, that if they will continue to violate the agreement, there will not be any more Minsk agreement. The equipment will be returned to it’s positions.

Any attempts to attack our cities and villages will be stopped at the beginning.

I will be honest, dear Ukrainian government, judging by the map, prepare for more cauldrons if you don’t follow the Minsk agreements.

Your army is unable to fight, ask for peacekeepers, ask for more weapons, ask for arms and so forth.

Thank you for your attention.


Is a sudden attack by the Ukrainian army possible before the stated time?

The logic of Ukrainian military is unpredictable, they live on a different planet, therefore, I cannot understand the logic of Ukrainian military, anything is possible. We are prepared for any scenario.

Will you be able to return the weapons back to your positions?

You know, I hope so in any case. To be attacked, and be unable to defend ourselves – that’s not possible on any stretch of our front. We will be able to bring back the equipment and join the fight.

OSCE announced that it is not ready to control the withdrawal of equipment, since DPR is not giving the withdrawal plans and locations of heavy equipment. 

Did Ukrainian side provide it to them? Today it was announced that the Ukrainian side they will not give the locations of their units. Then why should we do it?

I don’t understand, Ukrainian side is the loosing side of the conflict. It has lost in this conflict. They lost several thousand people in Debaltsevo cauldron. They are unable to hold the frontline, and they have some demands? Wake up, guys, what planet have you come from?

Your military is loosing battle after battle. I recommend to accept it, swallow it, wipe your nose, and follow the Minsk agreement, otherwise it will be worse.

If you don’t want to leave in peace, we will have to teach you.

Is [Lugansk People’s Republic Prime Minister Igor] Plotnitsky supporting you, have you discussed it with him?

Absolutely supporting my declaration. This relates to LPR. Our fate is the same with Lugansk. Igor will make the same statement. I am 100% sure that Igor Plotnitsky would support me.

Thank you

The reason why people were burnt alive in Odessa (video)

From Fort Russ

February 25, 2015

Originally published February 25, 2014
First City Channel (Odessa TV?)
Translated by Kristina Rus
Alternative Maidan [the author meant Maidan, as “protest”, as the term Anti-maidan was not yet common 3 days after the coup] on Kulikovo Polye was organized since the morning. One tent was set up in the middle of the square. They started collecting signatures and signing up people into people’s patrols. Promised to set up a tent city by the evening.
– We stand for order, and unity of Odessa, we don’t want any chaos,  provocations, toppling of monuments. We don’t have a leader, our leader is the city of Odessa.
– We want Odessa to have the Russian language, we want Odessa and our region, the South, to be in a good relationship with Russia. So that Ukraine is independent, we don’t need the EU.
– To be honest, I am against any government, I just want order in the country and my children to live in peace
The organizers say that the protest is peaceful. Everyone came without masks or bats.
– To support the activists who want to defend our city from the fascist occupiers. To express our point of view.
– Standing for the future of our children. For truth. How long can this go on? They got a free pass for their rampage. This is wrong. We have a democratic country and every person has a right to say their opinion.
There are no more then 100 people gathered on the Kulikovo Polye. This is several times fewer than at the first protest on Monday. By 8 pm almost no one is left at the square.
Kristina Rus:
Two months later the members of the new Ukrainian government were celebrating “the sweep” of pro-Russian protesters and this Maidan “victory” in Odessa:
In the video you can see the Trade Union house in the background, which will become a death trap for dozens of people. How many of the people interviewed are still alive? How many have been burnt or butchered in the basement of the Trade Union house? How many have been detained by the SBU?
Ukrainian and Western russophobes are so vocal about their hate towards the Soviet Union and the KGB, while in 2014 Ukraine has far surpassed the KGB in it’s brutality and trampling of law and human rights. 

Former Ukrainian security chief: EuroMaidan leaders hired the snipers that killed police and protesters

Andriy Parubiy, named in this report, visited Washington DC this week (February 25) to ask for more weapons for the Kiev regime.

From Kyiv Post, March 13, 2014
Katya Gorchinskaya

Former State Security Head of Ukraine Oleksandr Yakimenko blames Ukraine’s current government for hiring snipers on Feb. 20, when dozens of people were killed and hundreds more wounded. The victims were mainly EuroMaidan Revolution demonstrations, but some police officers were also killed. This was the deadliest day during the EuroMaidan Revolution, a three-month uprising that claimed 100 lives.

Yakimenko also blamed the United States for organizing and financing the revolution by bringing illegal cash in using diplomatic mail.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine dismissed the charges as ludicrous, while another official with the current government called the accusations “cynical” propaganda with no factual basis.

… … …

Yakimenko made these and other accusations in a 10-minute exclusive interview to Russia’s Vesti channel in an undisclosed location.

“The shots sounded from the building of Philharmonics,” Yakimenko told Vesti. “This was the building supervised by (now National Security Council Chief Andriy) Parubiy.”

He said the snipers were shooting in the back of the running police, as well as at protesters. He said there were two groups of “well-dressed” snipers, each composed of 10 people, operating in the building. Yakimenko said their exit was witnessed by both SBU operatives and protesters themselves.

He said one of the groups of snipers disappeared, but the other one relocated to Hotel Ukraina and continued to kill the protesters at a slower pace. Yakimenko said at that point representatives of Svoboda and Right Sector appealed to him to deploy SBU’s special unit Alfa to destroy the snipers.

Yakimenko claims that he was ready to do it, but did not get the permission of Parubiy, who supervised the self-defense forces.

“To get inside EuroMaidan I needed Parubiy’s permission because the forces of self-defense would hit me in the back,” Yakimenko said. “But Parubiy did not give me such a permission.”

Not a single weapon could get onto Maidan without Parubiy’s permission,” he said, adding that EuroMaidan protesters used mercenaries from former defense ministry’s special units, as well as foreign mercenaries, including those from former Yugoslavia.

… … ….

Yankimenko says that Parubiy, as well as a number of other organizers of EuroMaidan, received direct orders from the U.S. government. Among those people he named former and current intelligence chiefs Mykola Malomuzh and Viktor Gvozd, former Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko and leader of the opposition Petro Poroshenko.

“These are the forces that were doing everything they were told by the leaders and representatives of the United States,” he says. “They, in essence lived in the U.S. embassy. There wasn’t a day when they did not visit the embassy.”

… … …

SBU chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko is also accused of playing to the tune of the Americans. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine commented on these accusations in just one word: “ludicrous.”

All orders were given either by the U.S. or EU ambassador Jan Tombinski, “who in essence is a Polish citizen.”

“The role of Poland cannot be underestimated,” Yakimenko said. “It dreams about restoring its old wish, Rzeczpospolita.”

The EU Delegation had no comment about the accusations.

The former SBU chief also talked at length about the financing of EuroMaidan protests, saying much of it came directly from the U.S., and that some Ukrainian oligarchs, including Poroshenko, Dmytro Firtash and Viktor Pinchuk.

“From the beginning of Maidan we as a special service noticed a significant increase of diplomatic cargo to various embassies, western embassies located in Ukraine,” says Yakimenko. “It was tens of times greater than usual diplomatic cargo supplies.” He says that right after such shipments crisp, new U.S. dollar bills were spotted on Maidan.

He said Ukraine’s oligarchs were also financing Maidan because they were “hostages of the situation and had no choice” because most of their assets are located in the west.

Source with extensive information on the Maidan snipers:

Original post (WARNING: this is a Ukrainian media website)

Ukraine prepares for an attack against Russia

Posted on Fort Russ, February 27, 2015
By Eric Zuesse

The post-coup leaders of Ukraine have routinely said that Ukraine should destroy Russia; and, now, starting on February 24th, they are placing into position the key prerequisite for doing so, which is the advanced Anti-Ballistic-Missile, or ABM, system, S-300, which is described as follows by wikipedia:

“The S-300 is regarded as one of the most potent anti-aircraft missile systems currently fielded.[3] Its radars have the ability to simultaneously track up to 100 targets while engaging up to 12/24/36 targets. The S-300 deployment time is five minutes.[3] The S-300 missiles are sealed rounds and require no maintenance over their lifetime. An evolved version of the S-300 system is the S-400 (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler), which entered limited service in 2004.”

The S-300 (otherwise called “SAM C-300”) is designed to protect against retaliation. The entire purpose of ABMs is to disable retaliation. In that sense, ABMs are the most aggressive weapons of all. They are specifically designed to prevent retaliation from a nation that has been attacked and that is responding by sending in its own bombers to retaliate.
Here is one report, February 24th, of installation of these ABMs, from the region near Odessa, including a photo of these weapons on a truck:
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.26.51 PM
Here is another such report, with videos of the missile-systems being put into place, during the 24th and 25th of February:
The likeliest explanation of this would be that the new (ever since the February 2014 coup) anti-Russian Ukrainian Government intends to bring NATO in to invade Russia and to do this by provoking a limited attack from Russia that will then be repelled by these S-300s. After surviving Russia’s response, NATO would then claim Ukraine must be defended from Russia’s aggression; and, then, NATO would take over the task of eliminating Russia — which the present leaders of Ukraine (and their followers) have been very clear that they want to happen.
Other reasons for Ukraine’s positioning these ABMs ready for launch wouldn’t make sense, because the missiles won’t be usable except to block retaliation.
These missiles are purely ‘defensive’ weapons; but the Ukrainian Government isn’t waiting for U.S. President Obama to approve supplying other ‘defensive’ weapons to Ukraine; they’re moving forward with what they’ve already got.
It should also be noted, however, that Russia had set up S-300s in Crimea immediately prior to the 16 March 2014 referendum in Crimea on whether Crimea should return to Russia (of which Crimea had been a part during 1783-1954), or whether it should instead be ruled by the newly installed Ukrainian Government in Kiev. Russia said that this was being done then in order to deter the Ukrainian Air Force from bombing Crimea during the referendum — a referendum that Ukraine was trying to prevent and was threatening to block. Ukraine today might similarly be able to say that their new ABM installations are being done in order to prevent an imminent Russian air invasion into Ukraine.
Whether any ABM-installation can be said to be authentically defensive is thus a judgment that only each individual will make, based on that person’s estimation of the realistic likelihood that the country setting it up is authentically under threat of invasion at that particular moment in time. ABMs are against retaliatory weapons, but when is a threat real, against which are needed ABMs so as to justify the installation of such anti-weapons? If the threat of weapons from the other side is not real, then the threat of the anti-weapons against them is very real: it is then clearly preparation for launching an aggressive attack.
Consequently, whether a ‘defensive weapon’ is actually the most aggressive type of weapon — the preliminary to launching an attack — depends upon whether it is the preliminary to launching an attack, and only each individual observer can judge that question. Ukraine says that the referendum in Crimea was itself an attack against Ukraine. However, Ukraine did not set up ABMs at that time. They now are. Do they really believe that Russia is about to invade Ukraine? They have been saying, since the coup, that Russia is invading. The U.S. Government and its allies have seconded those allegations. But not until now is Ukraine actually preparing for such an invasion from Russia — or else preparing for its allies to launch an invasion of Russia.

No weapons to Ukraine: open letter to the U.S Senate opposing S. 452

Posted on Global Research, February 25, 2015

Reject S. 452, “A bill to provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine.”

Why is this important?

The United States is the leading provider of weapons to the world, and the practice of providing weapons to countries in crisis has proven disastrous, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Expanding NATO to Russia’s border and arming Russia’s neighbors threatens something worse than disaster. The United States is toying with nuclear war.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt played significant roles in orchestrating the political crisis that led to a violent coup overthrowing Ukraine’s elected President. Nuland not only exclaimed “Fuck the EU!” on that recorded phone call, but she also seemed to decide on the new prime minister: “Yats is the guy.”

The Maidan protests were violently escalated by neo-Nazis and by snipers who opened fire on police. When Poland, Germany, and France negotiated a deal for the Maidan demands and an early election, neo-Nazis instead attacked the government and took over. The U.S. State Department immediately recognized the coup government, and Yatsenyuk was indeed installed as Prime Minister.

The people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to secede, and that — rather than the coup — has been labeled “aggression.” Ethnic Russians have been massacred by constant shelling from Kiev’s U.S.-NATO backed Army, while Russia has been denounced for “aggression” in the form of various unsubstantiated accusations, including the downing of Flight 17.

It’s important to recognize Western interests at work here other than peace and generosity. GMO outfits want the excellent farming soil in Ukraine. The U.S. and NATO want a “missile defense” base in Ukraine. Oil corporations want to drill for fracked gas in Ukraine. The U.S. and EU want to get their hands on Russia’s “largest supply of natural gas” on the planet.

We routinely recognize the financial corruption of the U.S. government in domestic policy making. We shouldn’t blind ourselves to it in matters of foreign policy. There may be a flag waving, but there is nuclear war looming, and that’s a bit more important.

Initial signers (organizations for identification):

David Swanson, World Beyond War. Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. Nick Mottern, Tarak Kauff, Veterans For Peace. Carolyn McCrady, Peace and Justice Can Win. Medea Benjamin, Code Pink. Gareth Porter. Malachy Kilbride, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance. Buzz Davis, WI Impeachment/Bring Our Troops Home Coalition. Alice Slater, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Doug Rawlings, Veterans For Peace. Diane Turco, Cape Codders for Peace and Justice. Rich Greve, Peace Action Staten Island. Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. Heinrich Buecker, Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin. Dud Hendrick. Ellen Barfield, Veterans For Peace and War Resisters League. Herbert Hoffman, Veterans For Peace. Jean Athey, Peace Action Montgomery. Kent Shifferd. Matthew Hoh. Bob Cushing, Pax Christi. Bill Gilson, Veterans For Peace. Michael Brenner, University of Pittsburgh. Cindy Sheehan: Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox. Jodie Evans, Code Pink. Judith Deutsch. Jim Haber. Elliott Adams. Joe Lombardo and Marilyn Levin, UNAC co-coordinators. David Hartsough, World Beyond War. Mairead Maguire, Nobel peace laureate, Co founder peace people. Koohan Paik, International Forum on Globalization. Ellen Judd, University of Manitoba. Nicolas Davies. Rosalie Tyler Paul, PeaceWorks, Brunswick Maine.


US-NATO military convoy of tanks and armored vehicles rolling along Estonia-Russia border

Posted on Global Research, February 25, 2015
Original article in
By Joost Niemöller

In the video below you can see a long column of military vehicles, including tanks and armored cars. This column, according to the caption, was filmed on 23 February in the border city of Narva, Estonia, The city is located on a reservoir that provides St. Petersburg [electric] power.

UPDATE: The following video is no longer available, scroll down and click the second video Video: – 06:27 min — Танки и бронетехника, военный конвой под флагами США. Нарва. Эстония, 23.02.2015

What is striking about these images is that this military convoy is openly displayed to the public.

Some vehicles are harboring US flags.

U.S. tanks in Narva, on Russia’s border

The convoy is crossing the city [of Narva within less than a kilometer  from the Russian border].  It can be filmed by anybody. [Note the picture below, Estonia on the left.  Russia on the right on the other side of the bridge].

It is a symbol of military superiority.  [Or is it ? Rather low tech in terms of military technology]

You can imagine how Putin might feel in this regard, [a US-NATO convoy] close to his former power base of Saint Petersburg. That might well be the underlying intent [of this military convoy].

This may be part of a major NATO exercise to be held in the area. The Netherlands is also involved. 

Of course, NATO military exercises can occur anywhere. But why specifically are they taking place in Estonia [at Russia’s doorstep]? And why are they displaying American flags right on the Russian border? And why now, with the resurgence of war in Ukraine? (See map right of the city of Narva, Russia’s border town Ivangorod is on the other side of the River).

According to NATO, Putin has a destabilizing influence in the Baltics, and the Cold war is increasingly becoming a Hot War.

Original Dutch,  translated from the Dutch. Edited by Michel Chossudovsky, annotations and images by Global Research

*    *    *

Text of the original article in Dutch

De Nieuwe Realist,  24 FEBRUARI 2015 –

Lange Amerikaanse colonne aan Russische grens Estland. (Video)
Door Joost Niemöller

Op de onderstaande video is een lange colonne legervoertuigen te zien, waaronder tanks en pantserwagens. Het is, blijkens het onderschrift, gisteren gefilmd in Estland, in de grensstad Narva. Die stad is gelegen aan een stuwmeer dat St. Petersburg van stroom voorziet.

Opvallend aan deze beelden is dat het openlijk gebeurt. Een aantal voertuigen hebben zichtbaar Amerikaanse vlaggen. Er wordt door een stad gereden. Het kan door iedereen gefilmd worden. Het is een teken van militair overwicht. Je kunt je voorstellen hoe dit door Poetin ervaren wordt, zo dicht bij zijn vroegere machtsbasis St. Petersburg. En zo is het ook bedoeld.

Een en ander kan onderdeel zijn van een grootscheepse NAVO oefening die in het gebied wordt gehouden. Ook Nederland doet daaraan mee. Nu kun je natuurlijk overal NAVO oefeningen houden. Maar waarom specifiek in Estland? En waarom ga je met Amerikaanse vlaggen zo pal langs de grens rijden? En waarom juist nu, met de weer oplaaiende oorlog in Oekraïne?

Van de NAVO kant uit wordt ervoor gewaarschuwd dat Poetin in de Baltische staten een destabliserende invloed zou gaan uitoefenen, en dat de koude oorlog daar steeds meer een warme oorlog dreigt te worden.   (…)

Original source:

U.S. ‘missile offense’ bases in Romania and Poland

Posted on Space4Peace, February 13, 2015
By Bruce Gagnon

The U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) headquarted in Stuttgart, Germany announces a second new “missile defense” (MD) base under construction.  These bases in Romania and Poland, and their interceptor missiles, will be aimed at Russia as part of the Pentagon-NATO military encirclement of that nation.

MD systems are key elements in US first-strike attack planning.  Their job is to pick off any remaining retaliatory nuclear response after the Pentagon unleashes its sword.  MD thus become the shield that the US seeks in order to deliver a ‘successful’ first-strike attack.

Each year the US Space Command computer simulates such a first-strike attack against Russia and China – the war game is called ‘blue team against red team’.

MD systems are being deployed on land and on Navy Aegis destroyers around the globe to surround Russia and China.

Here is part of the USEUCOM announcement about the new Poland base:

As a demonstration of our continued efforts to provide a ballistic missile defense (BMD) capability for U.S. and European NATO Allies against established and emergent threats, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), U.S. European Command (EUCOM), the U.S. Navy, and the Polish Ministry of Economy hosted U.S. Industry Day in Warsaw, Poland, on Feb. 11 and 12.

The two-day event was designed to help provide information on the general scope of work…. to support a planned U.S. missile defense asset deployment in Poland.

“Missile defense is a critically important part of NATO security, and the United States deeply appreciates Poland’s contributions to the NATO missile defense effort,” said Ambassador Stephen Mull, U.S. Ambassador to Poland. “Poland plans to spend an estimated $10 billion USD on integrated air and missile defense systems over the next ten years. This is in addition to Poland’s decision to host an American missile defense base at Redzikowo.”

As approved by the President in September 2009, the purpose of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) to ballistic missile defense is to protect European NATO allies, and U.S. forces in the region…. This key event demonstrates that we are moving forward with deploying an Aegis Ashore site in Poland in the 2018 time frame and that the U.S. continues to work in close cooperation with NATO allies to integrate BMD capabilities into a NATO missile defense system.

Victoria Nuland: America’s riot-diplomat — Spiegel (English)

By Matthias Gebauer und Holger Stark
February 10, 2015

Victoria Nuland: A clear opinion on what needs to be done in Ukraine

“Fuck the EU” – Victoria Nuland can be very direct. For the US government’s diplomat to negotiate in Ukraine crisis with Europe. At the Munich Security Conference but they drew another irritation.

Victoria Nuland is in Washington in front of an azure video screen of the Brookings Institution [her husband Robert Kagan is a Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution] and wants to say a few basic sentences on Ukraine crisis. “We have to help Ukraine to stop the blood loss,” she says. Even with deadly weapons? Nuland speaks of “defensive” measures and makes only just before stop, to press for the delivery of heavy weapons to the government in Kiev.

Nuland has a very direct way, you can focus on entertaining, but also be undiplomatic -. For a diplomat these are dangerous properties.

The 53-year-old is the European representative of the US government, it is the United States pass through Ukraine crisis and solve the problems with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But in the crisis Nuland has itself become a problem.

Last Friday the American woman of their delegation to the Munich Security Conference gave an internal briefing. She was on the sixth floor of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. In the room were perhaps two dozen US diplomats and senators. Especially the German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen had spoken publicly that arms sales could act as an accelerant in eastern Ukraine. The Americans were angry.

Nuland is supposed to have given the line: “We can fight against the Europeans, rhetorically fight them,” she said, according to the newspaper “Bild”.

Nuland called the journey of the Chancellor [Merkel] to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the report says, “Merkel Moscow stuff”. The atmosphere heated up, one of the senators spoke evilly of von der Leyen (“defeatist-Minister”), the term “Moscow bullshit” of the Europeans fell probably, too.

The top diplomat Nuland is considered conservative. In the case of an election victory of the Republicans in the coming year she will be considered a potential new Foreign Minister. She is married to Robert Kagan, a conservative thinker. He published last year a text, why America must remain the undisputed leading power in the world.

In Ukraine crisis Nuland is considered hardliner and follower of arms sales – unlike their President Barack Obama she has a clear opinion on what needs to be done.

Stroke of luck and burden for Obama

Nuland was on the US embassies in Moscow and Beijing, as a diplomat in NATO, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman in Washington. But no country fascinates her as much as Russia. She loves this country, she once said. Nuland speaks Russian fluently. As the “most important memory of her career” is the top diplomat day in August 1991, when it cooperated with 250,000 people in front of the Kremlin in Moscow confessed “and said no to the counter-revolution”. Victoria Nuland has therefore also made the fight against the forces of darkness in the former Russian Empire in the center of her career.

It is therefore a godsend and a burden at the same time for Obama. She made headlines after the Munich Security Conference last year. At that time she flew from Munich to Prague and Cyprus to Kiev, and on the way she called Geoffrey Pyatt, the American ambassador to Ukraine. Nuland renounced specific safety procedures and using her normal mobile phone. So the conversation was unencrypted.

On the evening of February 4, 2014 appeared on YouTube on a recording of four minutes and eleven seconds. The conversation between the two top diplomats gave a rare glimpse into the world of American diplomacy. At the end of the call Nuland said on a proposal by the US government, which was to outmaneuver the hesitant Europeans, and it has made world famous. Shortly before she had spoken with the United Nations, the United Nations should engage in Ukraine and send a messenger to the EU which would not have much to say. “That would be great, I think, to help things move, the UN would move things,” Nuland said and added: “. Fuck the EU”

“Absolutely unacceptable” were the words that the Chancellor was at that time aligned – an unusually sharp reaction. In the days that followed Nuland had to apologize. As a token of apology, she appeared in the next round with a homemade button “. I love the EU”

Now, for the second time Nuland’s derogatory statements have leaked out that were not meant for the public. The Germans were irritated, after all, the American had, at the meeting with German Minister Merkel, praised the initiative to defuse crisis in Ukraine.

The day after the report in the newspaper “Bild” Nuland wanted nothing more to do with the statements then. Rather, she was a fan of the diplomacy initiative of the German Chancellor. “In the public and internally all of us have, myself included, supported the diplomacy,” she said to the US newspaper “Wall Street Journal”, “and we have worked side by side with them.”


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Victoria Nuland: Amerikas Krawall-Diplomatin — Spiegel (Deutsch)

Von  und Holger Stark, Berlin und Washington

“Fuck the EU” – Victoria Nuland kann sehr direkt sein. Für die US-Regierung soll die Diplomatin in der Ukraine-Krise mit Europa verhandeln. Bei der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz aber sorgte sie erneut für Irritationen.

Victoria Nuland steht in Washington vor einer azurblauen Videoleinwand der Denkfabrik Brookings Institution [ihr Mann Robert Kagan ist Senior Fellow am Brookings Institution] und will ein paar grundsätzliche Sätze zur Ukraine-Krise sagen. “Wir müssen der Ukraine dabei helfen, den Blutverlust zu stoppen”, fordert sie. Auch mit tödlichen Waffen? Nuland spricht von “defensiven” Maßnahmen und macht nur knapp davor halt, auf die Lieferung von schweren Waffen an die Regierung in Kiew zu drängen.

Nuland hat eine sehr direkte Art. Sie kann scharf, unterhaltsam, aber auch undiplomatisch werden – für eine Diplomatin sind das gefährliche Eigenschaften.

Die 53-Jährige ist die Europa-Beauftragte der amerikanischen Regierung, sie soll die USA durch die Ukraine-Krise führen und die Probleme mit dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin lösen. Aber in der Krise ist Nuland selbst zum Problem geworden.

Am vergangenen Freitag gab die Amerikanerin ihrer Delegation bei der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz ein internes Briefing. Sie saß im sechsten Stock des Hotels Bayerischer Hof, im Raum waren vielleicht zwei Dutzend US-Diplomaten und Senatoren. Gerade hatte die deutsche Verteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen öffentlich davon gesprochen, Waffenlieferungen könnten in der Ostukraine wie ein Brandbeschleuniger wirken. Die Amerikaner waren sauer.

Nuland soll die Linie vorgegeben haben: “Wir können gegen die Europäer kämpfen, rhetorisch gegen sie kämpfen”, sagte sie nach Angaben der “Bild”-Zeitung.

Die Reise der Kanzlerin zum russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin nannte Nuland dem Bericht zufolge “Merkels Moskau-Zeug”. Die Stimmung heizte sich auf, einer der Senatoren soll über von der Leyen (“Defätismus-Ministerin”) gelästert haben, der Begriff “Moskau bullshit” der Europäer fiel wohl auch.

Die Top-Diplomatin Nuland gilt als konservativ. Im Fall eines Wahlsiegs der Republikaner im kommenden Jahr wird sie als mögliche neue Außenministerin gehandelt. Sie ist mit Robert Kagan verheiratet, einem konservativen Vordenker. Er veröffentlichte im vergangenen Jahr einen Text, warum Amerika die unumstrittene Führungsmacht in der Welt bleiben müsse.

In der Ukraine-Krise gilt Nuland als Hardlinerin und Anhängerin von Waffenlieferungen – anders als ihr Präsident Barack Obama hat sie eine klare Meinung, was getan werden muss.

Glücksfall und Hypothek für Obama

Nuland war an den US-Botschaften in Moskau und Peking, als Diplomatin bei der Nato und Sprecherin des Außenministeriums in Washington. Aber kein Land fasziniert sie so wie Russland. Sie liebe dieses Land, hat sie einmal gesagt. Russisch spricht Nuland fließend. Als die “wichtigste Erinnerung ihrer Karriere” bezeichnet die Spitzendiplomatin den Tag im August 1991, als sie zusammen mit 250.000 Menschen vor dem Kreml in Moskau gestanden “und Nein zur Konterrevolution gesagt” habe. Victoria Nuland hat deshalb auch den Kampf gegen die Mächte des Finsteren im einstigen Zarenreich in den Mittelpunkt ihrer Karriere gestellt.

Sie ist damit ein Glücksfall und eine Hypothek zugleich für Obama. Für Schlagzeilen sorgte sie bereits nach der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz des vergangenen Jahres. Damals flog sie von München über Zypern und Prag nach Kiew, und auf dem Weg telefonierte sie mit Geoffrey Pyatt, dem amerikanischen Botschafter in der Ukraine. Nuland verzichtete auf besondere Sicherheitsvorkehrungen und benutzte ihr normales Mobiltelefon. Damit war das Gespräch unverschlüsselt.

Am Abend des 4. Februar 2014 tauchte bei YouTube ein Mitschnitt auf, vier Minuten und elf Sekunden lang. Das Gespräch zwischen den beiden Spitzendiplomaten gab einen seltenen Einblick in die Welt der amerikanischen Diplomatie. Am Ende des Telefonats sprach Nuland einen Vorschlag der US-Regierung an, der die zögerlichen Europäer ausmanövrieren sollte und sie weltberühmt gemacht hat. Kurz zuvor hatte sie mit den Vereinten Nationen gesprochen, die Uno sollte sich in der Ukraine engagieren und einen Gesandten schicken, damit hätte die EU nicht mehr viel zu sagen. “Das wäre großartig, denke ich, um zu helfen, die Dinge zu bewegen, die Uno würde die Dinge vorantreiben”, sagte Nuland und setzte hinzu: “Fuck the EU.”

“Absolut inakzeptabel” seien die Worte, ließ die Kanzlerin damals ausrichten – eine ungewöhnlich scharfe Reaktion. In den Tagen danach musste Nuland sich entschuldigen. Als Zeichen der Abbitte erschien sie bei der nächsten Runde mit einem selbstgemachten Anstecker: “I love the EU.”

Nun sind zum zweiten Mal abfällige Aussagen Nulands durchgesickert, die nicht für die Öffentlichkeit gedacht waren. Die Deutschen zeigten sich irritiert, schließlich hatte die Amerikanerin bei den Treffen mit deutschen Ministern Merkels Initiative zur Deeskalation in der Ukraine-Krise gelobt.

Am Tag nach dem Bericht in der “Bild”-Zeitung wollte Nuland von den Aussagen dann auch nichts mehr wissen. Vielmehr sei sie ein Fan der Diplomatie-Initiative der deutschen Kanzlerin. “In der Öffentlichkeit und intern haben alle von uns, mich eingeschlossen, deren Diplomatie unterstützt”, sagte sie der US-Zeitung “Wall Street Journal”, “und wir haben Seite an Seite mit ihnen gearbeitet.”

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Kiev Ambassador on German TV: Neo-Nazis are part of armed forces

Goes further and says there are no right-wingers currently serving in Ukrainian Parliament

From Russian Insider, February 24, 2015
By Damir Marinovic
Video is available at link.
Transcript is below.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk (Western Ukrainian from Lvov), made a shocking statement on Günther Jauch’s TV show, one of the most popular political talk shows in Germany.

Answering the question about the large presence of “strange people with SS insignia” in the Ukrainian Army, Melnyk admitted that Azov and Right Sector neo-Nazis are part of the Ukrainian armed forces, that they are controlled and coordinated by Kiev’s pro-Western regime and that without them “the Russian army” would advance much further.

Let’s now carefully analyze his statement:

“Since the last elections there is not a single far right party in our Parliament. And this is important fact”

He is dead wrong on this. Extreme right-wing populist Lyahsko, of the Radical Party, entered the Parliament and is a member of the ruling coalition. Both leaders of Right Sector, Interpol-wanted Dmytro Yarosh and Borislav Bereza, were directly elected in their electoral districts and are currently serving as MPs.

Furthermore, white power Nazi and Azov de-facto leader Andriy Biletsky was also directly elected as an MP and is part of a coalition with Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front party. Next to Biletsky, Andriy Parubiy, founder of the Neo-Nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine is a MP and deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Rada (parliament).

New democracy requires new symbols (neo-Nazi flags) for kids in school

So the far right elements are very much present in the Parliament and unfortunately not only in the UkrainianRada, but also in other important institutions. It seems that the whole Ukrainian political spectrum move radically to the right and one can argue whether there are any center-of-left leaning parties present in the current parliament?

Let’s continue with his statement:

“When we were attacked by the Russians last year, we hardly had an army. And that’s why there were a lot of people, volunteers, who were prepared to fight for their country, and they are doing it.”

Nonsense (the part about Russia attacking Ukraine is of course baseless. If Ukraine was invaded, why don’t they provide evidence, or declare war?) We can all clearly remember spring of the last year when many regular Ukrainian army units refused to wage a war against civilians who disagreed with Kiev’s coup d’etat and Maidan revolution. The bloody civil war started only after the new regime manage to consolidate itself, formed, equipped and trained the National Guard units and volunteer battalions composed of far right/neo-Nazi volunteers.

Now comes to most shocking part of his statement:

“These (neo-Nazi) units are fighting together with our army, with the National Guard and other units, and they are coordinated and controlled by Kiev. That’s why there exists no danger that they do something on their own, beyond they have coordinated with the army commanders”.

It is hard to comprehend that the ambassador of a “young democracy” and potential EU member is openly admitting that they are coordinating and controlling neo-Nazis in their war against their own citizens. It is even more unbelievable that at the eve of celebrating 70th anniversary of defeating Nazis in Second World War, we have neo-Nazis as part of armed forces of an European country.

There is one Ukraine and… one Adolf Hitler

It is not a secret that the Neo-Nazi Azov battalion officially became special military unit of Ukraine’s Ministry of the Interior and it is under its control. “Moderate” Poroshenko even decorated them for valor.

However, it is hard to agree with the statement that Kiev regime can fully control volunteer battalions. That was the reason the ambassador tried to change the subject and start questioning authenticity of the photo when he was once again asked to reaffirm that these neo-Nazi extremists are not doing anything wrong.

Just yesterday (19 February 2015), Semenchenko, commander of the Donbass battalion, announced the creation of an independent headquarters for eleven volunteer battalions, to counter Ukraine’s regular army “Generalstab”.

Yarosh’s Right Sector units and Azov battalion announced that their military units have rejected the recent Minsk deal and that they will continue with active fighting in the East according to their own plans. That’s the reason there are still heavy fights in Shirokino near Mariupol between the Azov battalion and Donetsk forces.


In one of the Amnesty’s reports, it is indicated that Kiev has loose regulation on volunteer groups and its “members… act with virtually no oversight or control”.

There are also reports that Poroshenko family had to flee the country since there was apparently ultimatum of the Right Sector to Poroshenko, that he “would suffer the same fate as Gaddafi” because of the Debaltseve humiliation.

Whoever think they can control Nazi marauders and other far-right bloodthirsty loonies should get ready for a nasty surprise.

The ambassador finished his statement with a very important notion:

“Without them (neo-Nazis) the Russian army would have advanced much further. That’s why they are part of this picture. Without these units, it would be much more difficult to defend ourselves.”

I would completely agree with the ambassador reasoning if there was no nonsense about the “Russian army”. This regime can survive and defend itself only with the help of neo-Nazis militants and radicals. This is of course excluding their Western sponsors. If there was no “helping hand” from neo-Nazis and the West this war would be long time over.

It’s a very tricky and risky game the Kiev regime is playing. On the one hand they are heavily dependent upon neo-Nazi volunteer battalions for their survival; on the other hand neo-Nazi militants can easily overthrow the president and government in Kiev.

Finally, if Kiev says it is controlling neo-Nazi battalions, shouldn’t they be held responsible for the crimes committed by them? There are numerous reports about war crimes of nationalist volunteer battalions, even according to the Amnesty International and Human Right Watch. It’s obvious that Ukrainian neo-Nazi marauders are not afraid of potential criminal proceedings against them since “full immunity” is a part of the deal they have with the Kiev regime.



Mr. Ambassador,
But do you always know what strange people are sometimes fighting on your side?
There are obviously far right radical unions wearing SS runes
Here we can see “Azov” battalion and there’s a swastika.
Do you always know who is on your side, who is fighting on your side?Do you have them under control?


As far as radicals are concerned,
Since the last elections, there isn’t a single far right party in the Parliament.
And this is an important fact.
And as far as the volunteer battalions that you’ve mentioned, I can only say one thing
When we were attacked by the Russians last year, we have hardly any army.
And that why there were a lot of people, volunteers, who were prepared to fight for their country and they are doing it.


The Right Sector, and those we’ve seen in the photo – the “Azov” army.
But there are thousands of fighters.
It is not just a couple of stragglers.


These unions are fighting together with our army, with the National Guard and other units, and they are coordinated and controlled by Kiev.
That’s why there exists no danger that they do something on their own, beyond what they have coordinated with the army commanders.


So they are under your control?
Can you bet your right arm that they are doing nothing wrong.


This photo…I have seen it already.
But we can’t verify it and prove if it is true or not.
If there really were this flag.
But as I have said before, I’d like to clarify once again,
There units are coordinated by the general staff in Kiev.
They are also part of our defense forces.
Without them, the Russian Army would have advanced much further.
That’s why they are part of this picture.
Without these units, it would be much more difficult to defend ourselves.